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Discussion in 'Camping Community Board' started by DisneyBishops, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. DisneyBishops

    DisneyBishops Fort Veteran

    Hanna please stay away, we don't need you at all. We have plenty of water for now. Please don't give us anymore.
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  3. Rhonda

    Rhonda <marquee><font color=red>Quote of the Day: <font

    Thankfully, it looks like she's going to completely miss Florida! I hope everyone up in the Carolina's stays safe! :)
  4. Isi

    Isi New Member

    Its Ike we need to start worrying about...
  5. AuburnJen92

    AuburnJen92 New Member

    Yes, good old Ike. Geesh.
  6. F4disneyfan

    F4disneyfan <font color=deeppink>It all depended on my mood in

    Also Josaphine is following up behind Ike now. As long as they have all done their deed by the time we arrive in Florida mid Oct I have no problems with teh storms LOL.
  7. AuburnJen92

    AuburnJen92 New Member

    Yeah, thanks!;)
  8. F4disneyfan

    F4disneyfan <font color=deeppink>It all depended on my mood in

    No problem LOL the worst I have to worry about it the occasional and seldome ice storm which tend to be few and far between that and the 1 tornado that hit London way back in the 80's...:rotfl:
  9. big kahuna1

    big kahuna1 New Member

    Ike ain't lookin' good at all. He is already a cat 4 and looks like it is heading right here. I am starting preperations now to avoid the rush of te procrastinators.
  10. DisneyBishops

    DisneyBishops Fort Veteran

    good bye Hanna, looks like Ike wants to come knocking, but we won't open the door for him.. He is a Cat 4 this morning so he just needs to turn out in the ocean and go away.
  11. homebrew2

    homebrew2 New Member

    I asked on chat the other night if anyone remembered a song called...hard hearted hanna.....no one did.

    Not to make light of a serious situation but the songs title is actually

    "Hard Hearted Hanna, The Vamp of Savannah G A" some of the lyrics

    "Can you imagine a woman as cold as Hannah
    She's got the right name, The vamp of Savannah
    Any time a woman can take a great big pan
    And start pouring water on a drownin' man
    She's hard hearted Hannah
    The Vamp of Savannah GA"

    The storm track as of this AM shows possible landfall around the GA/SC line,
    if that happens I imagine some one in the media will pick up on this.
  12. ntsammy5

    ntsammy5 New Member

    Ike & Josephine are going to be a problem.
  13. Eeyore'sthebest

    Eeyore'sthebest DIS Veteran<br><font color=darkorchid>Not So Tagle

    Looks like Hanna will be a problem for us if the track continues. I live near a river and whenever we get a lot of water the river comes for a visit. Last time it rained 8 inches in one day we had 5 feet of water surrounding our house. :headache:
    I'll pray for you guys, you pray for me!
  14. DisneyBishops

    DisneyBishops Fort Veteran

    You are in our prayers here. We deal with this every few years so be prepared because Tropical Storms seem to bring more rain that a cane.
  15. loveDmouse

    loveDmouse <font color=red>Mickey was first<br><font color=ro

    Right now Hanna is going to be a problem for our area. :sad2:

    Maybe if we are all lucky Ike will stay away. He is a powerful little guy! 139mph sustained winds last I saw at lunch time.
  16. pjcinderella

    pjcinderella New Member

    Our schools here in Myrtle Beach are closed tomorrow (Friday) because of Hanna. Just getting prepared and ready. Don't think it will really be all that bad (hopefully). Just going to continue monitor it's track.
  17. loveDmouse

    loveDmouse <font color=red>Mickey was first<br><font color=ro

    We are under a tropical storm warning now. Looks like we will get a bunch of rain and wind. We shall see. These storms have a mind of their own. It is best to be prepared.

    I don't trust the weather reports anymore. They told us Ernesto (a few years back) wasn't going to be anything. Was just a tropical storm. There was a load of flooding, wind was real bad, trees down all over, power out. They were way off on their reports.
  18. Married2Mickey

    Married2Mickey New Member

    As of this evening, Hanna is projected to head right over my house here in eastern NC. :scared1: Luckily, the track has shifted a little bit eastward throughout the day today, so we might get lucky and be on the western side of the storm. Despite the next couple of days that we are expecting with Hanna, it's Ike that actually worries me. I don't like that his track is turning northward and that he's already a Cat4. We have been lucky enough to go several years around here without a storm, but everyone still remembers being flooded by Floyd in '99. Wishing pixie dust pixiedust: for everyone in the path of these three looming storms. Our family will have you in our thoughts!

    ...back to watching weather updates. :surfweb:
  19. Shan-man

    Shan-man ¿sɐɯʇsıɹɥɔ lıʇ, sʎɐp ʎuɐɯ ʍoH

    Luckily! Luckily? Lucky for you, but I'm to the east! Just kidding, I'm really not worried about Hanna, she's weak, disorganized and moving fast. Chances are I will sleep right through the whole thing. We expect 2" of rain and some moderate gusts here in Raleigh, but not much more. Even in Wilmington they are only expecting 4" of rain. The real threat is that she's hitting at high tide so the storm surge may cause problems for low-lying coastal areas.
  20. Married2Mickey

    Married2Mickey New Member

    I'm with you...not too much to worry about here either. I laid down the basketball goal and took down the umbrella, but that's about all we need to worry about except the big dead tree in our front yard that was supposed to be cut down on Saturday (oops...should probably have timed that one better :confused3 ). Definitely lucky for us, but it has definitely canceled our camping trip to the Outer Banks for the weekend. :sad1: We're a bit farther east than you and in the 4-5" rain zone here in Greenville and they're closing the college where I teach at 3pm this afternoon. The center is expected to pass about 20 miles to the east of us as it currently stands, so we should be able to avoid the worst of what Hanna brings to NC. My friends in Wilmington live right on the sound, so they'll be keeping an eye on the tides and storm surge, but they're not particularly worried either. I'm sure time will tell, but I doubt I'll sleep much tonight.

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