DL-San Francisco-Napa?

Discussion in 'California & the West' started by minnie56, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. minnie56

    minnie56 <font color=magenta>Whatever it is, he said it is

    Aug 27, 2001
    I see a few threads here sort of about what I am thinking but don't want to hijack anothers conversation!

    Thinking of a few days in DL in May for D23-then a trip to San Francisco and the Napa Valley. Tossing around renting a car-taking the train or flying to SF?

    Any thoughts much appreciated!
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  3. bcla

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    Nov 28, 2012
    I'm guessing you're looking to rent a car once you're in the Bay Area. Otherwise, Napa Valley is really hard to get around without your own car.

    The train is fine. You'll have different options, which may include one or more connecting buses. Other than that, there is Megabus (as low as $1) or Greyhound. If you're up to it, driving all the way isn't that bad.
  4. RSWA2

    RSWA2 Mouseketeer

    Feb 10, 2013
    As PP said, you'll want a car in Napa.

    How you get to SF from LA, it doesn't matter too much, train, car, plane. All are doable...plane is faster. I'm not sure if train is faster than the car, but you won't have to drive. Driving is fairly easy though.
  5. taaren

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    Jan 17, 2010
    In order of preference for those options I'd go with
    A) Flight, especially if you can get a direct SNA-SFO. Then you won't even need a car in SF since the BART connects directly into the airport. You could just pick one up after you're done with SF to head up to Napa/Sonoma.
    B) Driving. This can be a much more economical option IF you have a larger group. I generally find that flying is cheaper if you have 1-2 people, if you have 3+ driving is cheaper. Though I'm not sure if 1-way car rental would mitigate the savings.
    C) Train. A train is a cool way to get there, but will take substantially longer than driving and you're on their schedule instead of your own, KWIM? Though it is nice to be able to nap, etc along the way.
  6. Dancind

    Dancind Tinkerbell's Mom

    Jul 25, 2001
    Taking Hwy 1 up the coastline is a destination itself. Very, very scenic and can be scary because of the cyclists all heading south when you are heading north! Big Sur and Monterey are worth seeing, though.

    You should be able to get some good deals on flights between the two cities if you opt for that. Yes, you really need a car to get up to Napa, it's a ways. You can actually hire someone to drive your car when touring Napa, or just have a designated driver in your group (or someone who spits).

    Napa/Sonoma is our favorite destination. It's like the best Food & Wine event!

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