1. beckyb29

    beckyb29 Mouseketeer

    Nov 3, 2006
    Hi everybody!

    Stan just sent me our finalized video to edit(and by the way, it was wonderful!...that's for another post though). While I was watching it, I realized AGAIN how wonderful our coordinator was that helped us through the day. I forgot about it once we got back into our normal lives after coming home, but I wanted to send an email of some sort to a supervisor about how great she was that day. I know when we first started the planning process, we received an email from someone who was in a manager position at DFTW. Does anyone know who this might be, or an email address to someone who I can brag about her to? I know some of the best compliments as a professional are when your clients are happy....this is just one way to thank her.

    Thanks for any help! :)
  2. Pax

    Pax Mouseketeer

    Dec 16, 2006
    I'm sending you the info in a PM.


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