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Have I been bit by poly bug?????

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by nwbearcat, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. nwbearcat

    nwbearcat Earning My Ears

    Making our 4th consecutive trip to disney this spring. The first two were at CSR. We had fun, but didn't like the buses and the overwhelming size of the place. Year 3 we caught a great deal and stayed at the Poly and loved it!!! Loved the transportation, loved the theme, loved the proximity to the mk and other deluxe resorts for meals. Loved the ease of coming back and forth between the parks and the hotel with 2 small kids.

    I was getting ready to book our next trip and the poly is only a 20% discount. Mod's are 25% off and about 2k cheaper. Boardwalk and beach club are 30% off and about 800 cheaper. WL is about 1200 cheaper.

    I am usually all about a deal.. Have I lost my mind?????

    The first two years I was more tired coming back from vacation than I was going down. At the poly I had a blast. I am afraid that with the ages of my kids (8 & 6) that they will want to spend the majority of their time at the MK again. The monorail and boat make it so easy from the poly.

    Epcot is a cinch with the short trip to the ttc followed by a trip on the monorail.

    Have I gone crazy? Or have I just been bitten by the poly bug and destined to overpay for my vacations until my girls want to do things at epcot?
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  3. davedmaine

    davedmaine Mouseketeer

    IDK, I'd definitely go with BC or BWV before Poly. You just can't beat being able to walk to two parks from there and I think the atmosphere is so much better. Give it a try -- it's cheaper. You won't regret it.
  4. jperrot1

    jperrot1 Mouseketeer

    Is contemporary resort showing any good deals? You would be on the monorail track, and you could walk to and from the magic kingdom. Anyway, if there are no deals at CR might I suggest BC as their pool is really cool (I think rated #1 in WDW) and great location to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. And if your kids like ice cream, Beaches and Cream has the best (IMO), and it's just a lot of fun to get ice cream there. Now with all that said I totally love the Poly. But, if the deal isn't good enough, well............. there are other places that will give a great (but all be it different) vacation.
  5. nwbearcat

    nwbearcat Earning My Ears

    BC is sold out with the exception of CL for the week we looked at. I am just gun shy to go away from the monorail resorts because they were so handy. CR is booked with exception of CL. GF is 300 dollars more than poly. Of the 8 days we spent at the world, half were at MK.

    It just makes it hard when the cost is almost a thousand dollars more! That would almost cover our airfare down to mco. I have heard the BC /YC and BWI area is very nice and many like it better than the monorail resorts.

    Could those with little ones chime in?
  6. lililoo12

    lililoo12 Member

    I love the Epcot resorts way more than poly. I love not being in an outer building. I love the pools the views the boats. I could go on forever lol. My kids love BC yc and BWI
  7. lililoo12

    lililoo12 Member

    I like being in a hotel. That is what I hated about poly. Felt too motel like for my liking. Yc cl was amazing and BWI cl was great also
  8. jemmouse

    jemmouse Mouseketeer

    I UNDERSTAND 100%!!!!!!!!!pixiedust:
  9. jemmouse

    jemmouse Mouseketeer

    One trip many years ago we did a split stay. Contemporary, Magic Kingdom view, which was wonderful, then we went to Yacht Club...I am sorry to say but we were somewhat disappointed. YC was pretty, but the hallways are like FOREVER, I would much rather walk outside at the POLY and see tropical atmosphere then LOOOONG hallways with room service trays on floor.(Yes I know that can be at other resorts but when you are in a long hallway it seems you notice it more). YC/BC does not have a walk up restaurant, more like a 7-11 with pre made sandwiches. Not a good fit for my family. We go all day at parks then usually want a warm snack like a piece of pizza or something, no Captain Cooks at YC/BC or Boardwalk. Also the pool, yes it is awesome, BUT I don't like the sand bottom, and it didn't do good with my skin sensitive son who got a huge rash from it. Now if you are fine with sand it is a good pool!:beach:
    We never walked to Epcot or Hollywood, we took the boat, and like you we are at MK more and the busses well they are the busses NOT monorail...

    I did miss MK area, and also we stayed YC, and I would recommend to anyone do BC OVER YC anyway. Much more kid friendly, IMO...

    If you can swing POLY, do it. If it is a tighter hold on your purse, I know you didn't ask but try FQ, love it. ANd its way cheaper!!!!

    This is our first trip in 2 years where we aren't staying POLY,we are going back to FQ. I just couldn't stomach spending the extra 1200.00 for the monorail? But I will be sure to say when I get back if i missed it. I still have a knot in my stomach wondering if I should've splurged, but another factor was Volcano pool would be closed so that was a deal breaker for this family....

    Good luck, and I so understand what you are saying..Need to talk, send away :thumbsup2
  10. lililoo12

    lililoo12 Member

    I didn't have to walk long hallways as my cl room was right near the elevator and even if it wasn't I rather be in an interior Hall with air conditioning than outside baking just to get to my room. We don't eat qs because we stay cl so that is not an issue. We eat ts lunch and ts dinner after appetizers. Sab is amazing and much bigger than polys pool. Another thing I
    Like about yc BC and BWI is that they don't have those nasty bedspreads. I like the clean white spreads they use that are actually cleaned
  11. jmamom

    jmamom Member

    Having stayed at both the Polynesian and an Epcot resort, I would say that you will be happy either way! While I loved the YC, the pool with my then 7 year old was a lot of work. It is too big to let little kids go off on their own, as opposed to the pool at the Polynesian, where I could still relax and keep an eye on my kids. Otherwise, the bus to the MK was just fine and I loved being able to make dinner reservations at Epcot and walk back to the hotel. I love trying different resorts - they all have their own unique advantages!
  12. jlsmith376

    jlsmith376 Member

    Poly is a really great resort and if you love it then I'd stick with it. I'd pay more to be in the MK area. You just can't beat the location especially if you know you're going to be at MK most of the time.
  13. Ha, I'm the same way!!! We have BC booked for next month - have never been but hear such great things...and the discount was big. But I really really want the Poly!!! But DH says not worth paying extra $800 and I kind of agree my in my heart love love the Poly!

    MUFFYCAT <marquee behavior=alternate><font color=deeppink>S

    You're not crazy, just part of ac very special club. :goodvibes

    We stayed at Polynesian for our first trip in 2000 when my 2 DD were 6 & 9.
    We continued to stay there every year. Did a few split stays, but always ended at Polynesian.

    I still love the convenience, rooms, atmosphere but now that they are adults, I like the Boardwalk better. They said Polynesian is still their fav. So many special memories. :goodvibes

    To avoid complete craziness don't stay CL. After one visit in 2003 we were sold. Love the lounge! :goodvibes
  15. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    We don't have little ones, but we've stayed at both the Poly and BC and while we did love our BC stay, the Poly is our favorite resort for many reasons. With little ones and spending the majority of your time at MK, I vote for the Poly. The one negative (to us) about the Epcot resorts is the lack of CS options. Also, while it's great being within walking distance to both Epcot and DHS, the bus transportation (IMO) is hit or miss. During our BC stay, the buses shared with all 5 resorts (and we were there during a pretty busy time) and while we didn't mind the waiting for a bus, they were always so very crowded with standing room only. With all of that said, the BC/YC/BWI are all beautiful resorts, but if we had little ones and most of our time was going to be spent at MK, I would spend the extra and stay at the Poly and save the Epcot resorts for when the kids are older. Good luck.
  16. Wanna be Ariel

    Wanna be Ariel Mouseketeer

    I think that the WL would be good. You can take the boat to MK. We have not yet stayed at any of the Deluxe Resorts(Staying at the Poly for the first time in September) so I cant say that much. But saving $1,200 to stay at the WL is alot of money. Plus WL is just as close to everything. I would try it.

    Another question- Are you saving $800 at the BC staying CL? If you are, I would do that.
  17. Kae

    Kae DIS Veteran

    Try the WL we stayed there after our Poly Stay & loved it. We have stayed there twice.

  18. polyfor4

    polyfor4 Member

    You might have the bug! As long as we can get a discount for the Poly our family decided we'd stay there even if we have to do a split stay or shorter days. We enjoy being at the Poly as much as the park so it's hard to imagine being somewhere else. We even looked at the YC which has a fantastic pool, great location and beautiful theming but its no Polynesian- you just can't compare the two. Maybe think about doing a split stay, we stay at Pop our drive in night and it alone saves us $300. This year we're trying Poly CL instead of DDP and that might save us money too.
  19. Masonmj84

    Masonmj84 Mouseketeer

    I totally understand where you're coming from.

    We did our first on-site stay at CSR then recently did a split stay at Poly and BC. Even though we really liked CSR, it's hard to go back after being spoiled by deluxe (particularly, the convenience of the deluxe resorts' locations).

    While we liked the BC (and agree that being a 5 minute walk from Epcot is really special), if I had to stay at one resort for the whole trip and had to choose between the Poly and BC, I'd pick the Poly.

    In my view, the Poly has the following advantages over BC:

    (1) Better theming (this is subjective of course, but we like the theming better at Poly).

    (2) Better grounds.

    (3) Monorail to the two parks we spend the most time at means fewer overall bus rides (assuming the Monorails are running, which, unfortuately, is never a sure bet these days).

    (4) More relaxed overall feel. BC is, by far, the most chaotic resort we've stayed at and I thought that tended to make guests, on average, pushier and ruder (particularly, BC Marketplace in the morning).

    (5) Somewhat larger rooms (we had a double stroller and didn't have to fold it at the Poly but did need to fold it at BC).

    (6) Pool and waterslide. I actually like the Volcano Pool a bit better than SAB, which was just too huge (but we were there during a realtively non-crowded time). I definately like the Volcano Pool slide better (too much of a walk at SAB).

    (7) Wishes on the beach.

    But BC does have a number of advantages:

    (1) Being able to walk to two parks (especially nice after Illuminations. Also nice, if you have hoppers, to walk around World Showcase in the evenings).

    (2) Boardwalk area is fun and is also an easy walk.

    (3) Beds have duvets instead of bedspreads (although Poly is supposed to be getting these in the refurb).

    (4) Pool area has hot tubs (although Poly is supposed to be getting one soon).

    (5) Within walking distance of a ton of restaurants.

    (6) Less expensive than Poly.

    Overall, I think doing a split at Poly (or another MK resort) and an EP resort is the best of both worlds, but if I do it again, I may pick Boardwalk Inn for my EP resort (seems less chaotic than BC and was surprised to not be too freaked out by the clown pool when we walked by it on our last trip).

    All that being said, my next split may be WL/AKL, as I love the theming of both these resorts (even though it pains me to give up the convenience of the Monorail resort/EP resort split).
  20. Spot on assessment!!! This is why I don't think we'll enjoy BC as much as my DH thinks (our kids are ages 7, 4 and 2). Poly would be an additional $799 - should we do it or not??? Also worried about volcano pool rehab???? Haven't read anything official?! We are going next month - Feb 20-27

  21. jemmouse

    jemmouse Mouseketeer

    I stayed in a water view room, not CL, so that might be the difference of your room being directly by the elevator. I do know that MY walk was long.

    It doesn't bother me to walk outside to my room, I walk outside the entire day being at the parks, whats an additional 5-10 minutes being outdoors?:confused3
    Plus usually when we visit WDW it is cold in our home state, I :welcome: the warmth on my skin..

    It seems you are comparing CL to every detail of your review. The OP didn't say they were staying CL she was saying what is available at the other resorts for her time of stay.

    Regarding the food, I personally for my family like having for example a Captains Cook at my disposal. This is something to STRONGLY consider when staying at YC/BC. If it doesn't effect your stay, then no worries :goodvibes

    Personally I will agree with you I like the crisp look better than the darker colors in POLY, BUT on the flip side, I would NEVER sleep with or keep that bedspread on my bed anywhere. When I enter a hotel room, one of the very first things I do is fold the bedspread and put it away for the remainder of my vacation. Some nasty germs can be on those. And I also call for fresh linens..Just something I have learned from having a DH who travels for work, heard to many stories....:scared1:

    All in all they are both very nice resorts, just have different theming, and different amenities. Perhaps if they put the BC in POLYS location it would be the one of choice, who knows. I do agree it really does help when picking a resort for location, location,location...

    What about a split stay????:stir:

    Good luck! :wizard:

    Honestly, they are all beautiful resorts, just different. Maybe take a family vote, show pictures, go to You Tube and watch some videos...:happytv:

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