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Disney's Art of Animation Resort Info Thread! Mouseketeers welcome!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by disneydreamfan14, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. jimandami

    jimandami Active Member

    From where?
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  3. mommykds

    mommykds All Disney all the time! Hang on little Dole Whip,

  4. parkers218

    parkers218 Member

    Hmmmm good point!
  5. I have a couple of questions. First of all 20 days! So excited! :)

    I was wondering if there could be more than one car to have under the reservation? My mom was suppose to come with us on that day, but we have since added PFTS & are staying at CSR the night before, so now she will meet us at the resort. Would she just need to know what the reservation is listed under?

    Also with the refillable mugs, are you able to get refills anytime of the day or night? We will spending most of the day in the parks & wouldn't get back to the resort until very late.

    Any input would be welcomed.
  6. hockey mom

    hockey mom <font color=coral>Loves to do the Napkin Dance at

    What are thoughts on 3 grandma's and 3 kids (4 5 and 8) staying in one suite.

    Too crowded?
  7. BYC

    BYC Active Member

    There are 3 beds. So, the sleeping arrangements would have to be 1 grandma and 1 child per bed, or 2 grandmas and 2 children in separate beds. As long as those arrangements are OK with you, then I think a suite would be fine! 2 bathrooms for 6 people is pretty good, I think! :rotfl:
  8. Funfire240

    Funfire240 Active Member

    We were in the LM rooms from Sept 24-29. I loved it! The whole area is beautiful! We stayed in building 9 (King Triton) on the top floor, parking lot view. (the only request we had was connecting rooms which we did get with my parents. However we also asked to be next to my in-laws and they ended up down around the corner. We told them to see if they could be moved to be closer to us but they didn't worry about it since we were in the same building and on the same floor)

    It was very nice. About a 7 minute walk to the buses with the kids in strollers which I didn't think was too bad. DH and DD got to swim and enjoyed the pool (much less crowded then the Nemo pool). We had connecting rooms with my parents which was very nice - it gave the kids a little extra room with running between rooms (and they liked to knock the door and wake Grammie and Papa up!)

    We only ate at the Landscape of Flavors one time for dinner. I had the build your own pasta (spaghetti, marinara and meatballs), the kids had pizza and DH had the meatball sub. We also had the pesta bread - everything was wonderful!

    I will be happy to answer any questions if anyone has them.
  9. Newbie123

    Newbie123 Member

    It sounds like you had a great time! we are planning our first Disney trip for early November 2013, so I'm currently trying to decide on a resort. It sounds like we will be in a similar situation, as we are traveling with my in-laws and my parents. I think my kids would love the themes at AoA, so I'm leaning toward that right now, and we would stay in a LM room.

    Did you feel like there was enough room for the 4 of you in one room? (my kids will be 5 and 2.5 at the time) We don't plan on spending a ton of time in our rooms, so I'm not too worried about it, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. we also plan on requesting connecting rooms where ever we decide on, I think having grandparents right next door to help get everyone out in the morning will be a huge help! :) And maybe a nice place to retreat to in the evenings if the kids go to bed before us (I'm assuming the doors somehow prop open in between the rooms?)

    I've also read about the lack of storage in the LM rooms, did you have enough, or did you bring some type of clothing organizer to hang in the storage section of the bathroom? thanks so much!!
  10. hockey mom

    hockey mom <font color=coral>Loves to do the Napkin Dance at

    Excellent. thanks. We are doing each grandma with their grandchild in each bed.
  11. Funfire240

    Funfire240 Active Member

    I thought we had enough room - our kids are 2.5 and 4.5. I had my clothes and the kids in one big suitcase that we kept in the sink area on the luggage holder provided and a small suitcase (DD's princess dresses and accessories!) underneath that. DH kept his clothes in a bag by the window. We also had a cooler by the window and kept snacks on the table. I thought there was enough room for what little time we were in there. When we would get back I would just sort thru the clothes and pull out what I needed for the next day and leave that on the shelf/rack that runs along the top of the sink area.
    I also loved that there is a curtain that separates the sink/bathroom area because I would wake up before everyone and could get ready without the light waking the kids up early.
    Our room had 2 double beds and we had us in 1 and the kids together in the other. My parents room had a king size bed. Once the doors were opened they stayed open on their own without having to prop them.
  12. mommy2paisley

    mommy2paisley Active Member

    We are staying in a LM standard room. Can anyone tell me what a good spot to request is? We always knew what the best building, etc., to request at Pop was but not sure since this is our first stay at AofA. I guess I'm asking, what's the best area to try to stay in that's closest to the food court, etc.? Thanks!
  13. somesong2sing

    somesong2sing Member

    All three LM buildings are 1/4 mile away from the main pool and animation hall/food court. there really isn't a good spot there, but to just be there. We were in building 8. farthest building on the farthest side. Was far. However what annoyed me is that you have to go to an end stair case to walk around to get to the main walk way, or go to the center. There are no "paths" in between.
  14. kikiw

    kikiw Member

    Thank you! We really don't mind walking so I was figuring on the same sort of experience with my family but all this talk of "the walk" started to get me a little worried. I wish we could just drop everything and leave today, the wait is KILLING me this time.
  15. Newbie123

    Newbie123 Member

    Thank you for the feedback! Ugh, I can't believe we have to wait over a year to go, I'm so excited. I'm sure I'm going to be worse than the kids when it comes to being beside myself with anticipation in the days leading up to the trip :)
  16. disneyholic family

    disneyholic family <font color=teal>Wayne always catches me<br><font

    are the beds in the lion king suites comfortable?
    both the one in the bedroom and the murphy bed?

    i had a little mermaid room reserved, but decided to upgrade us to a lion king suite for the two bathrooms.

    i'm hoping both beds are comfortable in the LK room!!
  17. jcarwash

    jcarwash Active Member

    The refill stations aren't 24 hours a day; they are inside whatever the hours of the Landscape of Flavors food court and The Drop Off pool bar are. But the good news is that the food court is typically open 18 hours a day, from 6am to midnight.
  18. ekidwell0001

    ekidwell0001 Always thinking about DISNEY!

    We have Verizon service and have had absolutely no problems at all!
  19. ekidwell0001

    ekidwell0001 Always thinking about DISNEY!

    Thank you we are having a great time! There is parking at the far left of Animation hall, which would allow you to have a very short walk to the bus stops. If you are staying in the LM section (esp. building 8) i think it would be tough with tired little ones... heck it's tough for DH and I! The bus service has been better than i expected, last night we did EMH from DHS and it was after park closing and only waited less than 10min for a bus.... If you have anything else let me know! :)
  20. momjeeps

    momjeeps Active Member

    Anyone with AT&T get reception? Just curious.

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  21. somesong2sing

    somesong2sing Member

    us too! i actually had all bars the entire time we were at the resort
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