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    Jul 2, 2007
    We're returning to WDW this summer, but with a twist: this time we'll be joined by my brother in law and his family (wife, both late '50's, and 2 daughters: late 20's, one with a dairy/pork allergies that she works around whenever we go anywhere to eat.) and my sister in law and her husband (early 60's)

    It will be the first time the siblings are together since we buried my mother in law 2 years ago; sister in law is in CA and the rest of us live in NY, 200+ miles apart. Most of us have been to WDW before; the one(s?) who haven't have been to Disneyland.

    Everyone will be on the DDP. I'm trying to organized dinners so we can plan to all be together at least in the evenings. I have taken on the role of unofficial planner.

    As of right now, these are my thoughts, in no real order:
    1. Cape May Clambake
    2. Coral Reef
    3. Le Cellier (??? 2 meals on DDP)
    4. Maybe Rose and Crown??
    5. Maybe Be Our Guest?

    OK, some obvious issues: first and foremost, everything I love seems to be in the Epcot area. (We'll be staying at the Beach Club. Right now it looks as though they'll all be at Carribbean Beach-- my family of 5 won't fit there.) Also, I'm not sure that all can accomodate a family of 11-- can they do a 6/5 split reasonably close to each other?

    I'm looking for ideas... what would you suggest I suggest to the crew?

    I want to come up with a maste list of ideas that we can narrow down. The problem is that everyone seems to be saying "That sounds great, we'll take a look at it " with no further feedback.

    Our ADRs go in in early February, so we still have time. But I would like to at least start the conversation.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Aug 27, 1999
    Chrystal palace was great for us last year. They were able to accommodate our group of 19 with many ages and food requirements, gave us the great side room, and went way beyond the call of duty in making us feel welcome! (this is not a place I had ever considered before this trip, but we will definitely be going back!)
  3. ErinTwinmom

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    Nov 19, 2013
    Consider Raglin Road in dtd. Irish music and dancing, good food and a variety of beer. Or you could try the Beergarden in Germany, for German entertainment, food, and beer, because everynight is October fest.

    Ps I know beergarden is spelled wrong but best I could do on the tablet.
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    May 30, 2000
    Your above selections, look great. However, wouldn't spend 2 credits on Le Cellier. For 2 credits I would go to the FF at the BWI. Other recommendations, Via Napoli in Epcot, great pizza/salad.

    Accommodations, Have you looked into the grand villa at OKW? They are HUGE and could easily hold everyone in your party. Plus you get a full kitchen and several bathrooms and a washer and dryer.:cool1:

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