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Dole. Whip. with. Spiced. Rum.

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Quin, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Quin

    Quin Well-Known Member

    Flower & Garden this year is going to have food kiosks. We've never been to Food & Wine in the fall but it sounds like this may be a similar concept. And one of the officially released items will be (drum roll, please)

    Dole Whip with Spiced Rum

    Has this ever been offered before? Is it half as good as my imagination is making it out to be????
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  3. Ro Z

    Ro Z Well-Known Member

    F&G will have kiosks, but much more limited than F&W. Never had spiked Dole Whips anyplace before! Sounds good though!!
  4. vdub322

    vdub322 Are we there yet?

    We are here now and I just had my first Dole Whip yesterday! I wish these were available NOW! :thumbsup2
  5. Srbright

    Srbright Well-Known Member

    I just saw this and hope they have it when we are there during F&W.

  6. JessB320

    JessB320 Well-Known Member

    That sounds sooo yummy!
  7. livsmom04

    livsmom04 Well-Known Member

    I hope they have these when we go to the world in June! Sure would be nice.
  8. mint

    mint lovely

    I can't wait to try it! If it's good I have a feeling it'll be where most of my "fun" money for our upcoming trip in March will be going instead of souvenirs. :hyper:
  9. AuroraRora

    AuroraRora Princess

    I'm going in May too, when I saw this news I was very excited! Can't wait to see everything for the F&G festival, and hearing they'll have some food/drinks booths too is even better!
  10. tlkgt76

    tlkgt76 "If you can dream it, you can do it." Walt Disney

    Yeah!!!! I saw this too!! I can't wait to try it.
  11. MinnieTink

    MinnieTink Well-Known Member

    My thoughts exactly! Hopefully they will have it during F & W...in the mean time, I will be stalking the DIS for a review! It sounds awesome!
  12. fla4fun

    fla4fun Well-Known Member

    I wonder if you can get the Dole Whip and hold the rum? I'd just be happy to get a Dole Whip at Epcot!

    I'm kind of sorry they are bringing food and drinks to the Flower and Garden festival. I already avoid the Food and Wine festival because the drinking gets out of hand, and now I may have to start scheduling aroung the Flower and Garden festival as well. The drinking at Epcot gets out of hand sometimes when there's nothing going on and this just seems to add fuel to the fire.
  13. xmansmom

    xmansmom Well-Known Member

    What do you mean? I've never been and want to know if this is something I should avoid with kids in the future.
  14. ColoradoDis

    ColoradoDis Well-Known Member

    Really looking forward to trying this new treat!
  15. lady_hlh

    lady_hlh Well-Known Member

    I love Dole Whip and I love spiced rum, I'm drooling on my keyboard just thinking about that combination :rotfl2: Maybe having beer and wine at BOG will lead to more drinks being available at MK and this one would be amazing.
  16. tekoa

    tekoa Well-Known Member

    I guess I have been lucky I have never witnessed out of hand drinking
    at EPCOT.
  17. Micca

    Micca <font color=darkcoral>You gotta love a great plan

    I've never witnessed any drunk & disorderly behaviour at Epcot, but I understand weekend nights during F&W are sometimes a bit rowdy.

    Not sure about the Dole Whip/spiced rum combo. Lotsa sugar and alcohol combined can make for bad mojo. For a true pineapple/rum treat try the Lapu Lapu at the Tambu lounge at the Poly. :earsboy:
  18. Ro Z

    Ro Z Well-Known Member

    I have seen stupid people probably every trip. Almost 50. Some drunk. Some not. Lol! The worst was at MK. 3 girls wasted on Space. So obviously alcohol being available is not the problem!!
  19. Colleen27

    Colleen27 Well-Known Member

    If I had ever, even for a moment, been tempted to sneak booze into the Magic Kingdom it would have been to accomplish that very thing. I've always thought "Aloha Isle, presented by Captain Morgan" had a nice ring to it, what with it being so close to PotC and all. ;) :lmao:

    I very much look forward to trying this when I'm there in Mar or Apr, but I fear it can't possibly live up to expectations because it just sounds so very right.

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