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    So, we have our very first Disney cruise in December this year. Having sailed other lines, I am used to getting to the port when we want (around 1 or 1:30 to walk on and get right to our cabin), and leaving the ship when we want (usually toward the end to avoid the rush and enjoy the ship longer).

    Now I am reading that we will be assigned times to be at the port and a time to get off the ship? What if we don't like the times we are assigned?
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    First, you are not "assigned" a port time. When your online check in window opens (for first time DCL cruisers that's at 75 days out, unless you're Concierge), one of the things that you will do is select a Port Arrival Time. These are 15 minute windows beginning when the terminal opens. I will point out that the actual boarding number you will receive at check in at the port is tied to your PAT. Earlier PAT = lower boarding number; later PAT = higher boarding number.

    Boarding begins around 11:15-11:30 with Concierge guests followed by Platinum Castaway Club members, then boarding numbers announced. Once the number being announced catches up with the number being issued at check in Open Boarding is announced (anyone holding any boarding number may board). This typically happens around 12:30-12:45.

    Depending on the port, for debarkation, you will get character colored luggage tags to place on your bags when you leave them out the last night for DCL to remove to the terminal the next morning.

    Some ports, characters will be announced so that not everyone is trying to leave at the same time. And the luggage is put out for claiming in the terminal based on the order of the characters being announced.

    You certainly may arrive later (as long as it's before the all aboard), and debark later (you'll find yourself being directed to the exit pretty much by 9:00-9:15 that morning) if you wish.
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    PC terminal opens 10:30 am boarding usually starts around 11:15 to 11:30. You need to be on ship by 3:00. Rooms are ready by 1:00. Lunch is served in MDR but most go to Cabanas. It is served until at least 3:00pm. Boat Drill is 4:00 pm you have to be there roll call. Sailaway 4:45. You do not need a PAT, do not worry about boarding number if you are not in rush. If you get there around 1:00 pm you will proably walk night through and can go directly to room.
    Getting off you have to be off ship by 9:00am. They pick up bags the night before. When you get to bottom of esclator ask for porter tell him your room number and he
    will show you rack were your bags are. Breakfast is servered in am there is no one rushing you to get off ship.


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