DIS Resort Threads...A Good Reflection of the Resorts Themselves?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by CT Disney, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Aug 7, 2012
    So, I was deep in thought this morning about the DIS Resort Threads.:)

    Whenever we have a trip coming up, my favorite thing to do is have my afternoon coffee and read the resort thread of our next trip. Over the years I've had the chance to read a number of resort threads and it strikes me how different the "personality" of each thread is:

    BC / YC Resort thread - Seriously one of my favorite threads! This is one active thread and it suits my voracious reading habit perfectly. I'd come home from work and there would be 10 new pages just since that morning! The people on this thread are good friends and it shows. Sometimes going a little off topic, but always in the best of ways! Something like this:
    "I have a herniated disk, would it be better to take the boat or walk to Epcot?"
    "You should take the boat. My uncle's cousin's best friend has a herniated disk too. Let's have a Disboards meet when we are both at the BC next month and we can chat about it."

    POR Thread - What a friendly thread! Easily one of the most helpful group of people out there. Super welcoming and willing to answer the same question a bazillion times. For example:
    "I would like some bottled water while I'm at POR. How do I get from the Royal Rooms to Riverside Mill?"
    "Just cross over the bridge by Ol' Man Island and you'll be there in no time flat. But, I see you're checking in tomorrow so I've arranged for a case of water to be delivered to your room."
    OK...maybe not THAT friendly, but close!

    The Poly Thread - Super relaxed and chilled group of folks!
    "You're new to the Poly? Awesome! Aloha! Your gonna' love it! I've been visiting here for 25 years and this place is the best! Pull up a lounge chair and a dole whip and hang out with us for a while!"

    The BWI Thread - Our vacation plans just changed and we had to cancel our upcoming BWI trip, but I've been reading it for the past few months. Very kind and polite group of people. Almost always stay on topic. Much slower moving than BY/YC thread, but very helpful and to the point. Have a question, it will be answered perfectly before you know it:
    "Where are the deluxe rooms?"
    "There are 10 of them. 5 on the 3rd floor and 5 on the 4th floor. Here is a picture of them as well as my latest trip report from a deluxe room. Have a great trip!"

    Anyway, as I was thinking of these thread "personalities" it got me wondering if a newbie could choose a resort just by reading the resort threads and choosing the thread that suits them best. My favorite resort thread is probably the BC / YC thread (no offense to the other great resort threads), and my favorite resort is probably YC. Coincidence?

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