Hard luck with Walker scooters

Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by Buckimion, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Dec 29, 2003
    Just back from a 2 1/2 week vacation, 8 days of which was at CSR.

    After my daughter dumped one of my scooter batteries on its side to make room for her friends, I arrived to find it was completely dead. After an unsuccessful attempt to run at AK I ended up calling Walker for the remaining week. The first scooter they sent died at HS on day one and I eventually got a replacement sent over after a long wait.

    Later that week that scooter starts acting up, stalling me in The Living Seas until a CM manages to get me going again by tugging on the battery wires.

    The next day during MNSSHP, the scooter dies for good shortly after entering the park in Liberty Square. I call Walker about 8:15pm and am told a tech will be with me in 30-40 minutes. At 9:20 I get a call from the guy who claims he's 10 minutes away and tries to understand where I am. Obviously, English was not his primary language and he didn't even understand landmarks like the "Hall of Presidents" and "Liberty Bell". I tried to warn him that the fireworks were about to start but he hung up on me. After no arrival by 10:45 I called his number only to get a message that he had gone off duty leaving me there! :furious:

    During this time my wife managed to get a really bad cold that ruined the rest of our trip from a drizzling rain and small wonder that I didn't get one too. Disney was kind enough to have loaned me a manual wheelchair which I used to get back to the car, having to leave the Walker scooter behind. I tried to speak with someone Saturday (9-22) but was told to call back on Monday. Monday I talked to a person who identified herself as a manager who claimed their guy was still looking for us as late as 11:30 although she hinted she was aware of the language barrier. She said they still hadn't located their scooter but if they did they would refund me a whopping half day's rental when they found it. :rotfl:

    It still hasn't made it to my account.
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    Call back. Many, many years ago (so it's not like this is a regular occurrence) I had two scooters break down on me in one trip. One just "died" inside Buzz Lightyear during a rainstorm on a Saturday evening. A Manager called Walker and wheelchair rental); someone came with an ECV to get me out of the park, I assume Walker was able to locate and pick up the broken scooter because they never charged me for it, and there was a replacement at my resort the next morning. The other problem was a flat tire. Never stopped me from renting from them. As I said, call back. It stinks that your wife caught a cold, but it wasn't from any drizzling rain.

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