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Disney's Art of Animation Resort Info Thread! Mouseketeers welcome!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by disneydreamfan14, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Lazor460

    Lazor460 Member

    Thanks for the info!! :goodvibes
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  3. Lazor460

    Lazor460 Member

    Sorry just thought of another question. Since we are staying in the lion king suite would you reccomend requesting? A specific building or floor? Thanks again! :goodvibes

    Leslie pixiedust:
  4. bella2117

    bella2117 Member

    Disney would definitely take care if it. The troll comment made lol :) Im glad it wasn't just me who saw the review. Thanks for the reassurance :)
  5. Jimmysmom0703

    Jimmysmom0703 Member

    Thanks!! I am.leaning towards that!! Have u heard anything about the end of august with free dining??
  6. jcarwash

    jcarwash Mouseketeer

    There almost certainly won't be any US public offer for free dining for August 2013 dates. The free dining offer open now for Disney Visa card holders, and opening to the public on May 9, is for arrivals starting Sept 2.

    Disney could maybe mail/email individual PINs for free dining for August dates, but there won't be a general offer.
  7. Jenmia

    Jenmia Earning My Ears

    When they open to the general public to they release more rooms?
  8. disneymom0811

    disneymom0811 Member

    Room question- do the standard rooms at aoa have refrigerators in them now or do I need to request one? Also is there a specific building/floor I should request? ......
  9. jcarwash

    jcarwash Mouseketeer

    The standard rooms in the Little Mermaid section opened with refrigerators included. So you don't need to request one.

    Generally buildings 7 and 9 are considered potential requests as they will be somewhat closer to the main building and buses than building 8.
  10. mommykds

    mommykds All Disney all the time! Hang on little Dole Whip,

    Yes there are refrigerators.

    If you want to be near the parking lot request 9 (Triton). If you want a lakeside view ask for 7 (Ursula). Building 8 (Ariel) is the farthest back from foodcourt.

    We had a room in building 7, 3rd floor lakeview. Very quiet & no foot traffic.:cool1:
  11. mommykds

    mommykds All Disney all the time! Hang on little Dole Whip,

    Lion King is where the nightly movies are held so if you want to be near that then it's perfect. If you want a quieter room you can request non courtyard (not sure if that's what its called). Also people walk through Lion King to get to the Little Mermaid rooms so there is a lot of traffic through the courtyard itself. Since the rooms have interior hallways I don't think you would hear people walking back & forth a lot though.
  12. polyfor4

    polyfor4 Member

    Does anyone know what time the nightly movies typically are?
  13. lillygator

    lillygator <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    What rate did you all get with the passholder spring discountam
  14. 2012bella13

    2012bella13 Member

    We were there in February of this yr in the Cars Section building 3, 3rd floor, there was no bedbugs in our room.
  15. Sunlover317

    Sunlover317 Earning My Ears

    I agree. I saw on the Today Show once that some chains/ other businesses even pay people to write bad reviews for competitors. The people who have done it talked about it.
  16. disneymom0811

    disneymom0811 Member

    Ok sorry- one more question, when you want a specific building etc, do you do that at check in or do I need to request them in advance?......
  17. spidet1964

    spidet1964 Member

    Called and requested buildung 7 today for Sept trip.
  18. sug78

    sug78 Member

  19. Lazor460

    Lazor460 Member

    Thanks for the info!!! :) is there a certain building we should request for lion king suite though? Thanks! pixiedust:
  20. mohara624

    mohara624 Earning My Ears

    I dont know how true it is or not because I havent been there yet but most of the reviews I have read said to choose building 6 with a lake view. I am going Friday so I can let you know for sure once I get down there!
  21. Lazor460

    Lazor460 Member

    ok great thanks! I really appreciate it! have a great trip! :-)
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