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Galveston six day

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by m&p'smom, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. m&p'smom

    m&p'smom New Member

    Does anyone have a clue in the Galveston 6 day cruise what night pirate night and formal night would be? Finally getting to try Palo but don't know what night to book it on. Thanks!!
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  3. vcjtx

    vcjtx New Member

    On our January 26 six-day, Pirate Night is on Tuesday (4th night). Same night as Grand Cayman.
  4. Mastiff

    Mastiff New Member

    We are booked on a 6 night out of Galveston and I was told our pirate night is the 4th night of the cruise.

  5. Keyser

    Keyser New Member

    I'd like to know this, also. I am trying to figure out which night would be best for Palo.

    It seems on the 7-day that the rotation nights are the 1st, 3rd, 5th. I'm guessing those are still the normal "show" nights? Then the 4th would be pirates, so we've got the 2nd or 6th for formal...
  6. Mommy2Emmy

    Mommy2Emmy New Member

    We are on 1/12 cruise, and our pirate night is the 4th night, also. This is our first cruise, so I would like to try all the MDRs. I booked Palo for the 5th night in hopes that that night would be a duplicate in our dining rotation!!:goodvibes
  7. vcjtx

    vcjtx New Member


    That's what my friend & I are doing on our 6-day (leaving 1/26). Palo dinner on the 5th night. I think that may also be semi-formal night - if there is one on the 6-day

    Bon Voyage!!!
  8. Minnie321

    Minnie321 New Member

    Feb 9 - pirate night is also on 4th night.
  9. Mommy2Emmy

    Mommy2Emmy New Member

    Great! Thanks!

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