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Do they serve wine on the Magical Express? October 2011 --- We're back! TR started!

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by Shannon84, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. nicole3202

    nicole3202 New Member

    Hi! I'm also going to DW in October, the 7-14th. I'm pretty new to dis, but man do I love it here. I loved reading your ptr.

    I tried to write a pre-trip plan, but after reading a few I realize I did a pretty poor job. Oh well, That's why they have the edit button! Here's mine if you're interested....
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  3. jenneth79

    jenneth79 New Member

    I have heard great things, but I'm so scared one of the servers are going to single us out or something. I like to eat quietly, but think the place would be fun if I could just watch then fun going on around us, but not be part of it.:confused3 I guess I'm a bit of a fuddy duddy!:goodvibes
  4. Nermel9

    Nermel9 New Member

    Your ADR's look great! Le Cellier is my favorite! (I pronounce it wrong too, but I do it on purpose...I'm not French, so it sounds weird to me when I pronounce it the right way! I usually say it the way it's spelled! :rotfl:)

    I love 'Ohana also! And I still need try to squeeze in Chefs somewhere in my itinerary...it's so hard though, there are so many places I want to eat at Epcot AND I still need room for Food and Wine goodies! :laughing:
  5. Becc1

    Becc1 New Member

    Hey there, I just got all caught up on your report. Love the way you met your DBF:love:, your a lucky girl because I know there are alot of us that need to train our guys into liking Disney:rotfl: Great ADRs, I am now rethinking our Le Cellier plans, I had made them for lunch (because I'm cheap and didn't want to use 2 credits;)) but my DH said he'd rather do dinner at Tutto de Italia, which I had made a dinner ADR. I've been a horrible Dis'ser and haven't canceled my lunch ADRs yet just in case I could change DH's mind, after reading you report I'm going to push for Le Cellier a little more:thumbsup2
  6. Shannon84

    Shannon84 New Member

    My parents still talk about the time we went a couple years ago and how funny our server was. He even fed me my veggies because I tried to hide that I didn't eat them :rotfl:

    :welcome: I cannot wait to go! At least I have TRs like yours where you are visiting soon, so I can live through you!

    Awww you're leaving just a couple days before we get there, I wish I was going at the same time as others on here to meet some fellow DISboard people (I did last year and it was great) Glad to have you reading along!! I will come check out your report today, I LOVE reading PTRs and TRs!!

    You're not a fuddy duddy (though that phrase is hilarious sounding :rotfl:) We are both from loud, animated families, so this is right up our alley in terms of entertainment! But I can understand how that's not for everyone too, but then again you would probably be the ones they pick on the most for being the quiet ones :rotfl2:

    I think I will always pronounce it the wrong way, but thats ok, I am not alone :thumbsup2

    Trust me it was difficult to narrow down the ADR choices, we really wanted to try all new stuff, but I had to sneak 'Ohana and 50's in there (at least Tim has never been to 'Ohana so that will be new) Plus I have never really taken the time to try different things at Food and Wine festival...I will be waddling by the end of the trip!!

    :wave2: Glad to have you reading along!! I am very lucky to have met another Disney person, it is great :lovestruc Plus we have a lot of other common interests and similar sense of humor...so it randomly all worked out wonderfully!!

    I am so excited to try Le Cellier for the first time, I hope that it as good as all of the hype around it :goodvibes I forgot about Tutto de Italia...I haven't even checked out their menu, I will have to look at that!!
  7. Minnie_Mom

    Minnie_Mom New Member

    I am just joining in... I love your story! How neat that you guys started dating through the disboards!

    Can't wait to read more!
  8. afwdwfan

    afwdwfan <font color=red>DIS Dad #460<br><font color=green>

    Hi there! Sorry I'm late, I just noticed the link in your sig today. The plans look great and I agree with you about POP. It is the only value resort I've ever stayed at, but I don't see the need to try any of the others, because I know I will be very happy there. I love your idea of spending part of your rest day at the pool sampling some drinks from the bar. :thumbsup2

    Oh and about La Cellar... I know the correct pronunciation but sometimes I catch myself saying it that way too.:rolleyes1
  9. 20thingamabobs

    20thingamabobs New Member

    We ordered only pretzel bread and got a side of the white truffle sauce to dip it in which was REALLY good! We also got a bowl of the Cheddar soup and split it between three of us. It was the perfect size for us to share and the pretzel bread was good dipped in it as well! For an entree, we all ordered the filet. It was probably one of the best steaks I'd ever had. Except none of us really like mushrooms so we still got the white truffle sauce but instead of the mushroom risotta we all ordered the Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes which were AWESOME as well! Definitely one of the best meals we had!

    Hey! I can't believe it either! I'm so excited to run another Disney race though!
  10. Shannon84

    Shannon84 New Member

    Thank you for joining in, we are very glad to have you :goodvibes

    I have had Sci Fi before...I have only tried both Sci Fi and 50's at lunch time. I really did like both and we actually were debating between the two for lunch on our DHS day. We both liked the food choices a tiny bit more at 50's and were looking forward to the interaction with the server, etc. Sci Fi is a great set up, I was really impressed with the decor and the old drive in movies that they showed, it is a quieter meal in my opinion and less interaction with the server. At 50's you get picked on and treated like family (in a loving, getting picked on sort of way :rotfl:) So pretty much...it was a tough decision :rotfl:

    I bet the Rose and Crown is beautiful with a view of the water! I do want to try CRT one day...just wasn't in the budget this time around :sad2:

    Glad you could make it!! :thumbsup2 Trying to keep myself excited and patient waiting for October to come with the PTR!

    Yeah, the other value resort themes do not really stand out to me as anything exciting, I think the only other one I would try is the movies one! I'm thinking I will do my best to embarass Tim and ask as many CMs in Canada where LA CELLAR is :rotfl2:

    I am getting hungry over here, the pretzel bread and cheese soup sound so yummy!! I know for sure that I want to try that soup no matter what, I had a small taste during Food and Wine one year...and I am excited to have it again :goodvibes I am so happy you mentioned that you can get something different than the mushroom risotta...I was eyeing that meal, but I am really not a mushroom fan either, now I am really excited :cool1:
  11. JMat

    JMat New Member

    Im late to the party, but all caught up!! Exciting stuff, Im already excited about the TR! DH and I keep going back and forth about heading down in October, if we decide to go- ill definitely let you know!!
  12. Shannon84

    Shannon84 New Member

    Yes definitely let me know if you guys do plan a trip for October!! I should just sneak you guys in my suitcase so I can get you to be my official photographer (since you don't get enough of that in your daily life :rotfl2:) I am really excited, I love Disney in the fall...ok I like any time of year at WDW :rotfl:
  13. Shannon84

    Shannon84 New Member

    We are still waiting on Disney to announce the MNSSHP dates…not sure why they announced the Christmas party dates already though :confused3

    In the mean time…a little life update for everyone :goodvibes

    Tim is moving in this weekend… if you are asking if we are insane the answer is yes! We each had our separate apartments and were living alone and neither of us wanted to take on roommates…sooo what better roommate than each other :lmao: It was actually an idea proposed by both of our parents after Tim was offered a job closer to Richmond!! YAY for no more 3 hour trips each way to see each other!

    Tim’s mom bought us an adorable Mickey and Minnie to put on the mantel of our fireplace


    She also got us this cute little gnome (like the Travelocity gnome) after we booked our Disney trip….I have decided to take the gnome with us to WDW and take pictures of him in different areas of the resorts/parks to share with her (and you guys of course) when we get back. Our gnome is already surrounded by Disney as you can see


    On a non Disney note…I am running a half marathon in Williamsburg, VA at the end of May….I am soooo not prepared I have been slacking big time lately on my training. I am meeting up with a fellow DISboard member, bounceliketigger, that I met at the Wine and Dine half marathon last year.

    Tim is coming with me and we are going to try and hit Busch Gardens during the weekend up there!! Here is a picture of me at a 10k I did last at the beginning of April…this was the first of many races I made Tim come watch me at…the Williamsburg half marathon will be the second (poor guy has no clue this is just the beginning)


    As soon as I stop freaking out mentally and figure out my finances, I think I will be signing up for my first full marathon, the Disney Marathon in January 2012!!! Bounceliketigger and I have been texting back and forth waiting to sign up at the sign time…but neither wants to go first :rotfl:
  14. KatMark

    KatMark Active Member

    Congrats on the "moving in." And I love the kissing Mickey and Minnie...very cute.
  15. Queenofallthings

    Queenofallthings New Member

    Hope your having a nice weekend for the move! I bet you won't miss the commute! I love the Mickey and Minnie....I have two of those figurines too...they are separate Minnie and Mickey!

    I admire anyone who can do a marathon!! Good for you:hug:
  16. TanzUnited99

    TanzUnited99 New Member

    How exciting to have Tim move in with you! Hope the move goes ok.

    Love the Mickey and Minnie figurine and the gnome!

    Good luck with all the running :wizard:
  17. Minnie_Mom

    Minnie_Mom New Member

    Thank you!

    Sounds like a fun place to eat! My kiddos would probably love seeing mommy and daddy "picked on."

    MNSSHP tickets are here! :woohoo:


    WOW! I wish I was a runner. I can walk forever, but I can't run a half a mile! :rotfl: Good luck!
  18. PirateKate

    PirateKate New Member

    I was also wondering why dates have been released for MVMCP and not MNSSHP. That doesn't make much sense. I hope they release the dates, soon.

    The marathon sounds cool. Tiring, but cool. :rotfl:
  19. Becc1

    Becc1 New Member

    Congratulations on Tim moving in! What an awesome step you guys are making and :thumbsup2 to no more 3 hour drives! Love the Jim Shore mickey and Mickey too:goodvibes
  20. Shannon84

    Shannon84 New Member

    Thank you :goodvibes It all went well this weekend, so far so good!!

    I do feel bad for Tim...he still has an hour commute each way to work now, but I have a great deal on the condo I rent now...so couldn't give that up :goodvibes

    Thank you!!! Everything went great, now its back to work this morning which isn't as fun :surfweb:

    :cool1: Very happy the MNSSHP tickets are out...I just wanted confirmation that there was a party the day we arrive and there is!! :cool1:

    What kid wouldn't love to see strangers make sure their parents are eating all their vegetables?!? :rotfl:

    I am really more of a run/walker, especially with longer distances

    I am very happy they announced the MNSSHP tickets this weekend, not sure why the MVMCP came first though :confused3

    I am still going back and forth on the marathon...I mean during the half marathon last year at mile 11, I was thinking to myself "I wonder if I just stop if they will come carry me back to POP!" :rotfl: I didn't stop to find out, but I was ready to!

    Thank you :goodvibes Tim has a Sorcerer Mickey and a Jiminy Cricket from the same collection as well...very excited to Disney-fy the condo even more :thumbsup2
  21. Nermel9

    Nermel9 New Member

    Congrats on moving in together! :dance3: I love the Jim Shore Mickey and Minnie, I thought about asking Brandon to get me that one for our anniversary, but I asked for different ones instead!

    I saw they finally released the dates of MNSSHP! I'm probably going to buy tickets to one of them soon, since I'm planning on doing 2! I'm sure they won't sell out, but I just like having them and not worrying about extra expenses closer to the trip! :banana:

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