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Good/Bad Internet and eBay Pin Sellers

Discussion in 'Disney Collectors Board' started by MountNittany, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Lol. I was thinking that when I read it, but it is addicting, and you'd be surprised what I have seen people give up in order to get their Disney pin fix. Plus, you never know. Maybe she had some unexpected expense come up that made her regret buying the pins. I've had that happen... Buy a bunch of pins and then boom, the car breaks down and now you have to scrounge to get that fixed. That's part of why I am selling off a portion of my collection. I way over collected and it got to be too much so now I am sticking to certain themes and characters to keep it under control. Otherwise I spend way too much on pins. I was very proud of myself last trip. I only had one bag of pins to come home with. I've come home with a whole suitcase in the past.
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  3. Mom2OakandEm

    Mom2OakandEm Member

    Has anyone ever purchased from ebay seller brandnamestuff?
  4. I have. The stuff I got was new in package. I bought booster packs and had no trouble trading them at the park. Came with original price tag on them and still sealed. I really liked them and saved them to my favorite sellers, but I have noticed their prices have gone up from over the summer.
  5. RCEliot

    RCEliot Earning My Ears

    Just got in my pin I ordered from Disneyatmidnight.

    It seems real, I don't see anything that tells me otherwise (comparing it to the real one I have and they're practically twins) so it's either a really good fake, or real.

    I have issues with them, though.

    I paid for my pin on Dec. 31st and they only just shipped it last week after I opened a case and got refunded (but they sent it anyways????) and when I got the package it had a note asking me to leave them 5 stars, a brochure for Hollywood Studios, and a business card asking me to rent their house (which is "just 3 miles from Walt Disney World!").

    Like... what?
  6. I've gotten a lot of business cards but never to rent a house. Usually just to hire them to be my personal WDW shopper.

    Are you sure they hadn't mailed it before you opened the case? eBay rarely ever finds in favor of the seller so you would have won even if they had mailed it and it had not been delivered yet. eBay thinks a package has to be delivered in 4 days for it to be a good transaction. They don't care if the post office sits on a package. I sent something back in October to someone and had it hand delivered to the post office within 2 hours of payment. 10 days later the buyer messaged me asking where it was. I went to the post office because there was zero record the package existed. It had not one single scan on it. I had to open a case with the US Postmaster. 2 days later I get a call from the post office that they found it and it was on its way. It had been sitting in the post office I mailed it from the whole time, even after I went in and the post office gave me all kinds of crap that I must have screwed up and short paid on postage and they won't ship it and there is nothing I can do and I need to go to the next town over to get it (even though I didn't mail it in the next town over and when I went to the next town over they referred me to the US Postmaster). Luckily the buer didn't open a case against me, and left me positive feedback, but they nailed my stars. Most buyers don't know just how NOT anonymous those are, despite what eBay claims.
  7. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    I wouldn't buy from this seller at all after this response. It sounds like they have scrappers and are giving you a variety of stories to explain why they are selling them, ie, "I spent too much on pins and need the money for school", that just screams scam to me. lol I would stay away.
  8. RCEliot

    RCEliot Earning My Ears

    Well that seems harsh considering that she does state that she's not even saying that they're real.

    She just said that she can't be sure of their authenticity because she's newer to pin trading/buying/selling and doesn't want to give any indication that they are if she's not sure herself.

    I saw the auctions for the toddler pins. They were all in that packages and had the plastic and the original sticker tag on them. You can even see on her feedback that she bought them on ebay.

    Just because someone gives a reason for selling stuff doesn't mean the stuff they're selling isn't legit.

    You people on here are way too quick to assume the worst in people.

    And for your information in my original message to her I asked her WHY she was selling the pins. So the fact that she told me is of no fault of her own it is because I ASKED.
  9. RCEliot

    RCEliot Earning My Ears

    Oh, no, it was the buyer at fault. I had sent them a message nearly a week prior to opening the case and asked if they had shipped it yet or if they were busy or what-not and they told me they had been away and were working on their backlog. I went ahead and waited... and waited... and still waited... and when they didn't ship it I went ahead and opened the case.

    They messaged me shortly after the case was opened and asked if I wanted a full refund or to wait, as they were going to ship the last 100 items on their backlog the following day. I asked for a refund and said I was just interested in getting my money back since it had taken so long and they told me they were going to go ahead and ship it anyways.

    I told them it wasn't necessary and they said it was their pleasure. That's why I'm still suspicious as to whether or not its real, because it looks real, but they just let me have it, paid for the shipping themselves, and sent it anyways... :confused3
  10. Well, then that's a good thing. Maybe they went ahead and sent it in order to buy good will and hope for a future sale. At least they were upfront with you. Maybe it is legit. I know of sellers who have accidentally shipped the wrong item before and ended up letting the buyer keep it in addition to sending out the correct one. Or who have left out part of an order and either refunded and sent the item, or sent the item with something extra for free. Sometimes it is better for business to eat the cost of the item than to eat negative feedback or low dsr's. You may have gotten lucky, although it sucks you had to wait. I'll never know how these mass sellers can keep up with sending out 100 items in a day. I don't have enough hours in the day to package that much stuff up. I'd have to employ staff, which wouldn't be very profitable unless you were a diamond seller (the type of seller category on eBay, not the actual gemstone).
  11. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    Umm excuse me? :confused: I gave you MY opinion, it doesn't have to have to be yours at all. I'm well versed in making an educated guess as to who may be selling scrappers or not, in MY opinion that screams scam and I would not buy from her. By all means, if you want to take the chance go for it. Yes, it was nice that she gave you all that information (and yes I saw that YOU asked) but for ME that information would make me decide to pass. I am not too quick to assume the worst in anyone and in fact give people the benefit of the doubt many times (much to my dismay when I get the pins and get scrappers), your assumption there is simply incorrect, you don't know me and you probably didn't read all the pages on this thread but if you did you would recognize my name as an informed poster in the past. Recently? Perhaps not but my knowledge and my experience still stands. Yes you ASKED her, but my response above is based on MY EXPERIENCES with eBay sellers giving excuses like that and the pins I've received being scrappers. Don't accuse me of assuming something that isn't based in reality and then call me harsh. That is rude and uncalled for. And don't come back and say I'm over-reacting, you're the one who called her an idiot, I simply said I wouldn't use her because I wouldn't believe her reasons for needing to sell them at a loss. THAT was a red flag to me, I wouldn't sell them at a loss, I would resell them for what I paid, whether I was versed in scrappers or not. Forgive me for assuming you were asking for help and opinions on that seller, I thought that's why people posted on this thread.
  12. Calirya

    Calirya Cali meets her 'Rella for the 1st time Nov 13!

    Sooooo.... what's your ebay name? :flower3:
  13. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    It's against the rules for us to post our eBay names, you could try sending her a PM but I haven't seen Deb on for a while. :)
  14. And, I think that is an old message. Shipping is higher than that now. Up to 3 oz. is $1.64, then it goes up 17 cents for each ounce until you start hitting the categories where they go by pounds and dimensional weight combined. You can ship several pins for 3 oz. Even new on card packaged with generous amounts of bubble wrap. I buy bubble mailers in bulk 250 at a time and they average 35 cents each. eBay takes 9 % of your postage fee although you aren't supposed to count that in your shipping/handling charge. Only bubble wrap, packing peanuts or tissue or foam, mailers, tape, paper or labels and actual postage. Anyone who charges more than $2.00 for the first pin and a nominal fee for the next one is probably overcharging. Not everyone uses eBay shipping. Some people do actually go to the post office where shipping is slightly higher and the tracking is an additional charge. Then it is closer to $3.00, but most people use eBay shipping I have found (or a stamps.com account or something similar).
  15. acurry417

    acurry417 Mommy to a beautiful princess

    I wanted to get some pins for trading but I don't want to knowingly have/buy scrappers. So I had been watching a few listings for user name FFC and I even bid on one lot and lost luckily. They are being sold as a lot with some of the pins being complete sets. They DID say that they had bought some on ebay for their trip in 2009. I was just looking at their feedback again because it seems like they are just getting in on the pin selling game and I wanted to see if any buyers mentioned any being scrappers. I see a ton of recent feedback with FFC as the buyer from another pin seller with a shipping from china. So they must be buying scrappers, or excuse me, tradeable pins, and selling them as if they traded them. So glad I didn't win that auction. :thumbsup2

    Those big cheap lots of pins are so tempting but I know to stay away now :laughing:
  16. waltdavinci

    waltdavinci Master Disney Collector

    All I must say is this...Do not buy pins that are sold as "lots" . Sometimes , if there are only about ten UNIQUE pens, then sure. From experience, I buy the pins I like as standalones..That is all I am going to do moving forward and what I recommend .

    Happy searching !:cool1:
  17. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    More likely they are buying the scrappers and trading them for legit pins that they are then selling on eBay. :( There are a lot of good sellers in this thread, I'm sure you'll find someone who is selling what you want. :)

    I've had decent luck with some lots with some good sellers on this thread, but you really have to pay attention and know your stuff, it isn't easy to rifle through the many many pin sellers on eBay. I do tend to stick with single pins, sometimes to finish sets, sometimes to get sets because I'm not going to the parks like I was in years past, mostly because it's just easier. :)
  18. waltdavinci

    waltdavinci Master Disney Collector

    I am sure they are...I just like to be safe . Personally, its just me wanting certain pins most of the time. I do agree totally on the point of ones being sold over and over. You will find some saying, "These are the types of pins you will get" and having a picture of them...Thats a blatant alarm.
  19. LaurenRenae

    LaurenRenae Earning My Ears

    Are there any lots on eBay that are legit? We are going in April and I want to get my daughter 10-20 for the sole purpose to trade away. I don't want to get bad pins, but I also don't want to pay a lot for pins we're not even keeping. I see lots of good sellers listed here but I do not want to bid on 10-20 individual listings. Thanks for helping a pin newbie :)

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