Fred and Wilma - 'The Keys' to 'The World' Day 17

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    Jul 13, 2005
    Tuesday 28th August  Snacking around Magic Kingdom

    Prior to our trip, we (well, I) put together a list of snacks that we wanted to try while at WDW. We had been slowly working our way through it but the majority of our must-haves were to be found at Magic Kingdom. On that basis, we headed out this morning with empty bellies, ready to snack our way around the park.

    Have I mentioned how much I hated the transport system at Beach Club? Despite leaving the room early, we waited an absolute age for a bus, then I seem to recall that we did at least one more resort pick-up before finally arriving at the Magic Kingdom just in time to&miss the end of the opening ceremony. Oh well.

    The weather today was not looking promising and I had a feeling we might be getting wet a bit later. Our plan of action involved heading straight to Space Mountain as Daniel had still never managed to ride this (a combination of either being too short or the ride being closed for rehab). For some reason that I cannot remember now, we decided not to ride straight away so got FPs and headed across to Buzz.

    Daniel beat me (by a mile).

    I have no idea what Im doing in this picture


    Let me out, let me out!


    Daniel wanted to ride again with his Dad and, since we had a little while before our FP window for Space Mountain, we went on again.

    Thumbs up!


    I love Garys face in this picture, not that hes competitive or anything :rotfl2:

    As we exited Buzz, I saw a large group of people standing outside Space Mountain and feared the worst. As we walked over, it became apparent that the ride wasnt running. Daniel joked that he must be a jinx. Since we had spare time on our hands and we were all a bit peckish, it was time for Snack Number 1.

    We headed to Main Street Bakery, in search of the famous Cinnamon Roll. Daniel and I decided to pace ourselves so got one to share while Gary opted for a Cherry Danish. I had seen this cinnamon roll in so many food reviews and remember being quite envious when Ellie got one on a previous trip. My mouth was watering with anticipation.

    And how disappointed I was. Actually, we both were. The edges of the bun were dry and hard, almost as if it was stale. If I didnt know better (or do I?), I would have said it was yesterdays bun. Yuck, what a waste of calories. We dissected it, hoping that the middle might be more palatable but it was just as inadequate. In a fit of disgust, I threw it in the trash.

    Call yourself a cinnamon roll?


    Gary fared slightly better with his Danish, which was at least fresh, although he said it could have done with more filling.

    Cherry, cherry baby!


    As Daniel and I were both still hungry, I went back and got us a breakfast croissant sandwich, with ham, egg and cheese. To be honest, neither of us really enjoyed this either but I think we were probably still annoyed about the cinnamon roll.

    Outside, we could see that it had brightened up so we ventured out, blinking in the sunshine. Gary popped round to see if Space Mountain was running while Daniel and I waited. We ran into the Dapper Dans, who invited us to take their picture; then I asked a passerby to take one of us with them. Just as she snapped the picture, they all piled their hats onto Daniels head.

    Nice hat!


    Gary returned to report that the ride was still down so we headed into Adventureland.

    Is that a Pagoda?


    There was only a short line for Jungle Cruise and I love the cheesy lines so I dragged the other two on.

    Bring on the cheese!


    After all that cruising, we had worked up quite an appetite  or maybe we still had quite an appetite after our rubbish breakfast snacks.

    Regardless, it was time for Snack Number 2.

    Can you guess what we had?


    This little beauty


    Yep, a citrus swirl. Mr Whippy ice-cream, swirled with an orangey slushy swirl. We had previously had the old version, with orange-flavoured ice-cream but this was reported to be much better. It was quite nice but a little odd. The two textures didnt really go together and I didnt think the orange bit was tart enough. It was infinitely better than the cinnamon roll though so we happily polished it off. Daniel had a bit of a moan about having to share one between the three of us but I pointed out that we had many more snacks to come and he was appeased (he still got the lions share though).

    Next, it was off to Splash Mountain but not before grabbing ourselves some FPs for Big Thunder Mountain.

    Fastpasses, baby!




    Luckily, we didnt get too wet on Splash  I really, really dislike the drop though, my heart always shoots into my mouth when were at the top.

    With only a few minutes to go till our return time, we hung around and then entered dead on 11.15. I remembered reading on the DIS various complaints about the Fastpass return times being enforced and how it had vastly increased the wait time for the FP line. I can honestly say we never noticed much of a difference. We more or less walked straight on. Of course, we were behind the Spanish-speaking family who obviously didnt understand English because, as the CM directed them to rows 12 and 13, they blatantly stood right at the front two rows. And, of course, she didnt tell them to move. We obediently headed towards the back  I much prefer the back, to be honest.

    Here we go


    We all loved this, Daniel insisted on riding by himself. I must admit, I didnt like us being in a 3 as one of us nearly always had to ride alone.

    It was nearly time for Snack Number 3 but not before checking if Space Mountain was running. And it was! The CM was quite happy to let us in after our return time since the ride had been down. Daniel really enjoyed his first ever ride on Space Mountain.

    Here is where we made our biggest mistake of the day. We had noticed, while heading up the FP line that there was absolutely no wait in the standby line (presumably because it had only just reopened) so we decided to ride again. Of course, by now a large line had built up and we had quite a wait. Not only that but, after we had ridden, the rain which had been threatening all morning had finally put in an appearance. It was absolutely chucking it down. Everyone was sheltering in the shop, nobody daring to venture out. We wasted a good 20 minutes waiting for it to ease off. However, it continued to rain on and off for the rest of the day, which really put a dampener on things (pardon the pun).

    When we finally got a break in the rain, we walked up to Fantasyland, where we indulged in Snack Number 3.

    Cookie Sundae


    This was a real winner; soft, chewy cookies with cold vanilla ice-cream and hot fudge sauce. Absolutely divine. We shared two between the three of us and it was plenty. I could have easily eaten one to myself though.

    We had to take shelter under a little parapet as it had started to rain again. We were joined by a Photopass photographer who offered to take some pictures but we declined. She told us that we ought to just brave the rain as it looked like it was set in for the day. And, of course, she was right. As it eased off, we headed across to Philharmagic, a must-do for me.

    The obligatory oprey glasses shot


    After humming along to some classic Disney tracks and watching Mickey bring everything under control after naughty Donald runs amok, we walked down towards Liberty Square. There seemed to be far more people around now and there was a 40-minute wait for Its a Small World. Daniel wanted to go on it but we vetoed him and headed to Haunted Mansion instead. There was a long wait time showing but we figured that, by the time wed ridden, we would be ready for yet another snack.

    And ready we were  for these wonderful specimens.

    Waffle with nutella and fresh fruit


    Funnel cake


    These were cooked to order so took quite a while to get but it was worth the wait. The waffle was fresh and warm and tasted absolutely out of this world, when eaten with a slice of banana and the nutella. The funnel cake was warm, funnely goodness. Both real winners (only the waffle were on our snack list, the funnel cake was just an added bonus because theyre just so yummy).

    While we were eating, Daniel spotted Peter Pan and rushed off to see whether there was a long line. He came back and said there was nobody there, grabbed the Photopass card from me and rushed back to get his picture taken. There are no pictures of Daniel and/or Peter Pan on our Photopass CD, though, so I have no idea what happened.

    Once wed finished our snacks, we took a wander though Liberty Square and into Frontierland. We stopped to watch Woodys Round-Up and then discussed whether to try and get some pool time in, while we had a respite from the rain.

    We ended up just wandering aimlessly, back towards the hub.

    We spotted Harry the Heron (Harry appears in nearly every one of our trip reports), who appeared to be waiting for something.

    He wanted his picture taken with the castle


    We had just one Magic Kingdom snack left on the list so there was nothing else for it.

    Corn dog nuggets from Caseys


    These were nice but we all preferred the corn dog wed had at Busch Gardens.

    We were nice and full now and ready to head out. Daniel mentioned that we had yet to see Mickey on this trip so we decided we would go and see him and get pictures before we left.

    But first we ran into this guy

    Which ones Goofy?


    To cut a long story short, we never did end up seeing Mickey. This was the one place where we noticed the use of FPs really did impact on how long you wait. When we entered, the wait was showing 20 minutes. After 40, we left. Of course, it was raining again and so the pool option was a non-starter but we decided to get back to the resort anyway.

    Back at the Beach Club Villas, we wandered around the little lobby area and took some photos.

    Beach Club nook


    As we entered the lounge room, a CM jumped up from the couch and greeted us. There were two of them, sitting there with some board games just waiting for some children to show up. Daniel decided to go in and join them and, having checked it was OK, Gary and I went upstairs to make a start on the packing.

    Friendly CM


    After about an hour, I went down to get Daniel, who was happily playing with a few more kids. He asked if he could come back later as they were having a film night and were planning to watch Up.

    Continued in the next post...
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  3. wilma-bride

    wilma-bride <<This space intentionally blank>> Moderator

    Jul 13, 2005
    After showers and a change of clothes, we decided to head off to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner. Surprisingly, given all the snacks we’d eaten, we were all pretty hungry.

    We found Logan’s easily but had to sit in the car for a while, waiting for the rain to ease, before running the gauntlet into the restaurant. We were greeted warmly and seated straight away but thought it was odd when we were led all the way through the main restaurant and out to a rather impersonal room at the back. It seemed like a converted warehouse and I suspect it had once been a loading bay. With the weather as bad as it was outside, the room seemed cold and I wished we’d been sat in the main restaurant. We should have asked to be moved but didn’t want to make a fuss so stayed put. The photo below shows how bad the rain was that evening.

    Me and my boy – and the rain


    The server brought us a bucket of peanuts and Gary got stuck in. Similarly to Texas Roadhouse, he couldn’t quite bring himself to throw the shells on the floor, though, and so piled them up neatly on the table. I’m pretty sure that’s not the point.

    Daniel and I decided to share an appetiser of mozzarella sticks, then Daniel opted for the popcorn shrimp with cinnamon apples and I chose the pork chop. Gary got the ribs and loaded jacket potato.

    The food came out quickly and was all tasty and hot but not a patch on the amazing meal we’d had at Texas Roadhouse.

    Cheese sticks


    Popcorn shrimp


    Pork chop


    Ribs and potato


    I was stuffed so didn’t fancy dessert but Daniel and Gary decided to share the mini bucket desserts. They chose chocolate brownie, key lime and peanut butter (I think). They were quite cute, I liked the presentation in the little Logan’s buckets (a miniature version of the peanut bucket).

    Mini desserts


    We paid the check and braved the elements to get back out to the car. No air conditioning needed tonight. It was actually quite chilly. We drove back to a very wet Disney World.

    Wet, wet, wet


    Back at the villas, Daniel asked again if he could go to the movie night. Gary and I were desperate to do some more packing as the next day was our last full day. The children needed to be accompanied so we ended up telling him he couldn’t go. He got a bit upset and I felt really mean, so I backed down and said he could go. Gary said he would stay and pack. I grabbed him a packet of chips and a chocolate milk and we took the elevator down, where the room was filling up with excited kids, some of whom were in their pyjamas. The CM said that, as Daniel was older than the others, he was more than happy for me to leave him. I gave Daniel the key to the room and said if he was tired, he should come back up.

    Gary and I did a little packing, then decided to pop over to Martha’s Vineyard for a quick drink. We popped our heads into the lounge and told Daniel where we were going, telling him to come and get us if he needed us or wanted to go back to the room and we headed over to the main building. We seated ourselves at the bar and ordered – lager for Gary and a Very Berry Punch for me. This would be my first VBP since a BBQ at our house a couple of months before, where a fellow DISer (Chilly) and I had drunk rather a lot of it and I had made myself rather ill :sick: NB: Never try to light 30+ candles on a cheesecake while under the influence :rotfl2:



    Unfortunately, I think it may have ruined them for me since I didn’t really enjoy it at all. We sat and chatted while I nursed my drink, then I noticed a couple at one of the tables looking over. I recognised them as a couple we’d met on a Disney cruise a few years before so popped over to chat. We had a nice chat and then we walked back to the villas to collect Daniel. The film was just finishing and there were only a couple of other children there. We sat for a little while, talking to their parents who were also from England and told us they spent 6 weeks in Florida every summer. How fantastic would that be? The film finished so we said thank you to the CMs and goodnight to the other family. The lovely CM from Egypt (I wish I could remember his name) told Daniel has was welcome to come back the next day.

    It was after 11 when we got back to the room and I knew we would probably pay for it in the morning but I was determined we would enjoy our last day and told Daniel I didn’t want any moaning from him about being tired, since he’d wanted to stay and watch the film. We were in bed and asleep pretty quickly.
  4. Chilly

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    Apr 25, 2006
    You and that cheesecake were so funny. I wish I could have a Very Berry Punch right now, sorry i've ruined them for you though!
  5. tony64

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    Jun 21, 2003
    Those ribs and loaded jacket look goooooooood :goodvibes
  6. wiigirl

    wiigirl DIS Veteran

    Oct 29, 2012
    Awesome pics! :)
  7. dixonsontour

    dixonsontour DIS Veteran

    Apr 14, 2008
    You packed lots in :)
  8. Linda67

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    Aug 18, 2009
    Ooh I nearly missed this one

    Love the snacking around MK, aren't the Nutella and fruit waffles just delish!!

    Shame about all the rain but it looks like you made the best of it

    I need to go and find your post with the Texas Roadhouse review in it :)
  9. jen_uk

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    Mar 1, 2005
    I am literally chewing my keyboard after reading that!! I'm going to make sure we try the cookie sundae and the waffle at Christmas :thumbsup2
  10. runskyhy

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    Jan 26, 2009
    Wow. That nutella waffle looks unbelievably yummy. :worship: I think I need to start a WDW food list. :cloud9:

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