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For 2,000+ Mile Round-Trip Drivers Only! (III)

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by BC1836, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. BC1836

    BC1836 Active Member

    Welcome to the "For 2,000+ Mile Round-Trip Drivers Only!" thread, Part III [Walt Disney World drives!]

    Part II of this thread opened on July 12, 2010 and closed on October 12, 2011 after 256 pages, 3,843 replies and 207,597 views.

    Part I of this thread debuted on December 6, 2007 and closed on July 14, 2010 after 251 pages, 3,755 replies and 210,793 views.

    All-Time "For 2,000+ Mile Round-Trip Drivers Only!" Records (updated 11/27/12)

    Most Total Drives: 53 (since '73): dvczerfs

    Most Drives in One Decade/10-Year Period: 27 (2003-2012): bc1836

    Most Drives in One Calendar Year: 4 (four times: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011): bc1836; (two times: 2009 & 2012): cruisingkat

    Most Drives in One 12-Month Period: 5 (12/08-12/09; 2012): cruisingkat; (12/09-12/10): bc1836

    Most "Non-Stop" Drives: 12 (2008-2012): bc1836

    Shortest Time Between Drives: 19 days (2009): cruisingkat

    Most passengers in one vehicle: 10 (2010: 2 adults, 8 kids; 1999 Chevy Express Van): birdslightyear (aka just*the*ten*of*us)

    Longest Drive (one way): 2,070 miles (2013): Shir Khan (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

    Second Longest Drive (one way): 1,953 miles (2011): peigirl (Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada)

    All the best! :thumbsup2
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  3. angwill

    angwill I just want to live at WDW!

    Yeah a new thread!!!!
  4. patclairesmom

    patclairesmom Member

    Wanted to jump on board the new thread. I can't believe how fast it got to part III.

    We'll be driving down April 4th or 5th. My father will be with us and probably doing most of the driving. He loves to drive and as a matter of fact he's driving to California by himself as I type and he's 84 years old. :rolleyes1

    We will probably take the 70-81-77-95 route.
  5. patkingpin

    patkingpin Member

    Hey everyone! I am almost rested up from our 2,000+ mile drive that we returned from 2 days ago from Buffalo, NY to Disney! I was told before I left to get the mileage numbers to make the list and well, here they are...
    Left Buffalo at 33,082 miles on the car
    Arrived in Disney-Coronado Springs at 34,309 on the car which equals a one way journey of 1,227 miles!
    left Disney at 34,379 miles on the car.
    Arrived in Buffalo at 35,642 miles on the car which equals 1,263 miles on the way home. We did do some driving in Savannah on the way home so that is the difference there.
    Grand total was 2,490 miles round trip!

    Now onto the details. We took the 90-79-19-77-95-4 route and it was very nice both ways. We stayed in Hampton Inns along the way. Columbia, SC on the way down and then Richmond Hill, GA and Beckley, WV on the way back. The way down the second night we stayed with friends in Orange City, FL.
    We left Friday morning 9/30 at 6am and arrived in Disney Sunday morning around 11am. The way home we left Disney around 11am Saturday morning and arrived back in Buffalo Monday night 10/10 around 5pm. We did stop in Savannah Saturday night and went into historic Savannah for a bit and then Sunday morning we returned and did a trolley tour before starting the drive to Beckley.

    Traffic - Not bad at all on the way down. We encountered barely any traffic until Friday evening in Charlotte, NC. Rush hour crowds were still trying to get home I believe when we drove through around 6pm. Not bad though, but did slow us down. Construction wasn't an issue that day either. The only other traffic we hit was around Orlando on Sunday morning. Nothing that stopped us, just a lot of traffic. Weather was perfect for the whole drive down also.
    On the way home it was a much different story. Terrential downpours caused us to leave a bit earlier than we wanted after our Crystal Palace breakfast. We saw car accidents from the moment we got on I-4 until almost to Jacksonville. Horrible driving conditions in the rain with heavy ponding on the roads. On Sunday we encountered Panthers game traffic around Charlotte but it was mostly going the opposite direction so not much to worry about. We got a late start due to the trolley tour so we had to do the West Virginia hills in the dark. EEEK. Not fun, but totally fun at the same time. Monday (Columbus day) we finished the drive home. This was by far the worst day of driving. Once we hit PA, there was construction every 2 miles it seemed. I was happy to get to NY...or was I? The drive through NY on the 90 was the worst yet. Other Drivers were driving like crazy!! I am used to NY drivers and this was even bad for me. We finally made it home though and loved every minute of it.

    Gas prices - These seemed to drop while we were in Disney. We left Buffalo with prices at $3.70. Once we hit PA they started to drop, although every exit I picked to stop on the way down seemed to be $0.10 more expensive than the one I just passed. By the way home, I actually was able to pay $3.08 at one point. By the way, in Buffalo prices are still at $3.65.

    That is about it other than to say I loved having my car in Disney! We planned to use buses the whole trip, but only used them once and then ditched them for the car every other day. So much easier with the stroller.
    Oh yeah, did I mention it was me, my wife, my daughter who turned 2 during the trip, and my mother in law in an Equinox. Not too shabby, huh?

    Let me know if you have any questions I can answer!
  6. BC1836

    BC1836 Active Member

    A great detailed report!
    Let the countdown to your next 2,000+ mile round-trip drive begin!
    All the best. :thumbsup2
  7. patkingpin

    patkingpin Member

    Thanks!! The wife has already told me it will be this time next year! :cool1:
  8. sharadoc

    sharadoc Visiting Disney World since 1986, happily driving

    Probably because I talk too much :mic::rolleyes::rotfl:
  9. dvczerfs

    dvczerfs DIS Veteran

    1st page!!!:woohoo:
  10. BC1836

    BC1836 Active Member

    Who is next on the road to WDW?
  11. donnaf516

    donnaf516 Active Member

    Nice clean new thread! :cool1:

    We made our first 2000+ trip last year and liked it so much we're doing it 2x in 2012. :banana:
  12. Dis_Dreamin

    Dis_Dreamin Member

    I suppose I should chime in and say how excited I am to see a new thread open up. :cool1:

    I'm hoping to book my next 2000+ mile trip sometime very soon. Just trying to solidify our schedule and budget for next June.
  13. disneydreamkate

    disneydreamkate Active Member

    Thank you sooo much for this report! We are leaving a week from today and will be driving the same route you did! Now...the last time we drove down was completely different as we avoided the WV hills altogether (it was winter). So...I am completely unfamilair with your route! We plan on leaving as soon as we get our five year old from school (about 2:20) and driving until about 11pm. Will be be driving right through the hills most of the time? How bad was it really? What kinds of "hills" are they? I guess I think "mountians" because I lived in the Pacific NW and often drove through the Cascade Mountain range. Any advice would be appreciated. :thumbsup2
  14. patkingpin

    patkingpin Member

    I am glad I can help. The hills are a bit more than hills but I would think I bit less than the Cascades. Basically think of winding up and down turns the whole way through West Virginia for a couple hours of the trip. In the daytime they seem like nothing, at night (which would be when you do it) it is a bit more scary. You basically can do 70 through them no problem, but there are a couple where you will want to make sure the breaks work. When you need to pass the semis you will feel a bit more scared as well. You can tell when the bad parts are coming though. Pay attention to the "no trucks left lane" signs and you know that isn't the best turn.
  15. nono

    nono Active Member


    Clarification on the records. Are they only for going to WDW? Or, if we do lose our minds :laughing: and drive to DL next year, would that count too?
  16. BC1836

    BC1836 Active Member

    Great question! Indeed, this thread only pertains to Walt Disney World round-trip drives.

    [However, one day, we expect to do a cross-country drive and end up at Disneyland. We'll follow in your tire tracks...at least part of the way.] ;)

    All the best. :thumbsup2
  17. 3Princesses04

    3Princesses04 Member

    We aren't driving down until December, but I want to get the departure date/time right with my husband. We live in Central IL and at first we were going to drive all night then decided we should probably take an extra day and stay the night in a hotel along the way. What would be ideal is to only have a 4 hours or so left to drive on our check-in day (17th). My husband is a "fly by the seat of his pants" type of guy so he's no help. If we left on the 16th should I plan on leaving early morning? We have 3 girls who will be 20 mo, 4, and 7 at the time so we will need to stop a lot, I'm sure.

    Any tips on where to stop and when a good time to leave would be? I'm sure we would still be in GA, past Atlanta.
  18. nono

    nono Active Member

    We've already mapped out a route. Now, we just have to wait for Carsland to open. :goodvibes
  19. blondietink

    blondietink Active Member

    I read in the USA Today yesterday that the governor of Virginia has approval to make I95 a TOLL ROAD!:scared1: Does anybody know more about this, like what parts of I95 will be toll, when this will happen, etc.? We like to take I95 for a change sometimes and see the sights in DC, but if it is going to add too much in tolls, we will find ways to avoid it, for sure. We pay too many tolls here in NYS already and I am always bragging about how I can not pay any tolls after I leave NYS and drive all the way to Florida not paying any tolls.
  20. dvczerfs

    dvczerfs DIS Veteran

    my oldest brother lives in the n. carolina and he does alot of driving on i95 and he said the same thing. i think he said near richmond but i cant remember north or south of it. please dont quote me or hold me to it, maybe he was messing with me, he is my older brother :lmao: but i thought he said $30. now i dont know if its $15 one way or what. but like i said he could of been messing with me on the cost. i dont go that way in the non winter months and if it is that much, i wont go that way because im nt paying a toll unless i have to.(im cheep.:lmao:) i have been going back to my old way down of i81/ i77/i26/ i95. the time of travel is the same for me and there is alot less traffic.
  21. dvczerfs

    dvczerfs DIS Veteran

    nono, id be intrested on how your going and how you make out. keep us posted on your trip. a client of mine drove his motor home out to cal. but he went the southern rte. he planned for heat,cold,snow and rain. he got caught in a sand storm near rosewell new mex. :eek: hes said he was holding on to the wheel with two hands on one side of the wheel to keep it on the road. he thought his new motor home was destroyed by the sand blasts but there was no damage. he wanted t do the i80 rte but i think it was in late may and there was still snow out west in the mtns.
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