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FE Exchange for Nov 7-10, 2013 Dream

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by surlecn, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. surlecn

    surlecn New Member


    Welcome to the Fish Extender Exchange Group for the November 7th-10th, 2013 Disney Dream Cruise! If you'd like to join, please post here that you'd like to join. Then for privacy, please E-mail me at surlecn2001@yahoo.com the following information:

    -- DISboard username
    -- Cabin # (if you know it already)
    -- Family Last Name (helps with personalizing family gifts)
    -- First names of those participating, ages of kids in cabin and whether boys (B) or girls (G)
    -- Any special cruise celebrations
    -- Any food allergies, etc.
    -- An email address for your family

    If you are uncomfortable posting any of the personal information, you can simply say "Adult, Male" or "Girl, 8" for example.

    For those who are new to this fun cruise experience, the Fish Extender itself is a pocket panel you hang from the fish shaped hook outside your stateroom. These can be homemade or you can purchase them on sites like Etsy, you can also find some pictures on Google or DIS forums. Families that join the FE group hang the Fish Extender outside their cabin and then exchange little gifts with others participating in the group by putting little gifts in each others extenders.

    Here is a thread with some basic info about it:
    Here is a thread illustrating some ideas for gifts:

    It's a ton of fun, not just for kids, and you can either give one gift to each cabin, or a gift to each person in the cabin. You can give gifts a few times throughout the cruise or just once. No real set rules just exchange and have fun! Gifts can be homemade or store bought. That's part of the fun . . . the variety of gifts that everyone brings!

    Our group will close Monday, October 7th. This allows people time to order, make, assemble, personalize, etc. their gifts. Thank you!!

    Guidelines for our fish extender:
    1. Each cabin is to provide AT LEAST one gift to each cabin participating in the fish extender. You can provide a gift to each person within that cabin, just the kids, or one gift for the whole cabin...that is up to you. Of course, you are welcome to give more than one gift...but the minimum is one.
    2. All gifts are to be delivered between the cruises leaving port on Thurs., November 7th until 4 PM on Sat. November 9th. This gives people time to still be able to pack their bags before we leave the ship the morning of Nov. 10th.
    3. Please include a tag with your DISboards user name on the gift. This way everyone knows who the gift is from.

    Here is a list of IDEAS of what you might want to bring for the FE on the cruise...to add to your packing list if you'd like:
    1. The FE gifts that you are making/preparing -- total number will be announced after our October 7th sign up deadline.
    2. An FE pocket/hanger to hang outside your cabin. You can find them on eBay by searching "Fish Extenders" or you can make one or search on line other places.
    3. A zip tie to help attach your FE HANGER. Some people have commented theirs have sadly walked away...but if you attach it with a zip tie...then it is not as likely to walk away.
    4. Scissors to cut the zip tie when you're packing...LOL! Don't want to leave it for someone else.
    5. On the forum, some people recommend bringing thank you notes so you can write a quick note to the person who gave you a gift.

    If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. My name is Chevonne. I may not know the answer but Ill try my best to help.
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  3. sarah_carter

    sarah_carter New Member

  4. surlecn

    surlecn New Member

    Is this the link where I should put the FE?
  5. sarah_carter

    sarah_carter New Member

    yes it is
  6. surlecn

    surlecn New Member

    I noticed other sail dates had a separate link for their FE. How do we get a separate link added for our FE?
  7. sarah_carter

    sarah_carter New Member

    You can contact IrishCowboy or you can just use the one that is already linked. That's what we are doing for our upcoming cruise. The link was already started and then I took over the FE--you can always go and look at our fe--May 17-24, 2014 on the Fantasy---

  8. LyndsayJ

    LyndsayJ New Member

  9. LyndsayJ

    LyndsayJ New Member

    In other news...I'm really excited to be part of this! :yay:
  10. dayzee1983

    dayzee1983 New Member

    I'm totally excited as well! I'll get info to you. I may just message you thru FB with my info:) DH is a pretty private sort. Totally ok with our fellow shipmate having our info but not all of it public on Disboard:) thanks Chevonne for taking this on!
  11. IrishCowboy

    IrishCowboy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    I have added your thread to the cruise meet list pixiedust:
    Have a great cruise!
  12. Mickeyny

    Mickeyny New Member

    Very excited about the cruise. Thank you for taking charge. I will email you our info.
  13. dayzee1983

    dayzee1983 New Member

    How's the list looking Chevonne? Get much info sent to you? Hope we get several more people:D
  14. surlecn

    surlecn New Member

    So far we only have three people on the list and that is including my info....... Hopefully we will begin to receive more action soon!

    Did you ever send me your information?
  15. dayzee1983

    dayzee1983 New Member

    Yes, I did. So I must be the 2nd of 3... Haha..... Well fingers crossed for more interest.
  16. surlecn

    surlecn New Member

    I hope so......
  17. surlecn

    surlecn New Member

    I just added two more families to the list :woohoo::woohoo:
  18. dayzee1983

    dayzee1983 New Member

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!! :)
  19. LyndsayJ

    LyndsayJ New Member

    Just wanted to give our thread a little [​IMG]

    Just over a month to get your info to Chevonne! :)
  20. surlecn

    surlecn New Member

    Hi everyone,

    The countdown has begun; the deadline to sign-up for the fish extender is in exactly one week. Monday, October 7th is the last day.................

    So if you haven't sent me your information please do so before then. If you have already sent the information, thank you kindly. I look forward to giving and receiving all of the wonderful gifts!!

    Have a Marvelous Monday!
  21. mom2my3

    mom2my3 New Member

    We are on this cruise too. We have sailed Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Carnival, but never Disney. I heard about these "Fish Extender" groups on another site and it has taken me awhile to piece together all the info to get here.

    I would love to participate with my three kids 10,8,6. But I have to be honest, I'm new to this whole thing. Could someone give me a detailed idea of how this whole thing works? Thanks in advance.

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