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Disneyzellin through the Canal,12/9 - 12/23 the Wonder Final Chapter updated 8/21/13!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by DisneyZell, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. QuiltTeddy

    QuiltTeddy Mouseketeer

    Just thought I'd pop in here. You own for 40 years, not 25. ;) We are definitely not "Disney addicts", but in our opinion it is worth every penny. We've taken all of our Disney cruises using points, cruised on Holland America to Alalska using our points, given friends points when we couldn't use them and they's stayed at Topnotch at Stowe (5 star resort) and the Mardarin Oriental in DC (where the inaugural balls have been held). You aren't just tied into Disney properties and locations. It's also tied in to RCI for locations. It's all personal choice.

    These guys were the best! We saw them on our Mexican cruise. I've never seen DH laugh as hard as he was laughing during this show. All I can say is (1) I'm glad we were not late and (2) did not sit in the front row!

    On the final night of our cruise, as our table was always one of the very last to leave the dining room (we were late seating), we suddenly heard someone yell across about 4 tables "Hey, you owe me change from my bill!" We looked over and lo and behold it was Alfred and Seymour. DH went over and chatted with them and Alfred started saying he loves New Yorkers because we "get their jokes" and the Californians just don't get them and have to go back to their cabins and think about it before they can laugh. Of course the people we were with were from California, so it led to a rather heated debate in the dining room. We ended up walking out and chatting with them and when we got to the main atrium, DH asked if it would be okay if I took a picture of him with them. Well as it was the final night and there were character photos taking place in the atrium, it was PACKED. Suddenly Alfred yells (and I mean yells) "Hey, you in the white outfit, come make yourself useful and take a picture so she can be in the picture with us." It was one of the "white suits" and now that he had been so loud, it seemed as if everyone in the atrium was watching as pictures were taken. Yes, quite the last dinner!

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  3. woodleygrrl

    woodleygrrl <font color=darkorchid>As god as my witness, I wil

    Actually the length of ownership you cite is not quite correct. it varies according to resort.

    Old Key West, Boardwalk Villas, Beach Club Villas, Villas at Wilderness Lodge, Vero Beach Resort, and Hilton Head Resort end on January 31, 2042.
    Saratoga Springs memberships end on January 31, 2054.
    Animal Kingdom ends on January 31, 2057.
    The new Bay Lake Towers listings end January 31, 2060.
  4. Kirbo

    Kirbo Runs with Scissors

    I've never seen Alfred and Seymour, but after reading about them here, I sure hope they're on our EBTA!

    I just looked up the flash mob on youtube. That's pretty funny :rotfl:
  5. DisneyZell

    DisneyZell Likes Adventures on the High Seas

    That is definately a smart way to do it :) I still feel like Disney owes me 3 hours of cruise time!:rotfl2:

    yup, I'll be posting one of those (from our facebook page) when I do the next installment. :thumbsup2

    nah...I have three left feet and I was able to do it. I'm sure I looked like an idiot doing it...but it was fun. And again it was something I had never done...so another claim to fame!

    yup! We were involved. Kinda off to the side. I'm never center stage on this stuff!

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

  6. DisneyZell

    DisneyZell Likes Adventures on the High Seas

    Figures you would come along and correct me :) Point taken, and like I said, some folks think it is an incredible deal, and for the right person it is. Just sayin' that for us the lifetime ownership of Marriott strikes us as a better deal. If we did not own Marriott would we consider Disney? Probably. I'm guessing we are just jaded by the fact that we already own for life, so to hear the amount of money you have to lay out and only get it for a finite period of time was a bit shocking. But to restate, I'm in no way making fun of or harassing (more than normal) the folks that own DVC. So no one take offense. :)

    That interaction with Alfred and Seymour sounds right with my conversations with him in the hall. It was the taller one that I was talking to and the guy just looks funny in everything he does. We were in stitches and it's so cool that you guys got that special interaction and, of course, got to order around the guys in the white suits!

    Thanks for the specifics. I apologize, again I wasn't trying to mislead. :)

    Yeah, definitely hope for that, it was a great time!

    I'm not sure if they will do the Flash Mobs on all longer cruises or what...I would bet they do because it did make it's way around youtube....free advertising for DCL...I'm sure they love that! :beach:
  7. DisneyZell

    DisneyZell Likes Adventures on the High Seas

    so apparently I annoyed alot of people with my comments about DVC. Unintentional so please forgive me :)

    Today was another great lazy day. We got up and headed up immediately to the adult pool to snag some chairs. We put down our stuff and went to get breakfast. We brought that back to eat on the comfy chairs. Nice way to eat breakfast.

    We met up with Doug and Audrey and proceeded to spend the morning chatting with them. Who know that Canadians could put up with Americans so easily. :rotfl2:

    But then it was time...for the Flash Mob! In this version DW and I are off to the left by the hot tub. I think we will flash on a few times. Credit to Jeff for this video!


    Again this was alot of fun to do, and I recommend you join in. There were a few surprised faces around us which was pretty fun to watch. At the end we just walked off like nothing happened. pretty funny!

    After that we grabbed some lunch and sat at a cute table by the bar in the adult area to eat. Nice, relaxing lunch at sea. Gotta love that, and gotta steal those little moments that is for sure.

    We had an issue with the Internet access while on board the ship. We would log in (which of course causes the timer to start ticking), and then would try to load the web pages. Unfortunately sometimes it would take forever...and forever...and forever. While we understood the internet would be slow...sometimes it wasn't doing anything and up until that point we figured that we had lost about 25 minutes waiting for everything to load.

    We went down to guest services and explained our issue. unfortunately the internet person wasn't there (not sure where she was...waterskiing behind the ship? I mean...we are in the middle of the ocean! :) ). The very nice CM took a trouble ticket and promised that we would be called about it later.

    At the same time Disney had the option to buy Panama Canal post cards and send them out when we crossed the canal. So at this same time we bought a couple of cards so that we could send them to the kids. I thought this was a cool service that Disney offered since we could not get off the ship in Panama (more on that later).

    DW headed up to the adult pool again to fill out the post cards, I went to Diversions to watch a little football. I thought it was cool that they had the games onboard so that we could watch. Yes, I pass a lot of my free time watching the NFL. I also spend a lot of my free time working on my fantasy football team and it killed me that I couldn't spend our precious internet minutes doing that research! I found a table and sat with a couple that was watching the game as well and chatted with them while tuning in and checking e-mail.

    So at this point I figured a couple of things out. First the internet is much better in public areas such as Diversions. It also is good up on Deck 9 and 10. Not so good in the room. So if you are having issues with the internet go to the public areas.

    We had set up an e-mail address for us on the cruise. Dang again I'm getting old and not sure if I told you this already. We had a couple of issues with Microsoft on this...they kept making us confirm who we were so that we weren't spamming (with all 10 e-mails a day that we were sending). That confirmation was really hard via the ships internet...so if you are setting up an e-mail for your cruise, use it for a while in advance, and confirm it via your cell phone (one of the options so that you don't have to jump through hoops). I think I used 15-20 minutes doing this confirmation game. very annoying.

    Anyhoooo, with my mac I can set up new e-mails to come in automagically. I finally figured out to do that on the ship so we could compose e-mails and "send" them. Then when I connect to the internet it would send and receive, I could then disconnect and repeat. So each session (when I wasn't fighting with Microsoft) was a minute, maybe 2. This was great for the long trip and we never went over the first allotment (100 minutes I think is what we bought). So a good tip for you if you are going to use e-mail! :thumbsup2

    Later we headed back to the room and ordered Mickey bars via room service. We had not done that as of yet...and it sounded good to both of us. yum!

    While we were there the phone rang and it was the internet guru. She, at first, tried to tell us it is just slow on the ship, etc. etc..but when I explained what happened she was very understanding and gave us 25 minutes back. This was nice as if they didn't do that we would have had to buy more minutes. Again lesson learned that you should do the internet in public areas as I no longer had any issues after that.

    Then again I don't really understand this as I was connecting to the router without an issue (where they were charging me the minutes), just not to the internet. But for whatever reason it's faster in the public areas...so go there!

    Dinner tonight was in Animators again and it was Savour the World menu. DW didn't write down what she had...so no food discussion tonight. :)

    After dinner we went back to change and went up to the goofy pool to watch our beloved Patriots on Funnel Vision. They were playing the 49ers...though what they were doing couldn't really be considered Playing. They were aweful!

    [​IMG] There is Tom on the big board.

    [​IMG] Credit Zach with taking this picture! Nice!

    [​IMG] Had to get one of me with the big board

    [​IMG] And lounging watching the game.

    DW was disgusted by how they were playing so she headed back down to the room. She was also still not feeling 100%. I stayed up until halftime and then also went down to the room.

    Now, in the Patriots' defense, they did come back in the second half and made a game of it...until DW woke up. Then they lost it. So I blame her. :happytv:

    oh well, it is what it is.

    We set a wake-up call for 6am...tomorrow was the Panama Canal crossing and we wanted to be up on deck to see us go under the Bridge of America's.

    We both went to sleep...kind of. I never really slept. We were moored in the bay and I kept hearing noises. Plus I knew they were going to refuel the ship and I wanted to see that as I thought it would be kind of cool. So I didn't sleep much. Neither did DW...but more on that later too. :) I keep doing that!

    Eventually I heard the refueling barge...

    [​IMG] It was very hard to get a picture of this as my camera kept fogging up with the humidity. And there really wasn't much to see. But alas...why sleep when you can stay up all night!

    For some reason I didn't get a towel animal picture...crazy!

    And sorry about the lack of pictures...it really starts to pick up now to that end.

    Thanks for sticking around!

    Next up: Day 11: Panama Canal!


  8. QuiltTeddy

    QuiltTeddy Mouseketeer

    *looks around and wonders just who he annoyed*

    Didn't bother me, just thought I'd chime in with the information from when we purchased. Hope you didn't think I was being "snippy" or anything. :goodvibes

    Being I'm in the legal field, when we heard the "pitch", I, of course, said there had to be a catch. We didn't buy in when we first looked, but rather came home and I did extensive research because it just sounded like there had to be a catch. Later found out that a number of people who I knew actually owned and were extremely happy. It was only after all this research that I finally acquiesced and we purchased an interest in lieu of purchasing a speed boat, which we would only be able to use, at most, 5 months out of the year. :)
  9. DisneyZell

    DisneyZell Likes Adventures on the High Seas

    nah not you :)
  10. LindaBabe

    LindaBabe <br><img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/i

    Zellin, so GLAD you are keeping up the report!

    WAY longer than the old lady, here, will probably be using it - when my AKL points expire, I'll be 109 :rotfl2:

    We SOLD our boat to buy into the DVC. Smartest thing we ever did:thumbsup2
  11. neg58

    neg58 Mouseketeer

    Umm, we're waiting to sail through the Canal.

  12. tokyodisneydad

    tokyodisneydad Mouseketeer

    He may be up to the day the ship hit the iceberg and he doesnt want to recall those bad memories.:rotfl2:
  13. bitlerzx4

    bitlerzx4 Mouseketeer

    DCL flash mob... so awesome!
  14. QuiltTeddy

    QuiltTeddy Mouseketeer

    Drew.....gotta love Ford's Microsoft Sync....for some reason I don't have either your email any more, or Deannas. No clue why when I synced the blue tooth with the new phone it dumped you. Can one of you guys email me please?

  15. dededisney

    dededisney Member

    I just pm'd you so you should have our email addresses again...sometimes I really dislike computers (only b/c I never know how to fix things when they go wrong!)

    For everyone else waiting to hear the rest of our adventures, I am too! But alas, Drew is and has been out of town all week (and last week for that matter), but you can still prod him (he needs that every now and then).:cool1:
  16. QuiltTeddy

    QuiltTeddy Mouseketeer

  17. DisneyZell

    DisneyZell Likes Adventures on the High Seas

    I know, I know. As DW says I was out of town, so that is my excuse. Actually it's not. The main cause of the delay was that I needed to scan some pictures and my #$*#@$* printer would not behave. It appears that I have managed to get it under control, so another episode coming right up! :)


    yes, yes it was. :)

    Fortunately DW took care of this. :)

    Hey, wait a minute, there is no need to prod me. I'm sure I'll have this done by next december.

    almost there folks! :thumbsup2

  18. DisneyZell

    DisneyZell Likes Adventures on the High Seas

    So the day we had all been waiting for had arrived. No sleep and bleary eyed we had Mickey call use about 5:30am. We wanted to be up on top so we could see the ship pass under the Bridge of the America's. Good thing we went up when we did, too as 1 or two other folks came up with the same idea. We were up on Deck 10 on the Starboard side (that's the right to you and me :) ).

    Disney had Coffee and Pastries up there (almost like they had done this before). I, of course, had my book.

    [​IMG] Thank god they had food...I was starting to get hungry! :thumbsup2

    [​IMG] After the sun came up you could really get an idea of how many people were up on deck. it was packed!

    So here is the question of the day for you all to weigh-in on. If you get up early and get a spot on the rail for trips such as this...should you feel guilty when people arrive with their kids who want to be able to see? I, of course do, and usually figure out a way to get them in...but frankly we didn't this time. We did make room for friends, which to me is different. But going beyond the Panama Canal...say to watching fireworks, etc. If you had the forethought to get there early...should you move and allow kids in front of you? Curious what you all thing.


    [​IMG] The sun coming up over the many ships in the harbor. There were tons of them..so pretty cool looking, all cooling their heals to wait their turn. You can, of course, move yourself to the front of the line if you are willing to pay extra. Disney pays extra to do this. I'm guessing all the cruise ships do.

    [​IMG] Here is Panama City. and here is a rantish type of thing.

    I don't understand why we weren't allowed to do excursions in Panama City. Disney would have made money, and since we were moored all night they could have let people off at like 9pm and required all aboard at, say, 4am or something. I would totally have gone into the city to see what was what...and I think that would be great. But alas this was not an option. Of course I would have then been exhausted from lack of sleep....wait a minute, I was anyway. :)

    [​IMG] Here are DW and I

    [​IMG] People, people everywhere...

    [​IMG] In front, behind, everywhere!

    [​IMG] Here comes the bridge of the Americas. Which is a more beautiful sight? hmmm? which one? c'mon, this one is easy!

    [​IMG] This pic gives you an idea of how close the ship is going under that bridge. It seemed like a few feet, but I'm sure it was 15 or 20 feet. Still....pretty amazing to see a huge ship go under a huge bridge. Cool stuff!

    [​IMG] Tugboats shadowed us the whole way...though I don't think we ever actually used them. Think of the money that could be saved if they would just not use so many for the ships that don't need them. But to a certain degree I'm guessing they need to justify the high cost...and need to be there just in case something goes wrong.

    [​IMG] Approaching the first lock. Very exciting as this was definitely on my bucket list!

    [​IMG] These are the "Mules" that are attached to the ship. I think we had 8 of them, two on each side in the front and back. They are basically heavy duty trains....but they are not there to pull the ship through the locks...it moves on it's own power. These are there to keep the ship from hitting the sides. At least that's what they were supposed to do.

    After going under the bridge we figured we would go down to our balcony for a better view. Doug and Audrey came with us and we did get a great view off our own balcony...and really made the upgrade worth it.
  19. DisneyZell

    DisneyZell Likes Adventures on the High Seas

    [​IMG] Here is everyone else on their balconies. It took about 45 minutes to go through each lock. And There is a Zach sighting!

    [​IMG] This is a picture looking down from the balcony. As you can see there are only a few feet separating the wall from the side of the ship.

    The Mules are there, as I said, to keep the ship from hitting the side of the canal. As we stood there and watched...it got closer...and closer, and finally SCREEECH as the ship ran into the wall. Someone is going to have to pay for that! Lots of new paint! We didn't get pictures until much later in the cruise....but here are a few:

    [​IMG] This was after a few ports, and alot of painting. My guess is that they couldn't paint the really bad ones so they could make an insurance claim. Just a guess...but it is the only explanation I have for why these didn't get painted. We also heard that they always get dinged up going through the canal...so apparently this is expected.

    [​IMG] And another shot....

    [​IMG] This is what it looked like from the front of the ship as we approached the locks.

    [​IMG] See the building with the red roof? That one ends up being really close to us as we go by...

    [​IMG] This is the same building...we could have reached out and shaken hands with the folks in the building. Pretty amazing.

    [​IMG] Audrey snapped a quick picture of us...

    [​IMG] Here is what the lock door looked on the lock next to us. Pretty cool looking and amazing what is accomplished.

    My favorite fact about the whole thing is that the entire system is gravity fed...the water does not get pumped in or out, but is done from the lake above. Luckily they get a boatload of water each year...or they would be in trouble. The new locks they are building will reclaim some of the water. I think they are thinking ahead...

    [​IMG] Another ship was coming in right behind us.

    [​IMG] Another shot down the side of the ship. Incredible!

    And the pictures I had to scan....

    [​IMG] A picture of the front of the ship. DW bought a little portfolio which had three pictures. This was the one in front.

    [​IMG] This is incredible from a different point of view than my shooting a picture down the side. It really shows you how much room there is on each side...not much!

    [​IMG] And the professional picture of DW and I. :)

    So at some point Dw really started feeling bad. She spent most of the day on her bed. Again it was nice that we had the Balcony, not sure if she would have made it out on deck without that. This would last for a couple of days...and it knocked me out too. Not sure if it was sympathy or what, but I took alot of naps during the days when DW was out...and never felt quite right. So either we got the same thing and it affected me different or I'm just weird. No comment DW!!!

    Missed dinner in the dining room...been a long while since that has happened...but with DW feeling bad I didn't feel like making it. So no go there.

    and for some reason I'm missing my towel animal picture. How frustrating is that?

    Thanks for waiting for this episode...I'll try to be more timely next time. :)

    Next up: Day 12: Caragena..and probably Day 13 Day at sea...not much there!

  20. tokyodisneydad

    tokyodisneydad Mouseketeer

    Nice update....cool stuff. Would the bigger ships like the Dream be able to squeeze their fat aft through there?
  21. Kirbo

    Kirbo Runs with Scissors

    Great update (other than you all getting :sick: ). Fun pictures and the damage pictures :scared1:

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