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Disney World in August!!!

Discussion in 'Gay and Lesbian at Disney' started by sirJeffrey90, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. sirJeffrey90

    sirJeffrey90 New Member

    My aunt, uncle, cousins are going and each of my cousins get to bring a friend and WOO HOO! One of them is me!!! Wow, I am so jazzed! Even if I will be going in pure heat wave-esque temperatures. I have to go to Walmart to buy some muscle shirts! My first age 21+ trip, I wonder if this could change things. What's the alcohol 411 in the world? Any and all tips would be appreciated! =)
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  3. DrGaellon

    DrGaellon Disney Fan - Westgate Owner

    No alcohol is sold anywhere in the Magic Kingdom. It is available in the Magic Kingdom hotels, and at appropriate locations in the other three parks. And, of course, it is available at all of the hotels in their restaurants and bars.
  4. sirJeffrey90

    sirJeffrey90 New Member

    Thank you, DrGaellon. I knew about the Magic Kingdom, of course, but I didn't think of the hotels. Woot woot! Do you know the average drink pricing? And good places I shouldn't miss while there? Or did all the good booze places disappear with the removal of Pleasure Island?
  5. dmwang9

    dmwang9 Agent P's sidekick-in-training

    I don't drink, so I can't speak from first-hand experience, but I have it on good authority that Drinking around the World -- that is, going around to all the countries in the World Showcase and grabbing a drink at each one -- can be quite enjoyable.
  6. sirJeffrey90

    sirJeffrey90 New Member

    Oh yeah, I've heard of that, though I'm not a much of a beer person, so I don't know how I'd do haha. But I guess it's worth a shot trying in Germany at least! OOH! I'm just so jazzed! hehehe
  7. pabeyase

    pabeyase New Member

    If you not drink that's great .But occasionally it may never harm specially beer.
  8. DVC~OKW~96

    DVC~OKW~96 <font color=green>I'm not big on gold as a color.

    Let's see, drinks?

    If you are in MK, and want to take a break head to one of the resorts and relax over a drink there. Drinks vary in price from type of drink, to location of purchase but if you budget $7-10 per drink (alcoholic, of course) you should be ok.

    Mixed drinks are more expensive, of course. At Cava in Mexico (WS) the margaritas are roughly $12-13 each.

    Muscle shirts aren't as comfortable as you'd think in the brutally hot and humid temps of August. Cotton (or other natural fiber) clothing that fits loosely is much more comfortable. You'll want an excellent, non-sticky sunscreen, and the best sunglasses you can find.

    Your feet will tell the tale too! LOL. Get super comfortable footwear and have at least one alternative pair. Plan on some heavy rain in August and you'll want some dry footwear to change into.

    Mostly, just go and have a grand time!
  9. joemendolia

    joemendolia Former Cast Member

    I absolutely HATE beer, but here is what I usually drink when drinking around the world:

    Canada (beer - I just tough it out)
    UK (Champagne)
    France (Grand Marnier Slush from the cart - my FAV at Epcot)
    Morocco (I try different things every time)
    Japan (saki)
    US (I skip)
    Italy (Rose Regale a sparkling red sweet wine)
    Germany (once again... beer YUCK)
    China (I try different things)
    Norway (any of their adult coffee drinks)
    Mexico (Margarita. SAVE FOR LAST :)

    See, I get through it without much beer and a GREAT time! I can spend around $80-100. It is usually $7-10 per drink.

    I live here and will be going on my own for a week in August and you're right, it's going to be HOT :(
  10. sirJeffrey90

    sirJeffrey90 New Member

    Thanks all, some good tips for epcot when I go. Sadly, it won't be this year. My uncle got laid off :worried: so they're postponing. Thank goodness I didn't order that plane ticket! But I'll plan something to DisneyLAND later this year hopefully. And $7-10 a drink isn't so bad. It's basically the price of a mediocre drink in the Castro.
  11. poorunfortunatesouls

    poorunfortunatesouls The Wicked Witch of the Midwest

    I will be there in August as well (4-9). I am a beer drinker myself, so I usually enjoy Germany...the tequlia bar in Mexico is nice too.

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