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Great experience with Yourride!

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by kaseyC, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. kaseyC

    kaseyC <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    We used Yourride Towncar service on our recent WDW trip and they were wonderful. Dennis was our driver and he was great. We enjoyed talking to him, he was very funny and informative. He was prompt picking us up from the airport and the resort. He handled our bags for us and strapped in our DD's carseat. On our way to Albertsons for the grocery stop, I spotted the SuperTarget (I'm a target fiend) and he offered to take us there for our grocery stop. I declined because there is no way I can spend only 30 mins in Target. LOL Anyway, we had a great experience with them and I will definately use their services again.
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  3. CarolMN

    CarolMN <font color="blue"><b> DVC Co-Moderator</b><br><b Moderator

    My daughter, niece and nephew also just returned from WDW. I booked YourRide for them and they also had Dennis for their driver. They had nothing but good things to say about him. In fact, they said more about Dennis than about their trip!

    We'll use YourRide again when we need towncar service.
  4. Carol Ann UK

    Carol Ann UK I'm going to Florida again!!

    After reading all the comments about yourride, have just completed my booking form.

    Hope they can fit me in as we arrive in 2 weeks!

  5. Luv2Roam

    Luv2Roam Dexter: Takes Life. Seriously.

    My ONLY YOurRide question is -- Is Rabbitz for real or just a pseudo? ;):jester:
  6. jeank74

    jeank74 <font color=CC66CC>A happy newlywed!<br><font colo

    I, too, have made a reservation with Yourride after reading so many positive comments on this towncar company.

    A question though. How do I use the $5 off online coupon? Do I just give it to the driver who will then take off $5 from the total bill?

  7. Jeanny

    Jeanny <font color=blue>I can feel the warmth now!<br><fo

    I believe you can just give the coupon to the driver. I emailed rabbit with questions a few weeks ago, and he answered promptly. He said I can even use my credit card for our trip... good, less $$ to have to carry!!

    Email rabbit and he'll get right back to you.
  8. CarolMN

    CarolMN <font color="blue"><b> DVC Co-Moderator</b><br><b Moderator

    Yes, that's exactly what you do. Just print out the coupon and give it to the driver when you reach your destination.
  9. cassie

    cassie <font color=green>I did run free in the 70's<br><f

    FYI, Rabbitz real name is Richard.
  10. Mlissa88

    Mlissa88 A little song...a little dance... a little seltzer

    I'm using Yourride in Dec with my family. I'm glad to keep reading such good reports. We've always done Mears...and I'm so glad we're going with Yourride!
  11. tigrrgrr

    tigrrgrr New Member

    I'm glad to hear the positive remarks about YourRide. We will be going to DW in October and they are our limo of choice. This time we have requested a grocery stop, so we'll see how that goes?

    Our travel date is getting closer!!!! We cannot wait!
  12. kawobunga2002

    kawobunga2002 New Member

    we just got back and Rabbit and YourRide are the BEST and I would highly recommend them to any one coming to Fl. Robert

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