First Bid is In...

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by G2MAmber, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. G2MAmber

    G2MAmber Work at Gateway To Magic

    Mar 25, 2012
    My husband finally gave me the "go ahead" to purchase a DVC Resale. We put in our bid and I am so excited. Hopefully the buyers are eager to sell and we can make it to step 2... Disney's Approval!

    Ekk... Either way love reading through the board and realizing being patient and waiting for the right buyer is worth it... keep reminding myself of all your encouraging comments in case we get rejected! :yay:
  2. ELMC

    ELMC DIS Veteran

    Jul 4, 2011
    DVC resale contracts are like pizza places in New York City. They're all over the place and for the most part there's not much difference between them. So good luck on this one, but if things don't work out, there are many, many more that are just as good.

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