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DLH refrigerator in standard room

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by HMANSION LOVER, Jan 24, 2013.



    We are staying at the PPH for 1 night then moving to the DLH for two nights. There will be a refrigerator in our standard room at PPH but not at DLH (go figure?) Is it possible to have a refrigerator put in your room at an additional charge at the DLH?
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  3. msdaisy

    msdaisy Member

    I know it doesn't list it, but I have been told all of the rooms at DLH have small fridges. My husband is diabetic so I checked as we will need to refrigerate insulin.


    Thank you very much
  5. hootey

    hootey Active Member

    We stay at the DLH quite often. The new "fridges" are actually "Coolers". They do not have freezers in the tops so, they are not as cool as the older models with the freezers. If by chance you do not think it is cold enough for your needs, do not call the front desk to complain. The new coolers are GREEN models so, they operate at a set temperature. They are not adjustable. If you would prefer it to be colder, simply take your ice-bucket, fill it with ice, and leave the lid off. Place it in the back of the cooler. This will lower the temp in your cooler. An ice-bucket full of ice will last four to five days before needing changed. It works for us and if you did call the front desk to complain, they will tell you to do exactly what I just told you to do. I know, we called to complain on our first visit after the remodel about the fridge not being cold enough. Guess what we were told? Relax and enjoy yourself.....:cool1:
  6. ShaunaM

    ShaunaM Active Member

    Them being more like coolers...we dfound ours to be plenty cold though and did not discern any real temp. Difference from a regular fridge...really small though.
  7. blackjackdelta

    blackjackdelta <font color=darkorchid>Uncle had an "in" with Walt

    Stayed there this last August and the "cooler" kept everything ice cold. If it does not get another one brought up. You are paying for it.



    As always I can rely on fellow disboard fans to help me out, thanks again everybody:wave2:
  9. TheChapman6

    TheChapman6 Active Member

    When you say small...how small is small? Will it fit water bottles and a case of soda?
  10. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    It's a dorm fridge. Not the square ones but the tall rectangle.

    Isn't that interesting that the DLH page, and the compare hotels page, doesn't show the fridge?
  11. hootey

    hootey Active Member

    Originally Posted by blackjackdelta  
    Stayed there this last August and the "cooler" kept everything ice cold. If it does not get another one brought up. You are paying for it.

    My way or Jack's way, it's your money and your vacation. Relax and enjoy :cool1:
  12. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot DIS Veteran

    Some people truly do need and require those fridges. We have ingredient issues in the family and have to get food from the store, and have to have it cold and not go bad.

    If I had had problems with my fridge not being cold (and I did not) and I was told to relax and enjoy myself? Oh gracious it wouldn't be pretty, LOL.

    And I wouldn't come back and tell others to do that. You don't know the circumstances for why they might need to know this information.

    Not to mention that an ice bucket put in the fridge would significantly decrease the amount of space in there for food and waters.
  13. hootey

    hootey Active Member

    My comments are offered for information based on my experience at DL. I have no intention of offending anyone or making an offensive statement.
    The "My way or Jack's way" comment is inferring the two different ways of dealing with a situation which might occur. Either method could provide a positve solution. "Jack" offers and makes many comments on this forum and I can see the value of his knowledge and experience in dealing with anything disney.
    The "Relax and Enjoy" is posted with good intent, as is the "COOL" and smiley faces I usually place at the end of my posts/statements. :cool1:

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