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First timer: please check my ADR plans!

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Rivka, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. amym2

    amym2 Active Member

    Yes, everything will probably change slightly, but it's a fact of October visits that EP will always be busy. That is especially true on weekends. Strange that they would ever have EP as a 1.1 on an October weekend. According to easywdw, EP is only recommended on 10/21 and 10/24. Do your adjustments now and hope for the best!

    Cape May is maybe a 10min walk from the International Gateway in EP (in World Showcase). Since your family loves seafood, I say go for it. We love Biergarten. Also love Via Napoli.
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  3. ColonelHathi

    ColonelHathi Member

    Hi, we're going to be at WDW about the same time, Oct 18-27. I totally just rearranged our schedule to avoid some of the busiest park days where possible, i.e., EPCOT on weekends because locals hit F&W, etc.

    Since you have a little boy, I would recommend TRex if he like Dinos - my DS7is SO excitied about going to TRex (we have a Rainforest Cafe by us, so I know he'll love it too). A 4 year old might think it's scary, or he might love it (DD4 is/was terrified of the sounds/storms at Rainforest, so she will be a gamble).

    DH's heritage is German, so we're also pretty excited about Biergarten and think the kids will love it. I'm trying to talk my kids up on spaetzle! :lmao:

    For planning, we have some park days that we know are pretty firm: MK (Crystal Palace, BoG Dinner) and EPCOT day 1 (Askershus, Via Napoli). Then we have some fairly flex days for EPCOT day 2, HS, AK, MNSSHP. The flex days we don't really have any "must do" ADRs planned so we hope we can cancel/rebook them easily if we need to.

    We are also holding out on adding a 6th day ticket on, but will likely book Fantasmic! Dining package at Mama Melrose's for one of our non-park days - just make an evening of it (dinner and show). It's a busy HS day, so we want the Fantasmic! package, not that we are thrilled about MamaM's over other eats. If it looks like the weather won't cooperate, or we change our mind, we can always cancel when we're down there the day before. Hope that helps?

    We're hoping, hoping, hoping for FD too, or maybe SPD! Starting to wonder though, long wait until July/August to find out... :worried:
  4. hgeisler

    hgeisler Active Member

    Us too! 18th-27th:) I'm definitely avoiding Epcot on the weekends!
  5. Rivka

    Rivka Member

    :wave2: Hi everyone who is going at the same time!

    Okay, based on feedback here and the completely revised TP crowd calendar, here's my new plan:

    Sat 10/19: Arrival day, Chef Mickey's if there is free dining.

    Sun 10/20: Magic Kingdom. Lunch at BOG, no table service.
    (Early night - park closes for MNSSHP.)

    Mon 10/21: Epcot. Dinner at Teppan Edo OR Hacienda de San Angel.
    (I suppose I should let my husband pick something. We'll go back to the hotel for a nap today and then come back for dinner and Illuminations.)

    Tue 10/22: Animal Kingdom. Boma if there is free dining.
    (Early night.)

    Wed 10/23: Hollywood Studios. Lunch at Prime Time Cafe.
    (Leave for a nap in the afternoon. Fantasmic @ 7:30.)

    Thu 10/24: Epcot. Lunch at Biergarten, dinner browsing F&W booths.
    (Sleep in, half day of touring.)

    Fri 10/25: Magic Kingdom. Lunch or late brunch at Crystal Palace.
    (Early night - park closes for MNSSHP.)

    Sat 10/26: Magic Kingdom. Dinner at Artist Point, unless CA Grill is available.
    (Leave for a nap in the afternoon. Return for early dinner, MSEP, Wishes.)

    Sun 10/27: Departure.
  6. autumnpalm

    autumnpalm <font color=blue>Hates dark rooms, is a big rule f

    Looks pretty perfect to me!! I would second the PP who recommended making your lunch at Crystal Palace a late brunch- their breakfast buffet is one of my favourite on property, especially the Pooh's puffed french toast.
  7. jmcghee2024

    jmcghee2024 Active Member

    That looks great. Hope you get the Free Dining!
  8. ttcl516

    ttcl516 Member

    Lol :laughing:...Just goes to show everyone has different experiences and likes. We ususally like a little spicy and hot, maybe they gave us extra that night....lol

    I am sure wherever you go you will have a fabulous meal and experience. If not then just chop it up to an off meal. You are in Disney relax and try to enjoy all the things you have stressed about with planning.

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