DL in Feb with twins...haven't prepped...help!

Discussion in 'Disneyland Community Board' started by SixteenFeet, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Sep 10, 2012
    OK, so we are going to DL in Feb (week before President's Day) with our 4yo twin girls and our Costco parkhopper tickets. The ONLY thing I've done is book plane tickets and hotels. We will be staying at the DLH. We have never been to DL with kids before. Last time we were there was 7 years ago, I think.

    Side note - I will be cancelling our reservations at the HoJo - we have a kids suite - so PM me if you want it and I'll try to time my cancellation so that you can pick up the reservation.

    OK, so...we will be traveling with RideSafer travel vests (in place of car seats). We won't need a car once in the park, so I assume we will just take a cab to the hotel.

    Here's what I need to know - should we bring our double stroller? We have a baby jogger city mini double that we could bag check. Or is it safe to assume we could rent something in the park?

    Should we bring a dress-up outfit for them? Should we even bother with swimsuits for this time of the year?

    I haven't booked character meals or anything! The only princess the girls are interested in is Rapunzel, and I'm not sure she'd be at a character meal anyway. Is it still worth booking one?

    Does the DLH have fridges in the rooms? Can I order from Von's to deliver there?

    I have rain jackets for everyone in case of a rainy day. I'll bring layers of clothing for unexpected weather changes. I'll bring at least 2 different shoes for sore feet (and maybe flip flops for the girls too? For really sore feet/lazy afternoon?)

    Honestly, I'm at a loss for what else I need to do/bring. I don't have the guide book that everyone talks about - I don't actually really have time to read it anyway. We will just be winging it in the park, keeping expectations low (our kids are very shy/timid/anxious), and just trying to enjoy what we can without really rushing. I know to get there as early as possible and try to get in rides in the morning and then make the afternoons more relaxed. One of our twins is 40 inches (barely) but the other one is only 38 so I know that will limit the number of rides we can get on anyway.

    Is there anything really important that I'm missing? That I need to do? Bring? It's only a month away!! Yikes!

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