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    Nov 2, 2000
    Here are just a few items from my visit yesterday.

    I am not sure, but from reading the Disneyland Board, Eisner was at DCA last night. I did see a TV crew out there so that is probably why.

    I talked with a cast member at the Parade of Stars and he usually works the phones and told me that Disney ran out of parking yesterday afternoon. They received scores of calls from people who could not find parking.

    I don't know how full DCA was, but DIsneyland seemed rather "light". We were able to walk up to a relatively good place to watch Fantasmic at the 9 PM showing.

    Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Moutain were never more than 10 -15 minute wait. We Fast Passed Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones but did not need to do any other. The longest wait was for Jungle Cruise!!

    As for eating in Downtown Disney.... better make your plans early in the day. When we wnet searching for places like Rain Forest Cafe or ESPN zone they wer 3 hour waits at 6 PM. So we headed back to Disneyland and ate in the Park. Lines were not bad at all in the park even at prime eating times.

    In two weeeks, it will be California Adventure including the Feb 8th Grand Opening. Maybe I will see "Big Mike" there?


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    Mar 25, 2000
    Hey Lion - maybe if you had worn your "Lion" costume Uncle Mike would have found ya!

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