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Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by Disney Campers, May 7, 2008.

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    Fort Wilderness Loops 101

    OVER THE COURSE OF THIS YEAR and THROUGH APRIL 2009, the Fort is going through a rennovation. ALL LOOPS WILL HAVE CABLE and the categories of Loops are reshuffling:

    Once the rennovations are complete, the new loop designations will be as follows:

    PARTIAL - Water, Electric, Cable, designated for tents, popups, van campers, large sand pad will remain, no Pets
    PREFERRED - Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable, designated for all levels of campers, sand pad will remain, no Pets
    PREFERRED PET - Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable, designated for all levels of campers, sand pad will remain, Pets are allowed with a $5 per night extra fee
    PREMIUM - Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable, all levels of campers are allowed, remodeled for the bigger rigs, the Sand Pad will be elimated and the level driveway will be wider and longer. No way to put a stake in the ground. Updated picnic tables and grills.
    PREMIUM PET - Water, Electric, Sewer, Cable, all levels of campers are allowed, remodeled for the bigger rigs, the Sand Pad will be elimated and the level driveway will be wider and longer. No way to put a stake in the ground. Updated picnic tables and grills. Pets are allowed with a $5 per night extra fee.

    Loop 100 - Preferred
    Loop 200 - Preferred
    Loop 300 - Preferred Pet
    Loop 400 - Premium
    Loop 500 - Premium Pet
    Loop 600 - Premium
    Loop 700 - Premium Pet
    Loop 800 - Premium Pet
    Loop 900 - Premium Pet
    Loop 1000 - Premium
    Loop 1100 - Premium
    Loop 1200 - Premium Pet
    Loop 1300 - Premium Pet
    Loop 1400 - Premium
    Loop 1500 - Partial
    Loop 1600 - Preferred Pet
    Loop 1700 - Preferred
    Loop 1800 - Preferred Pet
    Loop 1900 - Preferred
    Loop 2000 - Partial

    Tents are allowed on any level of site, partial, preferred, premium but the Preferred sites tend to have a smaller sand area and a larger driveway to accomodate RVs and campers. The Premium sites will have NO SAND AREA AT ALL.

    THE INFORMATION BELOW IS HOW THE LOOPS CURRENTLY ARE BUT WILL BE GOING THROUGH CHANGES OVER THE COURSE OF THE YEAR. Refer to the upgrade schedule in this FAQ to determine if the loop you want will be affected/completed during your stay.

    Loop 100 through 800 and Loop 1400 are Preferred Full Hookup Loops. They include electric, water, sewer, and cable (internet is available at an extra cost through a cable modem checked out from the front desk). Of these preferred loops, 300, 700, and 800 are Pet Loops.

    Loop 900 through 1300 and Loop 1600 through 1900 are Regular Full Hookup Loops. They include electric, water, and sewer. Of these loops, 1600 through 1900 are Pet Loops

    Loop 1500 and 2000 are partial hookup loops. They include electric and water.

    There is no such thing as a preferred partial hookup. There is no such thing as a partial hookup pet loop.

    Tents are allowed on any level of site, partial, full, preferred, but the full and preferred tend to have a smaller sand area and a larger driveway to accomodate RVs and campers.

    Supposedly, only popups, tiny campers, and tents are allowed on partial loops, but I have seen all sizes of rigs on the partial loops. A large rig would not be happy on a partial for very long due to driveway size and no sewer.​


    What can we put on our site??

    The official policy , which we just got re-explained to us at 315pm today is one camping unit (trailer,popup,mh,5thwheel,tent) per site PLUS one tent (on SAND only) plus an awning/dining cover attached or directly against the main camping unit, plus ONE (usually your tow vehicle or frog) vehicle (and as many bikes,scooters,pairs of crutches, golfcarts or surfboards that you want as long as they are not blocking the loop road , other's sites, infringing other's spaces or in the fire zones (any area other than the pad or the sand) OR two tents (plus the one vehicle and as many surfboards, scooters, etc ) with the exception of the specified Group Tenting location. (end quote of the nice (cough) security truck guy)


    Where can I park a golf cart??

    There is golf cart parking:

    On the driveway at your site
    Near the marina
    Near Trails End and the Hoop de Doo
    Near the Meadows Recreation Area and Campfire/Movie
    Near the Outpost Bus Stop
    Near the Settlement Bus Stop

    There are plug-ins for charging the golf cart at the parking near Trails End and near the marina.

    There are NO plug-ins at the parking near Outpost and Settlement bus stop

    Unknown if there are plug-ins at the parking near the the Meadows Recreation Area/Campfire/Movie​

    WDW Propane Costs

    Thought I would post this here and this info is current as of today. Ran one LP tank basically dry in 70 deg weather yesterday and as we all know you always have some residual propane leftover and the new OPD IIRC is supposed to limit you to filling the tank to 80 to 85% capacity. Thus for a 30lb tank it should only hold around 25lb of propane and there is probably a lb or two that you will never get out thru an LP regulator. Thus an empty 30 lb tank should take around 23 or even max of 25lb of propane. I checked at the Meadows and they charge 70 cents/lb so an empty 30 lb tank should run around $18. However, when I picked up my tank I found out that actually they charge a flat rate based on the tank size, $14 for a 20lb and $21 for a 30lb. I talked to a manager and explained that this was fine, but folks should not be told that the cost is 70 cents/lb, but is a flat rate regardless of how much propane is needed. I went to CW to check out their prices and can't remember what a 20lb tank ran, but a 30lb was again a flat rate of $26 so even at $21 at the Meadows it's a better deal and saves you 20 miles of fuel/gas to go to/from CW. The manager even only charged me for a 20lb tank even after I objected. I had no problem with the price since my tank was actually empty, I just wanted to advise him of the issue as I saw it​
    Camp Fire Program:

    The Fort Wilderness campfire program happens year round in the "theater under the stars" located in the Meadows recreation area. It is free of charge.
    The program consists of a sing along with a very talented Disney cast members leading the fun. After a brief introduction, our friends Chip and Dale will make their way through the crowd for pictures, autographs and general harassment of the guests. The sing along starts at 8 during the summer followed by a movie (the list is always posted at the top of the thread list) at approximately 8:40. During the winter (after daylight savings time ends, this year on Nov 4th) the sing along starts at 7 and the movie around 7:40.

    There are 2 fire pits that are lit just before the sing along begins. These are for roasting marshmallows, hot dogs and whatever else you may wish to roast.

    You can bring your own snacks and drinks with you or purchase what you need.
    popcorn, candy, drinks and S'more kits are available at the chuckwagon, individual wooden roasting sticks are available.

    Wooden benches are provided along with bleachers at the back of the theater. A blanket or cushion is always a good idea. The area is covered in pea gravel to prevent it from being muddy.

    The restrooms are about a 100 ft walk behind the chuckwagon, the comfort station at the 1400 loop is utilized.

    Be ready to clap, sing and participate (like so many other Disney activities)

    Please make sure and say "Howdy" to the cast members and tell them you are a Dis'er​


    Smoking Allowed at the Fort?

    Official Response From the Walt Disney World Executive Offices:
    "While smoking is not permitted inside cabins at Disney's Fort Wilderness
    Resort & Campground, smoking is allowed on cabin porches, at campsites,
    and in the designated outdoor smoking locations throughout the


    Grocery's Stores & other Shopping Near the Fort

    Regency Village Shopping Center (Store #00812)
    8145 Vineland Ave
    Orlando, FL 32821-6847
    Main: (407) 238-9924
    Fax: (407) 238-4650

    Xentury City Center (Store #00570)
    2925 International Dr
    Kissimmee, FL 34746-4407
    Main: (407) 397-1171
    Fax: (407) 396-2824

    Poinciana Place (Store #00351)
    2915 Vineland Rd
    Kissimmee, FL 34746-5505
    Main: (407) 396-7525
    Fax: (407) 396-5423
    Liquor Store: (407) 396-7221

    Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #5420
    3250 Vineland Road
    Kissimmee, FL 34746
    (407) 397-1125

    Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #4332
    8990 Turkey Lake Road
    Orlando, FL 32819
    (407) 351-2229

    Camping World of
    Kissimmee, FL
    5175 W Hwy. 192
    Kissimmee, FL 34746
    407-396-2600 ​


    Other Fort Wilderness Informational Websites

    Tim5055 - Natasha's Camping Site

    Jeff Spencer's Fort Wilderness site

    DisneyCampers Site
  4. Disney Campers

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    Sep 12, 1999
    Right Click and Save the following picture to display at your campsite and on your golfcart.
    Use any PAINT or PHOTO EDITING program to add your name to it like this:[​IMG]
  5. Disney Campers

    Disney Campers Moderator Moderator

    Sep 12, 1999
  6. Shan-man

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    Aug 12, 2008
    I just wanted to post that I talked with a CM at CRO yesterday and she said their new map shows that 1600-1900 will remain Full-Hookup loops, even after the upgrades are done, so there will be 4 levels of sites: Premium, Preferred, Full, and partial (oh, and Cabin and Group too, I guess!).
  7. LarryJ

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    Jul 7, 2007
    In the last several months there have been several requests and post repair reports on using RV Mobile Repair type services at FW so I picked out the three I'm aware of and have posted them here for possible inclusion into the main FAQ portion of this thread at which time this post can be deleted so as to keep the FAQ concise. I left what they fixed in along with the mo/yr of the post along with the DIS member making the post so folks would get an idea of what was worked on.

    Nov 2008:
    Nov 2008:
    Jan 2009:
    BTW when I was picking up my EMS system at Camping Connection on 192W (407-397-2267) they mentioned they also ran an RV mobile repair service to WDW, but I didn't use them and only throw their name/number out at another potential resource for mobile RV repair service.
  8. BradyBz12

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    Sep 12, 2008
    Since golf cart questions come up just about every day, I figured I'd consolidate some info. in one thread. Feel free to add on or (since some info here is from older posts) let me know if any info is incorrect and I'll update accordingly.

    NOTE: These rules were given out as of 12/16/09 and the handout is dated 5/29/09.

    An excerpt from the same handout pertaining to the TYPES OF CARTS ALLOWED...

    Private Cart Operation

    UPDATE: As of 1/08 leashed pets are now allowed on golf carts except in the following areas:
    Settlement area
    Comfort Stations
    ...and other areas posted "no pets"



    10/07/09 UPDATE:
    BAD NEWS folks. Word has come today from Shawn at Golf Cart Enterprises that Disney will no longer be allowing them to deliver carts to the overflow lot. They are trying to work something out with Disney but it isn't looking good. GCE does have trailers available for rent to go pick up your cart yourself and I will post more info here on that once I have it. As of December'09 Kenny/Tee Time IS still able to deliver carts. I don't know if any other off-site rental companies have been effected.

    These 2 companies have been used/recommended on this board:
    - Tee Time Golf Cart Rental
    - Golf Cart Enterprises


    Tee Time Golf Cart Rental (Kenny)
    (no website)

    Costs for 4 person carts (as reported by DISers in early 2009, call for current pricing)
    approx. $224-$240/7 days (as reported here - call for current pricing)
    $300/10 days
    $470.80/month-31 days (as reported here 6/19/09 - call for current pricing)

    Prices include delivery (6am - 9pm), taxes, plastic rolldown rain shield, head & tail lights, and a windshield.

    30% cancellation fee within 2 weeks of scheduled delivery.

    4 person carts only.

    Reviews of Tee Time:



    Golf Cart Enterprises (Mike)

    Costs - updated 5/13/09
    Rates (incl. special 20% discount when you mention you found them on DISboards):
    4 Person cart = $244.95/7 days
    6 Person cart = $330.15/7 days
    4 Person cart = $415.35/month-31 days (as reported here 6/19/09 - call for current pricing)

    Includes tax, delivery and pickup-up. No extra charge for weekend delivery.

    Per post from Mike in May'09

    Reviews of Golf Cart Enterprises:


    • both off-site rental companies noted above deliver to the FW overflow lot

    • off-site rental carts are considered "personal" carts and must have the same equipment as the rental carts, incl. windshield, front and rear lights

    • you do not need to notify FW that you will be bringing your own golf cart or renting one off-site

    • there is golf cart parking which can be used by any golf cart (personal, Disney and off-site rentals):
    - trading posts
    - Trails End/Hoop Dee Do
    - near campfire/movie (closest area too Meadows pool)
    - marina
    - outpost bus stop

    Photos of some parking areas HERE

    • there are a limited number of recharging stations (plugs) in the golf cart parking areas at the Outpost and Settlement/Marina

    • all cabins/campsites have their own accessible plug to recharge your cart

    • you cannot drive golf carts on any roads outside of FW or on the road/path to WL

    • 4 seater carts are large enough to hold 4 adults comfortably, but it is possible to squeeze in extras - particularly smaller kids - depending on size. Capacity limits are not posted/enforced. 6 seater carts are available through Golf Cart Enterprises (see above)

  9. des1954

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    Aug 10, 2007
    I used Camping Connection in 2002 for an A/C problem. Not only were they prompt, they were reasonably priced, and noted that our problem was one of a Dutch Star engineering problem - not enough return vents. They suggested what they thought should be done, and when we checked with Newmar the following week, they agreed & repaired the problem under warranty. Newmar also reimbursed us for the trip charge from Camping Connection. We also had a problem with the hydraulic jacks two weeks later that Camping Connection repaired, called Newmar for an authorization number, and we paid nothing. Now like I said, that was in 2002, but I noticed on 7/18 they were still in business when we drove past their location.
  10. des1954

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    Aug 10, 2007
    None of us anticipates needing veterinary care for our fur-babies while we are vacationing at FtW. can happen. Therefore, I am glad to share this information just in case my fellow Fort Fiends are in need of vet care while at the Fort.

    I have used this vet, and found them to be extremely good...

    Sand Lake Animal Clinic
    8932 S. Apopka-Vineland Rd
    Tel no: 407-876-4461
    This is about 8 miles from FtW.

    I have not used this (thank goodness) but they are recommended by Sand Lake Animal Clinic.....
    24 hour emergency vet care:
    Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Central Florida
    2080 Principal Row Orlando, FL 32837
    (407) 438-4449
    This is about 23 miles from of FtW.

    I suggest that you keep this info handy & print out maps from FtW to these locations. Hopefully, you won't need it, but in an emergency it's a good idea to have this information at hand.
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    Apr 8, 2010
    must respect all the rules and regulation :love::cheer2:
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    Dec 2, 2003
    Since the question of which loops are which category seems to come up alot, I thought I would post this final updated list in the FAQ section.

    Loop 100 - Preferred
    Loop 200 - Preferred
    Loop 300 - Preferred (Pet friendly loop)
    Loop 400 - Premium (Pet friendly loop)
    Loop 500 - Premium (Pet friendly loop)
    Loop 600 - Premium (Pet friendly loop)
    Loop 700 - Premium (Pet friendly loop)
    Loop 800 - Premium (Pet friendly loop)
    Loop 900 - Premium (Pet friendly loop)
    Loop 1000 - Premium
    Loop 1100 - Premium
    Loop 1200 - Premium
    Loop 1300 - Premium
    Loop 1400 - Premium
    Loop 1500 - Partial
    Loop 1600 - Full (Pet friendly loop)
    Loop 1700 - Full (Pet friendly loop)
    Loop 1800 - Full (Pet friendly loop)
    Loop 1900 - Full (Pet friendly loop)
    Loop 2000 - Partial
  13. ultimatehomerun

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    May 3, 2010
    We needed a mobile repair service because one of our slides would not go out. From Disney's Outpost list we called Frank's Mobile RV. They were very prompt and knew their stuff. Our problem was fixed! If in need, call Frank's Mobile RV at 407-922-7302.

  14. bradisgoofy

    bradisgoofy Retiring Oct 2015, moving to FL and becoming a CM

    May 6, 2005
    I just used Frank for our recent (5/10) trip. He and his wife were very professional, they diagnosed the problem (stripped slideout motor drive), ordered the part and took a check for the work. It wasn't cheap, but then again we didn't except it to be. I would use them again if needed.
  15. jenjen212

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    Apr 28, 2004
    Do you know anything about the Haunted Carriage Rides at the Fort? (formerly known as Hay Rides)

    If so, can you include it in the top of your post with the lists of the other common activities at FW?

    I know that they used to do this. Not sure if they still do. :confused3

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