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Discount on direct add-on?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by JustTinking, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. JustTinking

    JustTinking DVC Member since 2002

    I was speaking with my guide about a small add-on for one of the legacy resorts. Assumed it would be the $130pp advertised price. He said that for existing DVC members, a direct purchase would include a $7pp break, making the effective price $123.

    I hadn't seen this anywhere else. Has anyone else heard this? I haven't added on direct for several years.
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  3. tazleiten12

    tazleiten12 New Member

    Yes, my guide also told me they were $7 off, along with BLT.
  4. nabi

    nabi Home at Disney often!

    Which are considered legacy?
  5. tazleiten12

    tazleiten12 New Member

    I was just told all the sold out resorts were $7 off per point.
  6. chalee94

    chalee94 <font color=green>I thought all sand was ground up

    "legacy" and "sold out" means they are not in current sales like aulani, VGF or AKV.
  7. automaticsoap

    automaticsoap New Member

    Is there a minimum to get the incentive (other than the minimum add-on of 25)?
  8. tazleiten12

    tazleiten12 New Member

    I don't believe so, but many of the resorts still have waiting lists, depending on your use year.
  9. nabi

    nabi Home at Disney often!

    i love DIS posters so very much! Thank you! (You too chalee94 Dude!) ;)
  10. bakerworld

    bakerworld New Member

    We were on a WL for BW pts at the $115 promotion and our guide called us about 3 weeks after the 6 month deadline and said the pts were now $130 with $7 discount per point if we bought 50. The smallest amount you can purchase direct is 25 pts - won't let you buy anything less that 25 because were were thinking about adding 15 points onto another contract but no.
  11. JustTinking

    JustTinking DVC Member since 2002

    My guide didn't give me a minimum nbr of points as to when the $7 was effective....I may ask again. He still owes me a return call about a possible wait list for what I want. I imagine there is one, or he would have already been back to me to make a sale! I was hoping that much of the WLs had cleared now, after the March price increase. Also many may have dropped off since they weren't able to execute in the 6 month grace period.

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