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    Mar 15, 2012
    I loved the podcast discussion of Disney on Ice, so I wanted to share my experiences of seeing three shows over the last 5 years. First, I was so excited as an adult to see the first show with my then 4/5ish year old girl. I was also a "neglected" child and never went when I was little, or at least I have no memory of doing so (my older brother tells me otherwise, and I believe him, but it doesn't make it "real" to me).

    Anyhow, the first I went to was 100% princesses, mostly Ariel focused, but also shorter segments of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella (the "sisters" were over the top funny). Maleficent was amazing (and scary to some little-little ones) with fire spit on the ice. At this point we had not been to either Park, so this was ultimate Disney for my DD4/5. Mickey and Minnie introduced the show, which was awesome. Lots of girls dressed up, which was fun, and I felt sorry for the ones wearing jeans. Luckily someone tipped me off ahead of time. There was at least one fall, due to Aurora's long dress catching on her blade. All costumes were lovely. A whole parade of princesses showed up for the finale. there are just a ton of people in these shows.

    Second show we went to was High School Musical, and don't judge me too much, but it was a blast. I had never seen the tv movies, but I love live theater, so I thought it great to see full stories, and lots of dancing and goofiness. Someone fell at this one too, did not see it, but heard the gasp and the guy kind of crouching afterward. I think he had some crazy flip that was hard to land. Anyhow, it was festive and fun. My daughter was probably 5/6ish at this point, and had fun pretending to be a little teenager.

    The third show we saw was our least favorite, but I think we were just burned out at that point, with a third show in three years. This one was more balanced boy/girl as they had Cars and Lion King segments, as well as Little Mermaid and Tinkerbelle/friends. Cars was kind of strange, as they were just cars driving on the ice, but the kids were going wild, so it was effective. The most impressive to me was the Lion King as Pumba was a guy (or gal) skating occasionaly up on his back feet, but mostly down on "all fours" and it was fun to watch. He got out in the audience a bit, sitting on laps and such, verrry entertaining. A nice touch before the show started was a princess dress display in the lobby, probably to keep the "princess" girls happy, since they were not in the show. The displays were lovely, like what you might see in a disney park or World of Disney window display, 4 or so of the mega-princess dresses surrounded by items that set the tone, the rose with Belle for example. They also had several of the skaters coming out on a little stage dressed as Cinderella, someone else, and Tiana (and this was just before The Frog Princess came out) to wave at the girls (no talking/meet/greet) but as close as my little girl had ever gotten to a "princess", so very exciting. I don't remember anyone falling this time.

    Anyhow, they are well done shows, and after taking several years break I am planning on going again in November to the Dreams Come True show focusing on Rapunzel and Frog Princess (two of our favorite shows), and I can't wait to see how the do the horse. We have been to Disney World this year, and going to Disney Land later this month, so I think it will be a nice surprise for my Daughter (now 9) and a good way to treat the post-trip Disney Blues. Thanks for reading!

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