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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by havertown, May 27, 2013.

  1. icouldlivethere

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    Jan 4, 2004
    I do understand that. What I don't understand is Easter could fall anytime from late March to mid April, yet weeks 7-14 take far fewer points than weeks 15 & 16 even though they are all dates within Magic Season. For example, a SV Studio takes 186 points during weeks 7-14 and 250 points during weeks 15 and 16. I believe Easter is just as likely to fall in weeks 13 & 14 as in weeks 15 & 16.
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  3. Dean

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    Aug 19, 1999
    First, there's no requirement that they take the points chart and make it exactly the same plus 10%, it's their BBQ, they can price it how they want. However, the difference you quote is related to the fact that the difference between Magic and Premier is quite large. I think you're having issues with the fact that Easter moves more than any other of the top holidays and that the points will vary more. Why not average the extra points for Easter over a broader number of weeks, I can only assume that their history on demand suggests that those weeks are the most demanded weeks in spite of the Easter dates. To me that makes some of the surrounding weeks a relative bargain for those where their travel is more related to Easter than the calendar itself. Just remember that the calendar dates for the weeks will also vary. Week 15 will start anywhere between the 9th and 15th of April. Given the complicated nature of how the Easter dates are determined, I do not know how well the timeshare calendar changes will track when Easter is but I'd guess is will somewhat.
  4. edith76

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    Jan 29, 2001
    I don't think it is Easter so much as this is Spring Break time. I don't mean in wild college break way... Our schools always had a week off during this time frame whether Easter fell in between or not.
  5. frank808

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    Jul 24, 2010
    Your analysis is what put me over the edge to buy a fixed week at VGF. There is no penalty to turn the fixed week into regular points if we do not use the week. The 10% premium is only a premium when the week costs less in some years. Realized we could use the week in the years that cost more than the premium and turn in for points in the years that cost less to book. There was no penalty for buying a fixed week.

    Also found out because I have a Dec UY and bought a fixed week 49 I would have until the first week of Dec to decide if I want to use my fixed week or not. Then I would have until the end of July to bank the points. So for 2013 Dec UY I can use my week 49 2013 Dec 8-15. If I cannot use it I have to call in by Nov 7 to cancel my guaranteed week and convert to unit to points. Then it is treated like any other Dec UY points as I know have until July 2014 to bank the points or to used the points by the end of Nov 2014. BTW my guide originally attached the guaranteed week to my June UY contract and that would have been a problem. I would have had to opt out of my fixed week 49 by the beginning of May about 7 months before check in. So get the UY closest to the fixed week that you are buying to get more flexibility.

    The same person posted that a week 51 was 139 points also said they were able to split their fixed week contract. I was not able to do so. Maybe they did get fixed week 51 for 65 less points and was able to split the contract up. But I was not able to get either from my guide. YMMV
  6. tjkraz

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    Feb 4, 2002
    If you average the cost over multiple years, you'll be paying a 10% premium over the long haul whenever the Guaranteed Week is kept.

    Simplest example for Week 49 is a Standard View Studio. Even with the flexible calendar, the weekly cost in a SV Studio will always be the same because the point costs for Adventure and Choice seasons are identical.

    Booking on points, Week 49 SV Studio will always be 125 points. The Guaranteed Week cost is 138. Those 13 extra points cost $1885 up front and $70+ annually in dues.

    Other villas have a higher cost in Choice Season than Adventure, but Week 49 will never have more than 3 nights in Choice every 6-7 years. So the math doesn't change dramatically.

    The question is whether the Guaranteed Week is necessary or not. Unless DVC has been completely negligent in not adjusting the point charts for early-December, I suspect those weeks are disproportionately popular amongst those of us who discuss such things on-line. On the forums, people make a big deal about visiting in early Dec, but I don't think the more casual owners are particularly drawn to those dates.

    Reports of zero availability right at 11 months are rare (exceptions being small categories at larger resorts like AKV Concierge and BLT Theme Park View.) I'm not convinced that VGF will suddenly buck that trend, even with the impact of the Guaranteed Week offering.

    Time will tell whether the Guaranteed Week ends up being a virtual necessity or an expensive way to save a phone call.

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