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Frustrated with how the "official" menus won't pull up on the WDW website...

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Belle5, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Belle5

    Belle5 Mouseketeer

    I'm frustrated in general with the new website, but this is really irritating me. I am trying to investigate menus for our upcoming trip. I have been using Allearsnet but according to recent reviews, some of the menus have changed. For example, Allears has coconut bread pudding listed at Jiko. That ONE item might tip the scales for me and convince me to dine at Jiko again. But, I read a review from someone who went there for the bread pudding and it wasn't even on the menu anymore...as a matter of fact, many of the things they had been hoping to eat had been switched out. I would like to see the official menu (even though I have seen those be outdated in the past, they are a little better, generally). I wonder if the managers at these restaurants realize their menus aren't on the Disney site?
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  3. Boardwalk529

    Boardwalk529 Member

    Under "Meal" click on the second dinner listed. For some reason this pulls up the menu. The restaurants sites are very strange since the website was updated...you have to mess around with them quite a bit to view the menus. I wouldn't go to a restaurant based on one dish though, because unless it's a regular item, there's a good chance it will change. The signature restaurants change their menus VERY frequently, and I doubt the website is updated each time.
  4. Hopefully

    Hopefully DIS Veteran

    Sorry you're having trouble. With a rare exception, I see them fine.
  5. Belle5

    Belle5 Mouseketeer

    Thank you! Glad I mentioned it on the boards as your little trick worked (at least for Jiko)! So, much of my frustration is relieved...:thumbsup2
  6. Belle5

    Belle5 Mouseketeer

    Thanks. It has not been a rare thing for me, unfortunately! Many of the menus have been difficult to view (at least for me...I have read stories of the new website giving some folks trouble in one area but not others)!
  7. MinnieGirl33

    MinnieGirl33 Hockey Mom to 2

    I still prefer seeing the pdf version of the actual menu as opposed to the data entry list. :mad:
  8. Belle5

    Belle5 Mouseketeer

  9. Belle5

    Belle5 Mouseketeer

    I think I figured out part of the problem. One of the menu links gives problems, but if I click on the picture of the restaurant and then go to the menu (book with spoon and fork) symbol the menus do tend to open up...
  10. freshmanjs

    freshmanjs Mouseketeer

    the menus change often, especially at the signatures, so i would not suggest booking based on one particular menu item.

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