Disneyland and the ECV nightmare!

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    So we just got back from the hardest Disneyland trip I have ever had. Not only because of how packed it was, but because of the ECV nightmare we had to deal with.

    I had been searching for ECV tips and ideas for my gf who could not walk very well because of a leg injury. Everyone seemed to think Century Medical was the best choice. So we went with them and reserved a cart. Set it up, was an ok price for the week and had it delivered.

    We got to the hotel and it was there, gold and cute, and fast, however we would find out later, was not the nicest of the rentable ECV's. I was jealous that my gf was going to get to drive it around. We were driving it around, getting used to it, when Lib said she thinks its dying. I said well lets plug it in and call them. They said it should have been charged, but charge it up, for 2 hours and it should be good. We had tickets for Harry Potter at 7:30 at the AMC in Downtown Disney, we had time so we we plugged it in and chilled. We left 6:30 and made it to DD, she said it seemed ok, but wasn't totally sure, she has never really ridden one before.

    We parked it and turned it off and went into the movie. We came out 2.5 hours later, after a great Harry Potter and started driving back. By the lego store, I had to push her and the ECV all the way thought DD, the DLR entry gate, the bus drop off, across the street to our hotel and up the elevator to our room.

    I was not happy. We plugged it in. The next say we were not going to the park. It was a Saturday, we were going to a Disney Wedding at 5PM and were going to spend the day relaxing and shopping.

    Full 10 hour charge. We go ti Mimi's for breakfast. She says it seems dead when we are almost there. I say ok, we plug it in at Mimi's and I call the place, no answer, it is about 8AM. When I call there is no business name, just "were not here right now leave a message." When we are done with breakfast we drive it back, it dies completly, and I have to push again, back to the hotel. They call me on the way back to the hotel, and say, let me call the driver to get you out another one. 30 minutes later no call back. I call them back and she says, she can get me a new chair in 2 HOURS!!! Because they don't work on Saturdays!!!! :headache: :mad:

    I say I am going to call someone else, I need one soon and I will call them back.

    I find Alan's in the phone book. I call them, they ask for weight and height, and say ok, you need a small one. We can have it there in 45 minutes, and it will be cheaper. YAY! I tell them well take it and need it for 3 days.

    I call back century tell them I want to cancel and say I want a full refund, girl says, well you used it yesterday, and I said no, I pushed it yesterday. She said she will ask her manager. I have not heard back I will be calling them today. If I do not get a full refund I will be doing a chargeback. They were supposed to pick it up Monday from the hotel, as of Monday night it was still in their lobby. So I am thinking Century Medical is not so great.

    Alan's calls me back and tells me there is a 25 dollar delivery charge. I don't care just get it to me. About an hour later we get our ECV from Alan's. It is not as nice as Centuries, it was actually the crappipiest one I saw all weekend, but it was charged, and drove and worked. It lasted all day at downtown disney and the wedding and we were good.

    Sunday, we are up at 6 for Nemo. We are first in line at Nemo. Nemo is down at opening, becuase of something. 1 Hour later the first sub opens, and we are #1! WOOT! It was cool. We go through the day, DCA, DLR, whatever, about 3 she say. I think it's dying. What do you mean! :eek: About an hour later, its going very slow. We get to the front of DL, and we tell them what happened, rented a wheelchair (no ECV's left) and store the ECV. We push her the rest of the day, about 3-11PM. That was hard. I called them at 3PM, no answer. They are open on Monday from 10-5. I left them a message telling them I wanted to cancel Monday, I would just rent from the park.

    We asked a guy who rented a really nice one, and he said he rented it through the hotel, and it had Deckard Medical Supply on it, he said they had theirs for 2 days and had not charged it. So Deckard might be the place for anyone going in the future.

    On monday, my GF had to crutch over, from the car drop off, which is pretty far. Disney would not let us drive up the shuttle drop off closest as possible to just drop her. >=( We finally got a Disney ECV and took off. This battle ship had armor on it and could kill a 4 year old easily. It turned like a turtle, but it was charged, and if there was any issue, Disney would come to us.

    At 10 I called Alan's told them I wanted to cancel for today and said it died on us. He said, well the Smalls, don't have enough battery life to go all day, we should have gotten a Medium. WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD US THAT! WE ARE AT A HOTEL AT DISNEYLAND DON'T YOU THINK WE WOULD BE GOING OT THE PARK! He said he was sorry and would refund me for monday. I told him we left it in the lobby (next to the century medical one) On monday night the Disney one made it all day. But Lib had to crutch back to our hotel, we had to stop a lot, she was tired. When we passed the lobby both the ECV's we rented before were still there.

    So at this time, I can not recommend any outside rental service that is guarnateed to make it all day, only Disney's seems ok, which they will let you take it between DCA and DL. The Deckard one I saw looked nice and seemed nice, but no idea on cost, I think it might be worth it. Even for a bigger cost.

    Tips for renting an EVC:
    • Ask them how long it will last on a charge
    • Ask them if it is delivered fully charged
    • Make sure they are open on the weekends if you are going on the weekend.
    • Tell them your plans and make sure the ECV fits your plans.
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    Thanks for the information. I knew (and think I had posted) that Alan's was bad news. This is the first time I have heard anything bad about Century. But I will keep them in mind
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    oh man that really sux..Im really sorry your gf and you had to go through that...Im also sorry that I didnt see your post specifically because I always rent from Deckerts....Ive only had one time where I had to get them to change out the ecv and they were there within half hour and swapped me out...they are really professional and very prompt...
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    Yeah, I had similar problems with Alan's. It died twice on me. Once, I was near a restaurant in DisneyLand, and the Manager walked back to the front of the park with me - I left that one to be charged, and rented one of Disney's. Two days later, it died in the middle of DCA - and since I was alone, I was "paddling" myself back to the entrance with a crutch. Alan's did replace it that night, and credited me for one day's Disney rental.

    I don't know when I'll be going back, but thank you both for the Deckard's information.

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