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Disney Dollars Still Available?

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by spokanemom, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. spokanemom

    spokanemom New Member

    My friend has asked me to pick up some Disney Dollars for her children while I am there next week. However, I don't know if they still sell them at DL/DCA/DTD.

    Gift cards just won't do. ;)

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  3. lisachrystine

    lisachrystine New Member

    We had this problem last year when we took the kids at Christmastime. My kiddos are too young to understand using a gift card and how much money is on it -- we wanted them to visually see how much they were spending. Anyway, there are a couple places in the parks where you can still get them. We got ours at the Star Trader in Tomorrowland. You cannot get them at Disney stores anymore. Good luck - and have fun!
  4. It's been a while since I bought any, but the last three places where I did purchase some were the Emporium on Main Street, City Hall, and Star Traders in Tomorrowland.
  5. spokanemom

    spokanemom New Member

    Thank you both. I will let my friend know. It will make her day.:thumbsup2
  6. akashellrae

    akashellrae New Member

    We just bought some a couple weeks ago. The Emporium on Main Street sent us to City Hall and that's where we bought ours.
  7. Bossy22

    Bossy22 New Member

    You can also buy them at the Disney store in Downtown disney, at least you could in August!
  8. stephenintokyo

    stephenintokyo New Member

    I got my DD $10 x 1 $5 x1 and $1 x5 at World of Disney in Downtown Disney at the end of Sept.
  9. marcemc

    marcemc I wouldn't be able to handle such fluffliness eith

    We got some $1 for the boys to buy their own snacks at City Hall last week :goodvibes
  10. holhal

    holhal New Member

    I purchased a $10 at City Hall a few weeks ago. I just love the designs!
  11. DisneylandClub

    DisneylandClub New Member

    Does Anyone mind Posting A Pic Of What Disney Dollars Look Like?:)
  12. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    Star Traders even had a sign up behind the register saying that Disney Dollars were available for purchase.
  13. carnival kid

    carnival kid New Member

    Sorry to jump in but....

    Can you use these dollars at ALL food outlets and shops easily??

    Thay sound like a great idea for our next trip
  14. DreamingofDaWorld

    DreamingofDaWorld New Member

    Does anyone know if you can order some online and have them shipped to you? I wanted to add some for each of the kids backpacks of goodies that they will have on the trip down there.
  15. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    I think you can, but they charge shipping. Since Disney Dollars are simply worth what is on the piece of paper, it means you're paying an extra cost to use your own money.

    What some people have done is make up their own to give to their kids, while putting real money aside, then as soon as you arrive, get the DDollars and swap them out with the ones you made at home.
  16. OneoftheMels

    OneoftheMels Wearing My Ears

    I second asking for a picture of a recent DD please. I forgot to buy one when I was there. I enjoying seeing (and collecting) them
    Thank you!
  17. disneymum58

    disneymum58 New Member

    Great idea! I was trying to figure out how to get a gift card to Canada and it was so expensive. :faint: This will be a fun thing to put in their stockings. What denominations are available and what characters are on each?
  18. CalvaryMike

    CalvaryMike New Member

  19. Jenn1116

    Jenn1116 <font color=coral>My goal in life is to visit DLP<

    I'm so bummed they aren't available at Disney stores anymore.
  20. sh00tfire

    sh00tfire New Member

  21. OneoftheMels

    OneoftheMels Wearing My Ears

    Thanks Calvary Mike! I love the castle and the balloons :)

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