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Epcot monorail questions

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by jc040404, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

    We're planning to park at TTC and take the monorail to Epcot, as we'll be heading back to MK later in the day. Kiddos love riding into Epcot this way, too. However, the morning I'm planning has AM EMH at MK. We won't be staying on site, just going for the day. The last time we've been at TTC on an AM EMH day for MK, everyone was made to wait in that area if they didn't have a room key. Totally understandable, but pure chaos.

    My question! What time does the Epcot monorail start? And, am I going to have an issue getting to it without a room key? No one was allowed to the ferry/monorail until fifteen minutes prior to regular park opening time that day. I really don't want to have to wait around until then in that mob when we're not even going to MK that morning at all. I'd rather not park at Epcot if we'll be going back here later in the day anyway.

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  3. grimley1968

    grimley1968 DIS Veteran<br><font color=red>Obedient Man

    The EPCOT and MK express monorails are for all WDW guest's use. You won't even need a park ticket to ride it, much less a room key.

    In the (distant) past, CM's may or may not have checked for room keys on the resort monorail loop, although that is no longer the case even on that line. Whether they should check for resort keys on the resort loop is a hot topic on these boards, but the fact is that WDW encourages all guests, offsite or onsite, to use this loop as much as the two express monorail lines to MK and EPCOT.

    I believe the EPCOT monorail starts running about an hour before park opening.
  4. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

    Thanks for the input. I realize anyone can ride any monorail, I was asking about this particular situation where I know non-resort guests were not being allowed through the gates at TTC. Maybe you didn't understand. As of last week, when there is AM EMH at MK, non-resort guests aren't allowed on the ferry/monorail to MK until fifteen minutes prior to regular park opening. They weren't letting anyone by for anything if they didn't have a room key. We waited nearby and listened to the CM. Maybe he was just on a power trip, I dunno. That's what had me concerned. I didn't want to get held up in that mess when I was going to use a different monorail, KWIM? However, we've decided to just stay overnight on property now, so none of it matters. :rotfl: I think I'll ask and post results for others anyway.
  5. sotoalf

    sotoalf New Member

    That's a different scenario. For EMH only resort guests are allowed in the park.
  6. kaytieeldr

    kaytieeldr Reserving the right to make jokes out of typos - b

    However, if you tell the Cast Member you are going to Epcot, even if it means someone has to escort partly or all the way up the correct ramp, you shouldn't be forced to wait until 8:45.
  7. I personally think during AM Extra Magic Hour only is when the Cast Members should be checking for KTTW cards before anyone gets on the Resort Monorail at the TTC. Now if they claim they are going for a breakfast ADR then they should show a confirmation as proof.
  8. HelenParr

    HelenParr New Member

    OP, great question, to which I do not know the answer. But I would agree that you could try to explain you are going to Epcot (although I'm guessing to limited success).

    The hold for non-resort for EMH makes sense. Keeping you from the Epcot monorail seems to be an unintended consequence of the practical layout.

    I'm sure they are just trying to stop the chaos on the other side of the lagoon for morning EMH. Once enough people complain that they were prevented from getting to their breakfast at a resort, or Epcot, I'm willing to bet they modify it somehow.

    That, of course, doesn't help you. Seems like arriving closer to 9 is the safer, or at least less frustrating, option. :thumbsup2
  9. grimley1968

    grimley1968 DIS Veteran<br><font color=red>Obedient Man

    That had to be a MK EMH morning. Definitely should say to someone that you're going to EPCOT instead. Since that is a separate ramp entirely from the MK monorail lines, there should be no problem letting you on that.
  10. While I agree it's not fair to keep guests no matter if they are staying offsite from getting to the Epcot Monorail even if the Magic Kingdom was having AM Extra Magic Hour since both are on two different Monorail lines, there is always a slim chance of running into a Cast Member with some attitude problems. A few years ago on Christmas Day I went to the store at the TTC looking for a pin that was sold out at the Magic Kingdom, because a Cast Member gave me the advice to look there. Anyway as we were walking back to the Resort Monorail a Cast Member screams at us "where the hell do you think your going, the Magic Kingdom is closed." We said back to the Contemporary and even took our KTTW cards to prove we were staying there. Well he then said I don't care. We then found another Cast Member who let us through with no problems, but just so the OP knows there could always be Cast Members with that type of thinking and etc.
  11. seashoreCM

    seashoreCM All around nice guy.

    I think this one merits a complaint to Guest RElations.

    The current consensus if you are delayed getting to a meal due to a Disney transportation snafu is to get there as best as possible and expect to be seated as if you arrived exactly on the dot.
  12. Had that not been our last day at WDW we would have done that, but at the time we just wanted to get back on the Resort Monorail and we didn't think of reporting him after it happened.
  13. jc040404

    jc040404 New Member

    ITA! I have no issues with them not letting non-resort guests across to MK if there are AM EMH. It only makes sense. As a resort guests, it took us forever to get there as it was. I can only imagine how crazy it would've been if non-resort guests were pushing into the monorail line, too!

    Yeah, the first post said that. ;) Thanks though!

    This is too nuts. No matter what was going on, if a CM actually swore at me, I'd call for someone to come to ME at that point. Forget going to guest services! They are running around the TTC somewhere. We requested someone after a parking lot issue with a CM once and about five minutes later, a "manager" was there. What was said to you was insane!

    So, update to my question.. We just checked in at 7:30am, and then went to AM EMH at MK instead. :rotfl: The CM in charge of checking room keys this time was sooooo much nicer about it. The guy last week must've just been in a nasty, power mad kind of mood. I completely forgot about to ask about the Epcot monorail thing though.

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