Epcot: Kid Stops and Poly kid activities.

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    Can someone give me some info on the Kid Stops in Epcot? What exactly are they? How many are in the World Showcase? What kind of activities do they have? My girls will be just shy of 3. Will they be too young to participate?

    Also, I understand that at the Poly they have kids activities (not referring to Neverland club). Anyone have any insight on those activities?


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    Each country in the world showcase will have a kidcot station, when we went they were making masks. You get a blank mask in the first country you visit (dosen't matter where you start and end) they have a table with markers and various things to decorate the mask. Every subsequent kidcot station will give you something to add to the maks representing that country (ie viking ship in norway) and a stamp. We found the cm's at the kidcot tables friendly and entertaning. Its fine for all ages and you can do as many or as few countries as you like. Some kids make elaborate masks and some are quite simple - again depends on the ages and interest of the kids.

    The polynesian has various things for kids - when you check in you will get a guide to the activities. Some are in the grand ceremonial house like lei making and pipe cleaner animals as well as dancing to the ukelele (sp?). Others are at the pool area - rubber duckie races were a fav of my kids.

    Kidcot is open to everyone, the Polynesian activities are for those staying at the resort.


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