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    Sep 26, 2006

    The article outlines the slump in DVD sales and Disney can't figure out why. If you could tell Disney what you want to buy, what would you like to see released?

    Here is my two cents: I don't want 4 copies of the same movie. I don't have blu-ray and I am not going to get blu-ray. Please consider releasing the following in standard DVD format:

    Ludwig VonDrake (all 18 Ludwig hosted hour shows)
    Jiminy Cricket (educational shorts and TV hosted hours)
    The Magic Mirror (all the hosted TV hours and specials)
    Ranger Woodlore and Humphrey (all the shorts and 4 TV hours)
    Chip an' Dale (all the shorts and their TV hour)
    Donald Duck on TV (all his hour shows and related Duck family hours)
    Disney Rarities 2 (the other animated shorts and featurettes, TV hours and commercials)
    Disneyland 3 (more TV hours - like Disneyland Showtime - and park films)
    The Complete Swamp Fox
    Spin & Marty 2 and 3
    Hardy Boys 2
    Corky and White Shadow
    Moochie (2 TV features plus other MMC bits)
    Best of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
    Animal Adventures (Sammy the Way-Out Seal, etc.)
    Disney Family Album

    They killed the Disney Treasures Line which pretty much sold out every year without any publicity. They also have not added any new exclusive titles to the Disney Movie Club in well over a year. Hot topic (flame suit on), but they could do a two disc set with disclaimer of the time period and a balanced presentation/discussion from the opposing perspective/facts of slavery in Song of the South instead of allowing bootleg copies. That would be reseaon enough to get me to join. They could also do “boxed sets” of Hailey Mills, Fred McMurray, Dean Jones, Tommy Kirk, Annette, and Kurt Russell. What do you think?
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    Jul 13, 2005
    I agree, except for the 'dvd only' option. I want a Disney Treasures like series to continue. It could be on Blu Ray, that's fine, they're cheap enough nowadays.

    The closest thing I can find is the 'Generations' which is not the same.

    Fire up the Blu-Ray version of Disney Treasures. I've worn my Hardy Boys DVD down and need some more!

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