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GC on-site stay worth it for us?

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by Selket, May 12, 2001.

  1. Selket

    Selket <font color=blue>Yes I AM being whiney about not g

    I'm holding reservations at the GC hotel for myself and my 3.5 year old but I have to decide soon. We were at WDW last May (live closer to FL) and he enjoyed our stay at the PO there. I'm visiting California in a few weeks and need to do something with my son during the weekdays while my husband is working (he is out there as a consultant - we are spending the weekends with him). So...I've booked 3 nights at the GC (all that is left) which is costing about $1200 with park tickets and character breakfast - park view.:eek: I thought I'd drive down a day early (we're several hours north) and spend the night at a cheaper place nearby so we could check in first thing and start using the hotel/park facilities.

    I guess it is the cost keeping me guessing. I could stay off-site for $400-600 less with the tickets/breakfast included (good neighbor hotel). Since I'm there alone with a 3.5 year old, on the other hand, it would be nice to not have to get in the car to get anywhere and be close enough to the park to get in and back to the hotel for rest/swims quickly. Seems like that would give me more vacation time. He can do the parks somewhat but I'm sure we'd end up spending more time at the pools if we stayed on-site. So...are the pools/convenience worth it for the CA park? I know at WDW they are but perhaps not at DL?.

    Any thoughts appreciated!:D
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  3. ceejay13

    ceejay13 DIS Veteran

    If the cost is not an issue, then I would definitely stay at the GC. The hotel is incredible and the convenience is great. You will be right in the middle of it all. We were there for a 3 night stay in January and leave Tuesday for a 4 night stay. As you know you can walk out of the hotel directly into DCA and take another entrance out to DD which is just a short walk to DL. We only used our car once and that was to drive into LA to get Lion King tickets. It is very safe, as well. In addition, if you have breakfast at the Storytellers Cafe they have Chip and Dale there every morning and I think there might have been a couple other characters, also. They have a buffet or you can order off the menu. It is expensive but we loved it and can't wait to go back.
  4. Minybear

    Minybear BCV/VGC Owner

    I agree with the poster above. If its just the 2 of you and your not rate sensative then definately go to the GC. Its prime location close to both parks. You could always save the extra money and go to one of the neiborhood hotels but its more of a hassle for you since you have to catch a bus (or rent a car) to go to and from the parks. Your walking enough during the day to add the extra mile or 2 to your feet.

    We are also going to the GC and then 4 months later we will be at WDW at the GF. We cannot wait.:p
  5. stlrod

    stlrod New Member

    My personal view is that even if money is no object, I would have a difficult time justifying the cost in a city where hotel prices are so low. All I can do is offer you how I resolved the question. First, I made sure that guests at the other resorts can use the facilities at each (they can). Then I compared the prices of PP, DH and GC. Since both PP and DH had variuos special rates (Spring Swing, intro at PP), they compared favorably. Then, I considered how I could better use the maoney I saved. With the money I saved on 3 nights lodging just by opting for PP, I figure it will pay for Dinner for 4 at Storyteller's, Dinner for 4 at Blue Bayou and VIP tickets for Atlantis at The El Capitan (and alternative to all probably would have been Lion King tickets but since I've seen it I wasn't particularly fond of it, I chose the other comparisons.) After that, I thought about how much the whole family would probably enjoy dinner at Storytellers, how my wife and I would enjoy dinner at Blue Bayou after a day of running around Disneyland and how much my kids would enjoy the El Capitan. Then I booked my 3 nights at PP and made plans to visiit the pool at GC on the day we go to PP and the pool at DH on the day we go to Disneyland. I would have opted for DH if I could have been assured of one of the "new" rooms. My wife and I stayed there with the kids a few years back and found it to be drap (before the pool rehab.) One final note, the Introductory Special at PP comes out to a room with a DCA view for about $152.
  6. stlrod

    stlrod New Member

    The resort now offers a 2-day pass for guests (the reservationists thhough seem clueless about it.) My guess is that you might save just by booking GC alone and getting the 2-day pass (I am not a package fan.) You mights also check www.travelscape.com. They had some great rates at all 3 this month.
  7. Niagara2

    Niagara2 Guest

    If the money wasnot a key issue I would only stay at the GC if I was by myself with a 3.5 year old. The convenience of location is really nice. We actually ran packages back to the room. We got real wet on Grizzley Run and changed into dry clothes in our room in less than 10 minutes. Downtown Disney is like an extension of the hotel and probably a half mile closer to the gate of DL than PP! The pool is better too. IMHO.
  8. Selket

    Selket <font color=blue>Yes I AM being whiney about not g

    Thanks for the thoughtful replies to my silly question - I guess silly cause I'm just trying to justify the expense of the place. I should have noted that the other two disneyland hotels are booked for the 3 nights I want or I would have picked one of them since they are right there and less expensive. I just keep thinking something will open up at PP or DH. I'd rather pay $200 a night than $329 - makes a big difference. If I did it, we'd spend a lot more time in the hotel than the parks probably - in the pool no doubt (and visiting other pools). Since I'm alone with a toddler, eating in nice restaurants isn't an issue - I don't much care where I eat. Guess I'll have to sleep on it...

    Thanks also to the one who gave me the travelscape tip - if I don't choose the GC I found some hotels there that look promising. They show a rate of $329 so for 3 nights plus tax it is $1135 - so it seems like a better rate through Disney as that includes park tickets and the character breakfast for about $100 more.
  9. Julia M

    Julia M DIS Veteran<br><font color =red>not clever, not wi

    for a $500-$600 difference. The truth is there are many, many hotels on Harbor Blvd that you can walk to the entrance of DL faster than you could take the tram or monorail.

    We have stayed on site once, and offsite 5 times inthe last 5 years. Each time we plan a trip, I look into both on site and off site. The one time I tried on site, it was nice (don't get me wrong, the room was nice and the landscaping/area around the hotels nice also) but I left feeling like I had wasted the money.

    If money is no object-go for it.

  10. minniecarousel

    minniecarousel <font color=royalblue>Chris Isaak fan<br><font col

    Since you're used to visiting WDW, you will be disappointed if you change to a good neighbor hotel. If you weren't a woman travelling alone with a small child, you might consider a near-by hotel. DH & I just stayed at the GC and loved it! We don't vacation very often, so splurging on the GC was worth it! So, my recommendation is to stickk with the GC, and enjoy!
  11. Selket

    Selket <font color=blue>Yes I AM being whiney about not g

    Yes well...I won't win an award for decision making I guess. I'm able to get a room at the P Pier hotel now too - both are available and the PP ressie costs about $1000 including park hopper and character breakfast. It's looking better. Perhaps it is not all that difficult to walk up and get a room there...as this ressie is for less than a week away.

    Thanks for the input - very much appreciated!
  12. PixieDusting

    PixieDusting The Red-headed Pixie!

    We just returned from a 3 night stay at the GC about 3 hours ago. Besides the fact that we absolutely LOVED the hotel, the other thing I can say is location, location, location! We were on the 4th floor, with a view of Grizzly River Run (was great fun sitting on our balcony in the morning, watching them start up the water!). All we had to do was ride the elevator down from our room and voila, there was the entrance to DCA. Two minutes flat and we were in the park! If we were heading to DL, we still went down through DCA, out the front entrance, across the plaza, and into DL. 4 minutes total :-)

    If you have any particular questions about the hotel, just LMK. We all loved it and will stay there again in a heartbeat!
  13. Minybear

    Minybear BCV/VGC Owner


    Thanks for your post on your great stay at GC. We are going there is September and (of course) I wish it was today.:bounce:

    Do you have any pictures that you could post on the web? I know I would love to see them.

    Did you see any stuffed grissley bears at DCA for sale? I just received mine from the DisneyStore on friday and my friend when see was there at DCA about 2 wks ago said she did not see any. I am wondering did you? I would have a feeling these grissley bears are all over the place.

    How are the restaurants at GC?

  14. PixieDusting

    PixieDusting The Red-headed Pixie!

    To answer your questions.....

    I meant to take pics of our room, but I didn't, sorry :-( The hotel is beatiful, if you like the Arts and Crafts style of architecture and decorating, you won't be disappointed! We had a 4th floor room overlooking Grizzly River. Our room had bunk beds (with a trundle underneath as well) and a queen bed. There was plenty of room for the 4 of us. Table with 2 chairs. Decent sized armoire. Large closet. Iron and board. A little spot in the mini bar to keep your own stuff. Double vanity outside the bathroom with a shelf above and a large shelf below. Lots of room for our bathroom stuff. Tub is large enough to take a long soak. Complementary bathrobes, which the kids loved wearing to and from the pool.

    As to the stuffed Grizzly bears, there are plenty. The gift shop in the hotel has them, Greetings (the large store inside the entry to DCA) has them. The shop near Grizzly River also has them. Several styles and sizes to choose from.

    Restaurants: We ate at Storyteller's for breakfast on our last trip. We were pleased with the breakfast, it was very good. We ate at Whitewater snacks several times on this trip. The selection of snacks is great, and there is a decent selection of "meal" foods as well. My Dh and I would like to try Napa Rose on a future trip...maybe a trip just the two of us go on (one can dream...right?!?). The menu looks fabulous!

    Hope this answers your questions sufficently!
  15. Minybear

    Minybear BCV/VGC Owner


    Thanks for your response. If only they had whirlpool baths at the GC!!:p

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