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    Acronyms on the DIS - While exploring our discussion forums, you'll come across many abbreviations that you might not understand. These are the commonly used abbreviations you are likely to come across. Acronym listing

    Here are some specific to the DIS Cruise Board:
    SPH - Secret Porthole, a stateroom on the Wonder or Magic that used to be Cat 8 staterooms but due to the partially obstructed view were reclassified as Cat 10 staterooms. These are 5020, 5022, 5024, 5520, 5522 and 5524. There are no steamer trunks for storage in 5020 or 5520 but those have the least obstructed view. The 22 & 24s are connecting rooms. You are paying an inside price and getting a view.
    OBC - Onboard Credit, given by DCL when you rebook onboard or by a TA when you book with them. You can also usually get an OBC by paying for your entire cruise with Disney Visa.
    OBB - Onboard Booking, when you book a cruise while on one of the ships. You will receive a discount and OBC for your booking.
    RNBD - Rockin Bar D, located on the Magic, main nighclub where entertainers perform and also where dining changes and Palo ressies are made the day you board the ship.
    TS/BBB - Topsiders [Magic]/Beach Blanket Buffet [Wonder], buffet dining rooms on deck 9 aft serving breakfast and lunch, dinner is served with a menu on nights other than the first and last night of each cruise.
    CC - Castaway Cay, Disney's private island AND Castaway Club, Disney's return cruiser benefit program

    Adult Only Activities on DCL - Activities


    Alaska Excursion Reviews - ALASKA EXCURSION REVIEW THREAD

    Auto Beverage Gratuity http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/faqs/onboard-services/gratuities/

    Baby On Board - New Service available to order baby supplies to be delivered to ship starting 3/15/09

    Back to Back Cruises - What happens on B2B cruises

    Beer Mug [refillable] - Mug is $14.95. Refills are $3.75 and get 20 oz for the price of a 16 oz. 15% gratuity is automatically added to this cost. Beer on tap on the ships: Bud Light, Amberbock, Kirin Itchiban, Guinness, Yeungling, Sam Adams and Michelob Ultra. Picture of beer mug., Sign with new cost of mug as of 8/30/09

    Booking for 2011 and New Ships - Castaway Club Gold and Platinum members will be able to book 2011 cruises for the Magic and Wonder on 9/21/09. Bookings will open to the public on 9/28/09. Information regarding the Dream and its itineraries may be announced at the event on 10/29/09 at 4:15 pm in NYC which will be carried live on their website.

    2011 Magic Western Cruise Dates
    2011 Magic Eastern Cruise Dates
    2011 Magic Mediterranean Cruise Dates
    2011 Wonder Alaskan Cruise Dates
    2011 Wonder WB PC Repo Cruise
    2011 Wonder Mexican Riviera Cruises

    Booking History - These are threads that track the opening day booking activity and prices for past years.

    2012 Booking History - Booking History for 2012 - (all ships)
    4/7/11 & 4/8/11 - MAGIC through the end of 2012 Opening Booking Prices
    4/7/11 & 4/8/11 - DREAM through end of 2012 opening booking prices
    1/31/2007 Opening Booking for 2008 PC & MR cruises
    10/14/2008 Opening Booking for 2010 cruises
    9/21/2009 Gold & Platinum CC Booking for 2011 cruises
    9/28/2009 Silver CC Booking for 2011 cruises

    2013 Booking History thread links

    2014 Booking History
    2014 Magic - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3006641
    2014 Wonder - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3006177
    2014 Dream - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3004842
    2014 Fantasy - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3006898

    Boxes Sent the Ship Ahead of Cruise - PLEASE follow these instructions carefully!!!!!! UPDATED AS OF 2/25/2009
    " ONE box per stateroom, no exceptions.
    " The package must have the guest full name, ship, sailing date, stateroom number or GTY if you have not been assigned a stateroom number.
    " The package also must have a packing slip attached to the outside of the box that details the contents of the package. For prescriptions, a copy of the prescription is sufficient. Your list may or may not be read but it must have one. Write packing slip on the outside of the envelope.
    " NO FOODS/DRINKS OF ANY KIND, LIQUOR OF ANY KIND, FIREARMS, ETC.. Items that cannot be shipped to the Disney Cruise Line Warehouse and delivered to the ship include: food products (any and all food products including baby food/formula), beverages (liquor, water, etc.), chemicals, and luggage. These items will not be accepted at the warehouse and will be returned. This may cause the dogs to hit on your box and that would be a bad thing.
    " The required size of the cartons you are shipping down have to be about the size of a record storage box 12 inches on a side and should not weigh more than 20 lbs. (This has been asked personally by Dave Adams who is the owner)

    Address your package(s) to:
    Disney Cruise Line Warehouse
    Guest Name / Stateroom # (GTY, if you don't know what it is when you send the package)
    8633 Transport Drive
    Orlando, FL 32832
    Phone: 407-566-8196

    In the bottom left corner of the top of the package put the following information: ATTN: HOUSEKEEPING
    *Sail Date
    *Stateroom Number
    *Packing slip that details contents of the package (for prescriptions, a copy of the prescription is sufficient)
    " Packages must arrive by Friday by 3:00pm for the 7-Night Cruise on the Disney Dream (Saturday).
    " Packages must arrive by Friday by 3:00pm for the 4-Night Cruise on the Disney Dream (Sunday).
    " Packages must arrive by Wednesday by 3:00pm for the 3-Night Cruise on the Disney Dream (Thursday).

    If your box is hit on by the screening dog or chosen for additional screening they will open the list and the box and look through it. They will close it back up and provided nothing bad is in it then it will be in your room as usual later after boarding. These boxes will be coming on the ship with the crew mail among other things so they may be in the staterooms later then they were before as they are low priority in the scheme of things for Disney.

    Boxes to Send Home after Cruise - Information provided by Shirley
    These guys are great and right off Highway 528 - Shipping Depot located at 211 Crockett Blvd, Suite 103, Merritt Island, Florida, Phone 321-453-2558, Fax 321-453-0161
    Hours - Monday thru Friday 9 am - 6 pm, Saturday 10 am - 2 pm
    Email - shippingdepot103@aol.com
    If you DO NOT want to concern yourself with the carrying of ''stuff'' home that you have purchase or too much to take on the plane, you can take it over to their place of business or they will be more than glad to pick it up from Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral and they will ship anywhere and everywhere. They are UPS and FEDEX office. Owners are Raul and Dwane - super nice folks to work with and very accomodating to your shipping needs. Must mention this board for discount.

    Brochure - 2012/2013 - DCL ITINERARY BROCHURE

    Cakes - CAKE PRICING SHEET - NEW AS OF 7/15/11. SEE POST #6 and #29

    Cancellation Policy - DCL Policy

    Carry On Dimensions - DCL Policy
    Alcohol is permitted on board. However, be aware that any fragile items (including bottled alcohol) must be hand-carried on board in a day bag and/or carry-on bag, the dimensions of which cannot exceed 22" wide, 14" high and 9" deep.

    Also note the following that is noted on the same page.
    Please be advised: Disney Cruise Line reserves the right to remove fragile items (including beverages) from luggage. In such cases, items will be stored and returned at the end of the voyage. Beverage containers are considered fragile and have previously caused damage in checked luggage. All fragile items must be transported inside carry-on luggage.

    Castaway Cay Cabanas Info thread - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2336376


    Castaway Cay Map - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2458216 - April 2010

    Castaway Cay 5K - 2012 Info thread http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2912977

    Castaway Cay Enhancements- http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/whats-new/castaway-cay-enhancements/

    Castaway Cay website just added 10/18/2010

    Castaway Club - Once you have cruised on DCL you are a member of their Castaway Club. Onboard benefits for the new program will begin aboard Disney Magic on October 3, 2009, and aboard Disney Wonder on October 18, 2009.
    List of CC benefits by tier

    Only CC members get the appropriate lanyard for each cruise, not everyone in the stateroom with them.
    Silver lanyards are grey/silver
    Gold lanyards are bold yellow
    Platinum lanyards are black

    Silver CC Gift as of 2/12/12 - picture in post #10 http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2876984
    Description of Gold and Platinum Castawy Club gifts
    Pictures of new CC Club gifts from 10/10/09 Magic cruise
    New CC reception in Studio Sea

    According to DCL: "Silver, Gold or Platinum benefits are determined by the highest membership level Guest in a stateroom. Only one Guest in a stateroom party needs to be a Castaway Club Member for the entire stateroom party to be eligible for the associated benefits. However, benefits do not extend beyond the immediate stateroom party, so benefits associated with Guests traveling in other staterooms will be determined by the highest membership level Guest in each stateroom."

    Changing a Name on a Reservation - Name Change Directions

    Character Breakfast - There is a character breakfast on the 7 day and longer cruises only. This is held the morning of the first sea day after you dine in AP [Animator's Palate]. Early seating is at 8:00/8:15 and late seating is at 9:30. The CB lasts an hour.

    Character Calls - If you have a cruise booked you can have a Disney character call your child - CHARACTER CALLS

    Chill Spa for Teens on the Dream - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2639429

    Checking In at the Port - Check In

    Christmas Decorations Onboard - DCL decorates the ships starting the second week of November. Castaway Cay is decorated the day after Thanksgiving. Pictures of the ships decked out for the holidays , Seasonal Activity Listing

    Cove Cafe - Menu

    Crew Member Address - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2908195 (you will find info in the first post)
    Cruise Line Contact Number and Websites: CRUISE LINE CONTACTS


    Cruise Ship Etiquette - CRUISE SHIP ETIQUETTE THREAD

    Cruise Ships in Port - What other ships will be in port when you are

    Cruise Tips and Planning - Cruise Tips and Planning Thread

    Custom Regulations - Customs

    DCL Contact Information - DCL Email, address and phone

    DCL Ground Transfers - Transfer Info, Check in proceedure ONLY for guests staying at Hyatt MCO & taking DCL transfers to the port, Pictures of Hyatt and information card regarding transfers
    WDW RESORT PICK UP LOCATIONS Updated from DCL 9/26/09:
    Ground transportation can be arranged from all Walt Disney World Resorts to Port Canaveral for $35.00 per person (starting in 2010), 3 years and older. The only exceptions would be we cannot pick-up from the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Hotels or Disney's Ft. Wilderness Resort. Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort is only offered to guests who are staying at the resort. The Contemporary bus actually leaves from Bay Lake Tower.

    Return ground transfers to a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel/the Orlando International Airport are also available for $35.00 per person, 3 years and older. There is no charge for children under 3 years of age.

    DCL Merchandise - Left the ship and forgot to buy something? Something broke or was lost? Sometimes you can get DCL merchandise from the WDW Merchandise number. It helps to have a good description of the item. Call 407-363-6200 or email at wdw.mail.order@disneyworld.com

    DCL Travel Insurance - Policy Handbook

    Deck Plans - Old Deck Plans - Wonder & Magic before 2011 cruises
    New Deck Plans - Wonder & Magic starting with 2011 cruises
    Disney Dream Deck Plans http://www.dreamsunlimitedtravel.com/cruise/photos/DisneyDreamDeckPlan.jpg

    Deposits - The 50% deposit special ended at the end of business 9/23/09.
    Effective 10/5/2010 Deposits are 20% of cruise fare less taxes and fees. When rebooking onboard the deposit amount is 10%. This is for all cabin categories.

    Deposits for cruises booked 10/4/2010 and prior:
    Deposit amounts for 2011 cruises:
    Thanks to DU for providing the official information for us to reference.

    Length of Cruise..........Category 1 thru 3......Category 4 - 12
    3 thru 5 Night.......................$400......................$200......
    6 thru 8 Night,...............................................................
    except Alaskan..............................................................
    [includes A repos]..................$500.....................$250......
    10 thru 14 Night and Alaskan....$800.....................$600.......
    NOTE: There is no deposit required for children under age 3.

    Deposit amounts prior for 2009 & 2010 cruises:
    3, 4 and 5 day cruises - $200 per person
    7 day cruises - $250 per person
    10 day and longer cruises - $600 per person

    Dine and Play - Information

    Dining Plan for Land Portions of Land and Sea Package - Type DINE under promotion codes on the DCL site when booking your cruise and it will add in the dining plan to your reservation.

    Dining Rotations - You will not know your dining rotation until you check in at the Port. It will be noted on your KTTW card. These are examples of rotations that were used on recent cruises to give you some idea of the possibilities.

    As of 4/4/09 Magic cruise there are only two times for dinner, 5:45 and 8:15. Navigators have not been seen to confirm any change in the available rotations.

    7 day Eastern Cruises
    LAPLAPL 5:45 and 8:15
    APLAPLA 5:45 and 8:15
    PLAPLAP 5:45 and 8:15

    Typical Eastern Special Theme Schedule - per recent navigators [Please note these can be changed at DCL's discretion.]
    Saturday - Rotation Menu [AP show for APL rotation] - Welcome Aboard Show
    Sunday - Golden Mickeys Menu [Formal Night] - Golden Mickeys Show[until March 2010 when will be replaced with new villians show]
    Monday - Rotation Menu [AP show for PLA rotation] - Twice Charmed
    Tuesday - Pirate Menu - Movie night in the WD Theater
    Wednesday - Rotation Menu [AP show for LAP rotation] - Variety Show with entertainer
    Thursday - Captain's Gala Menu [Semiformal Night] - Disney Dreams
    Friday - Till We Meet Again Menu - Farewell Show

    7 day Western Cruises [rotation confirmed for 8/22/09 cruise]
    LAPPLAP 5:45 and 8:15
    APLLAPL 5:45 and 8:15
    PLAAPLA 5:45 and 8:15

    Typical Western Special Theme Schedule - per recent navigators [Please note these can be changed at DCL's discretion.]
    Saturday - Rotation Menu [AP show for APL rotation] - Welcome Aboard Show
    Sunday - Rotation Menu [AP show for LAP rotation] - Variety Show with entertainer
    Monday - Golden Mickeys Menu [Formal Night] - Golden Mickeys Show[until March 2010 when will be replaced with new villians show]
    Tuesday - Rotation Menu [AP show for PLA rotation] - Twice Charmed
    Wednesday - Pirate Menu - Movie night in the WD Theater
    Thursday - Captain's Gala Menu [Semiformal Night] - Disney Dreams
    Friday - Till We Meet Again Menu - Farewell Show

    4 day cruise
    TAAP 5:45 and 8:15
    APPT 5:45 and 8:15
    PTTA 5:45 and 8:15

    Sunday - Rotation Menu - Golden Mickeys Show[until some time in 2010 when will be replaced with new villians show]
    Monday - Rotation Menu - Dress Up Night - Toy Story
    Tuesday - Pirate Menu - Movie night in the WD Theater
    Wednesday - Rotation Menu - Disney Dreams

    3 day cruise
    TAP 5:45 and 8:15
    APT 5:45 and 8:15
    PTA 5:45 and 8:15

    Thursday - Rotation Menu - Golden Mickeys Show[until some time in 2010 when will be replaced with new villians show]
    Friday - Rotation Menu - Toy Story - Pirate Deck Party
    Saturday - Rotation Menu - Dress Up Night - Disney Dreams

    Directions to Port Canaveral -
    Disney Cruise Line
    9150 Charles M Rowland Drive
    Port Canaveral, FL 32920

    From the Orlando International Airport, the port is just a short drive along Florida's Beachline Expressway (S.R. 528) to reach the cruise terminals, restaurants, parks, beach and other places of business and recreation.

    Port Canaveral is even closer to Melbourne International Airport. From the airport follow signs to eastbound U.S. 192, cross the Indian River and turn north on SR A1A. Drive along the coast until you reach Port Canaveral. Or take, U.S. 192, westbound to Interstate 95 and drive north to the Beeline Expressway's east exit.

    From the Daytona Beach International Airport, go east to Interstate 95, then drive south to the Beeline Expressway's east exit.

    Once you arrive at the port, finding the cruise terminals is easy. Signs along the highway clearly chart your course. Cruise Terminals 5 and 9/10 are located on the north side of the port and can be reached via SR 401. Cruise Terminals 2, 3 and 4 are on the south side near Jetty Park. Just turn left off SR 528 into Port Canaveral, then make a right turn onto George King Boulevard and follow the signs.

    Parking at the Port is $15 a day. *** American Express is NOT accepted at the parking lot. ***

    Disability Assistance Offered - Guests with disabilities information
    (407) 566-3500 - DCL number specifically for those with special assistance onboard

    Discounts - Current discounts being offered by DCL
    Kids cruise FREE on April and May Med cruises
    Kids cruise FREE on most 3- and 4-night cruises 1/7/10 - 4/11/10

    Discount Codes - try these codes at the DCL site to see if any of the discounts are available for your particular cruise.

    MTO - Military discount
    KFO - Kids sail free offer
    FLR - Florida resident discount
    CAN - Canadian resident discount
    FBC - Facebook fan code for $100 OBC on the 11 night Southern Caribbean cruise 12/18/10 (must be booked by 9/23/10)

    Docking Schedules - St. Thomas

    Door Demensions - 27" wide, 6 1/2' high, 3" deep

    Door Signs - How to make a door sign Part I, Door Signs Part II
    Please note that Disney only allows door signs that are put on with magnetic backing. Adhesive backings are not allowed.

    Dress Code - Main Dining Rooms, Palo

    Drink Prices (from 2011 drink menu on Wonder)

    Dry Cleaning and Pressing Price List - Price List The prices listed are still in effect as of December 2011.

    Dry Dock Updates - 2008 Magic Dry Dock Changes
    Current Dry Dock for the Wonder - October 2 - 17, 2009
    Next Dry Dock for the Magic - October 3 - 15, 2010
    Next probable Dry Dock for the Wonder - September 6 - 19, 2011 based on no cruises scheduled at this time. Ship would be in Vancouver.
    Begining with the Wonder's 2009 drydock work will be done in Freeport, Bahamas and not in Norfolk, VA.

    Emergency Contact Number for Ships - Friends and family can contact you aboard the Disney Magic® or the Disney Wonder® by calling (888) 322-8732 . The cost is $7 per minute and CC information must be entered before the call will be connected.

    Excursion Reviews for each Port - Check out the information for each port including pictures, shopping guides and a list of the excursons offered there through DCL with the age limits and costs. You can also check out reviews for each port to find out what fellow DISers enjoyed doing both with DCL and on their own.

    Castaway Cay Information and Excursions, Castaway Cay Excursion Reviews

    3 & 4 Night Bahama cruises:
    Nassau Information and Excursions, Nassau Excursion Reviews

    7 Night Western cruises:
    Key West Information and Excursions, Key West Excursion Reviews
    Grand Cayman Information and Excursions, Grand Cayman Excursion Reviews
    Cozumel Information and Excursions, Cozumel Excursion Reviews

    7 Night Eastern cruises:
    St. Thomas Information and Excursions, St. Thomas Excursion Reviews,

    St. Maarten Information and Excursions, St. Maarten Excursion Reviews

    Special Ports for 2009:
    St. Croix Excursion Information, St. Croix Excursion Reviews
    Tortola Excursion Information, Tortola Excursion Reviews

    2010 TA, Med & Baltic Cruises:
    London FAQ Thread
    Thread with links to 2007 TA & Med cruise info, navigators, excursion information, trip reports, and general information

    2011 Panama Canal WB Repo Cruise:
    Puerto Vallarta
    Cabo San Lucas

    2011 Mexican Riviera Cruises:
    Cabo San Lucas
    Puerto Vallarta

    2011 Alaskan Cruises:
    Vancouver Helpful Information Thread

    2011 TA & Med Cruises:
    London FAQ Thread
    Thread with links to 2007 TA & Med cruise info, navigators, excursion information, trip reports, and general information

    Ports DCL has cruises to in the past:
    Costa Maya
    San Juan
    St. Lucia

    First Time Cruiser Information http://www.wdwinfo.com/disney-cruise-line/first-time.htm
    This link was posted by WebmasterJohn and has tons of great info for anyone looking to book their first cruise and even for those that have cruised in the past.

    Fish Extenders - FE 101 Basics, FE Info, Directions to make a no-sew FE
    Another no sew FE thread

    Fitness Center - Fitness classes and services offered with prices

    Food Pictures - DCL Food Porn Thread

    Fuel Surcharge Detemination - How to find out if you will receive the FSC as an OBC on your cruise
    First Quarter 2009 - FSC given as OBC
    Second Quarter 2009 - FSC given as OBC
    Third Quarter 2009 - No OBC given for FSC
    Fourth Quarter 2009 - No OBC given for FSC

    Gift Baskets - Shirley with The Perfect Gift will design a basket just for you, Pictures of Shirley's baskets!, DCL GIFTS AND AMENITIES
    Gratuities http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/faqs/onboard-services/gratuities/

    GTY - a GTY cabin is a guarantee that you will be booked into at least the category you paid for, possibly put in a higher category, but never a lower category. DCL puts categories in GTY status when they sell a certain percentage of cabins in that category. Think of it as similar to what the airlines do when they oversell seats on a plane, except with a GTY on DCL you WILL BE ON THE CRUISE. You will not be bumped. DCL can keep selling cabins in a category and put them in GTY status as they know a certain percentage of people will cancel and thus they can either upgrade people or keep them in the same category and assign them a cabin number. Cabin number assignments usually happen about 45-30 days before your cruise but can happen anytime. Being on GTY status does not mean you get a horrible cabin or in a less desirable location. It is simply a tool DCL uses to keep selling cabins in a category knowing they may be moving people around as their inventory demands. DCL does not give you the option of either a GTY or cabin assignment. If a cabin is available to be assigned when you book you will be assigned a cabin. You may pick what cabin you want as long as it is available in that category when you book. The only exception to this is the current Cat 12s (which have been reclassified as 11C's for 2011 and beyond). These are only sold in GTY status as there are only 13 of them onboard and they are used to drive sales. They will keep selling the Cat 12s and upgrading along the way to entice people to book at the lowest price point.

    Guarantee vs. IGT, OGT, VGT - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2914256

    Helpful Information Thread - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1520273

    Hidden Mickeys on DCL - List

    Hotels - For information regarding hotels and things to do in the Port Canaveral area please see Shirley's Helpful Thread below. For information regarding hotels near the airport click here.

    Insurance Thread - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2654664

    Internet Access, WiFi and Cell Phones Onboard - DCL info pageTechnology Info

    Inventory Control - fax #407-566-7739
    Please note that DCL only accepts advance requests for categories 1 thru 3 for a cruise that is not available for booking yet.
    *** As of April 2009 DCL has confirmed waitlist requests for 2011 cruises for categories other than 1 thru 3. No official word from DCL received yet. ***

    Kid Clubs - Myths and Misconceptions about Youth Activities from the viewpoint of a club CM
    Graduation Program - Friendship Rocks
    Flounders, Tips For Cruising with a Baby
    Oceanears Club: 3-7
    Oceanears Lab: Magic 8-10, Wonder 8-12
    Ocean Quest: Magic ONLY 11-13, Pictures
    The Stack / Magic 14-17 & Aloft / Wonder 13-17
    Children with disabilities

    Kids only website just added 10/18/2010

    Land and Sea Packages - There is no longer an official Land/Sea Package thru DCL. For current hotel program see heading below under Pre and Post Cruise Hotel Packages

    Laundry Rooms - New Info as of May 30, 2009 Magic DCL has installed swipe payment readers on the washers and dryers on both ships. The cost per load is now $2.00 for each the washer and dryer.

    Laundry Rooms on the Dream Upon review of my photos once I returned home I discovered that the picture of the sign in the laundry room revealed that there were self serve laundry rooms on
    deck 2 (opposite 2002),
    deck 5 (opposite 5192),
    deck 6 (opposite 6508),
    deck 7 (opposite 7014),
    deck 8 (opposite 8150),
    deck 9 (opposite 9500) and
    deck 10 (opposite 10572).

    Each location has at least 4 washers and 2 dryers, 1 iron and ironing board and a folding table and seating bench. At least one location (deck 6) has 8 washer, 4 dryers and 2 irons/ironing boards.
    No need to carry quarters, a swipe of your room key and you can charge a load to wash (45 minute cycle) and/or dry (45 minute cycle) and even purchase laundry supplies (Tide, Clorox and/or Downey).

    Lost and Found - 407-566-3734, the email address is DCL.Lost.and.Found@disney.com
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    Jun 29, 2001

    MCO Information - Links to rental car info, flight info and hotel info at and near the Orlando Airport
    Rental car info at MCO both onsite and offsite agencies
    Hyatt hotel info and offsite hotel info
    Chart of airlines, terminals, baggage claim, etc.

    Medical Form - DCL Medical Form download

    Menus - Kids Menu scans, Palo Menu, Alcoholic Beverage Menu

    MAGIC MENUS from DCL site as of 2/27/2010

    WONDER MENUS from DCL site as of 2/27/2010

    Meeting Rooms - Available on Wonder only


    Mexican Riviera Thread - Menus, Navigator's, etc. - MENUS, NAVIGATOR'S, PORT INFO AND MUCH MORE!

    Minor Authorization Form - If you are traveling with a child of whom you are not the parent or legal guardian, please complete and notarize this form. Bring the notarized form with you to the port terminal.
    DCL download

    Movies - You can call 888-325-2500, choose the reservations option, then ask what movies will be showing the week you cruise.

    Nametag Blanks for Cabin Doors DCL Nametag Blanks

    Navigators Link to various Navigators

    Dream 3 night cruise 11/17-11/20/11 Navigators courtesy of KevieKev05 DREAM 3 NIGHT NAVIGATORS 11/17-11/20/2011

    Dream 4 night cruise 11/13-11/17/11 Navigators
    DREAM 4 NIGHT NAVIGATORS 11/13-11/17/11

    You can help future cruisers by bringing home and scanning a set of navigators from your cruise. Contact one of the moderators for details.

    New York Cruises Info - NEW YORK CRUISES INFO THREAD

    NYC 2012 Port Schedule - see what ships will be in port with the Magic

    Onboard Airline Check-In - DCL Check-In Information, Form from DCL if you need to pay the airline for overweight or extra bags, DCL complete air transportation information

    When you register for Onboard Airline Check-In, you are entitled to:
    Receive your boarding passes and check your luggage for your return flight before you disembark the ship
    Skip luggage claim at the port terminal
    Bypass the airline check-in counter at the airport
    Here's how it works: Reserve air or ground transportation through Disney Cruise Line® and sign up for Onboard Airline Check-In when you check in for your cruise at the port or a Walt Disney World® Resort Hospitality Desk. On the day prior to disembarkation, your airline boarding passes and valet luggage tags will magically be delivered to your stateroom, along with a letter answering common questions you may have. Attach the tags to your luggage and leave your bags outside your stateroom the evening prior to disembarkation. Disney Cruise Line® will collect and deliver your luggage to your airline. When you arrive at Orlando International Airport, proceed to security with your boarding passes already in hand and continue on to your scheduled departure gate. It's that simple!

    Available to Guests flying out of Orlando International Airport on domestic flights (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) on AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, Northwest Airlines, United/Ted Airlines and US Airways it's the perfect ending to a magical cruise vacation! Pre-registration is required and scheduled flights must be after 11:25 a.m. on the day your cruise ends. Guests are limited to two bags per person and each piece must not exceed 50 lbs. Additionally, some Guests may be selected to check in at the airport and unable to use this service.

    For Onboard Airline Check In section

    per DCL today 01/03/2015

    Participating airlines now are

    Alaska Airlines
    American Airlines
    United - no Ted
    U S Airways

    Onboard Booking Discounts -

    The following discounts are only offered if you rebook onboard or transfer an existing OBB to a new date in addition to the 10% discount off cruise fare only. Category 11C/old 12s are receiving both 10% and OBC.
    Silver.................$100 for 3-6nt cruises.........$200 for 7nt or longer cruises
    Gold...................$150 for 3-6nt cruises.........$275 for 7nt or longer cruises
    Platinum.............$200 for 3-6nt cruises..........$350 for 7nt or longer cruises

    ***New rules for Onboard Bookings

    Effective 03/04/2012

    When booking onboard, you are allowed to book 2 reservations per household that will receive the 10% discount, 50% deposit reduction and onboard credit (based on Castaway Club level). They must be for the same sail date. You will not be allowed to book these for someone not on the sailing and that is not in your household.

    Disney Cruise Line will allow you to book more then the 2 reservations for future sailings but they will not have the 50% deposit reduction or 10% Discount. They will have an onboard credit (based on Castaway Club level). There is nothing stating these have to be in the same household so this basically replaces the Friends & Family certificate without giving additional 30 days after sailing to book.

    Effective 3/03/2012

    The Friends & Family certificates are no longer available.

    Packing ListPost of List

    Parking - Parking at the Port is $15 a day. *** American Express is NOT accepted at the parking lot. When you arrive at the parking garge or lot you will receive a ticket and then pay as you exit after the cruise.***

    New rates effective Thurs. 10/6/2011

    3-night cruise - $60

    4-night cruise - $75

    5-night cruise - $90

    7-night cruise - $120

    Passports - Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, Closed loop cruises do NOT require a passport or passport card, Detailed post by USPS Passport Agent :)
    ** If you are traveling on a closed loop cruise without a passport and have a medical emergency that requires you to leave the ship and ultimately fly home, this will be done through Emergency Repatriation. **

    Photos Onboard (also see Shutters)PHOTO PRICING THREAD AS OF 7/6/11

    Picture of the Day DCL PICTURE OF THE DAY THREAD

    Pools - Pool Info
    Mickey Slide age and height limits
    The splash area is very slippery. DISers have suggested that swim shoes are needed for the little ones. :)

    Port Canaveral Information Thread http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1520273

    Port Canaveral Webcam - NEW HD PORT WEBCAM

    Postcards from Mickey - Postcards

    Pre and Post Cruise Hotel Packages Info http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/c...-disney-world-resort-cruise/#wdwresortoptions

    Pricing Thread (2012) - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2594595

    Prohibited Items on DCL - What is not allowed onboard

    REAS - Package information, DCL site info

    Rental Car Info/Location Codes:

    Reshopping a Cruise Onboard - INFO ON HOW TO RESHOP A CRUIE ONBOARD SEE POST #15

    Reservation Hold Time Change Effective 04/02/12
    Effective 4/2/12, when making a new reservation you will be allowed a 1 day hold on suites and concierge (previously 3) and a 3 day hold on all other categories (previously 5). This is for all ships.
    Deposit amounts remain the same.
    (info supplied by WebmasterKelsie)

    Room Service Menu - MENU

    Search Function - Search 101

    Sea Lice - Everything you ever wanted to know about it and some you didn't.

    Shirley's Helpful Thread - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1520273 - Information about the Port Canaveral Area[/URL]

    Shopping Onboard - Shopping

    Shutters - Photos packages onboard are now based on "photo credits" for the different size pictures you want to purchase. Photo sizes are 6x8 or 8x10.

    10 Photo Credits: $89
    20 Photo Credits: $149
    30 Photo Credits: $199

    You can also purchase photo CD's (priced according to length of cruise)

    3, 4 and 5 day cruises the CD is $299
    7 day or longer the CD is $399

    Any purchaser of a CD can purchase any prints or credit package at 1/2 off the advertised price (both Magic and Wonder). , http://support.mycruisephotos.com/support/home, Prepurchase Photo Package here, New Photo CD Info & Discussion
    Contact Info if you forgot to pick up your pics from Shutters or left behind onboard. Email gnusser@imageservices.com (Greg Nusser)
    Operations/Customer Service
    Image Photo Services, Inc.
    P- 786-871-5743 Direct line

    Signature Guidelines - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1610277

    Smoking Policy on DCL Ships -
    Question: Where can I smoke on board?
    Answer: Because we support the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act, smoking is prohibited in all interior spaces throughout our ships. However, as we wish to provide a cruise experience that satisfies everyone, Guests are permitted to smoke on private verandahs and the starboard-side, open-air decks. We periodically review our policy to ensure continued Guest satisfaction. Please note that, due to differences in size and the availability of some services while out at sea, our policies sometimes differ slightly from the Walt Disney World Resort.

    Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Mickey Pool area including the starboard-side of the deck.

    Spa Information - The Vista Spa including list of services offered and prices and hair salon prices, Luxury Villa Suites, Spa and Fitness Center info from Wonder 2/8/09 cruise, Spa Villa Alone Time Review

    Special Itinerary Thread - http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2342856

    Stateroom Door Decorations Policy - PLEASE READ RE USING ADHESIVES

    Stateroom Gifts http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/planning-center/gifts-and-amenities/
    ORDER FORM http://dcl1.wdpromedia.com/media/dcl_v0400/Site/PlanningCenter/GiftsAndAmenities/GiftsOrderForm.pdf

    Stateroom Pictures - Stateroom Guide, Virtual Stateroom Tour

    Stateroom Reports - Room Reports

    Steamer Trunk Storage Cabinet resembling "steamer trunks" from the glory days of cruising. Some cabins have single ones and some have double ones. Here are pics of a single steamer trunk:


    Strollers for Rent - $200.00 security deposit charged to your room account until stroller is returned to Guest Services. Picture of Stroller

    Television Channel Guide - Stateroom Television Listing

    Terminal Changes in PC - Updates

    Tipping - Cruise Tipping Calculator

    Tips for Planning Your Cruise -DIS Board Tips[/URL], DCL Planning Guide and Cruise Tips and Planning Thread

    Town Car Service - Town Cars

    Track the Ships - Disney Magic, Disney Wonder
    Alternate Site

    Travel Agent - Dreams Unlimited

    Travel Insurance through DCL - Vacation Protection Plan Booklet

    Tux Rentals - Cruise Line Formal Website This is offered on the Magic only.

    Vancouver Info - VANCOUVER INFO THREAD



    WDW Merchandise Phone Number and Email: Sometimes you can order DCL merchandise through this number. Describe the item and they will be able to tell you if it is something that can be ordered. Try calling them if you have something to return to DCL. They should be able to tell how to handle it.

    877-560-6477 (toll Free) or 407-363-6200
    Fax: 407-352-6369
    Email: wdw.mail.order@disneyworld.com

    Wine Package List - Prepurchase Wine Package here. List of all wines and prices included in the package Pick the port you will be sailing from and scroll down the amenities list until you find the wine packages.
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