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DIS Dads in December - Let the Party Bus Roll!

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by FreezinRafiki, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. FreezinRafiki

    FreezinRafiki <font color=red>DDC 322<br><font color=navy>Cold e

    If you've come across this Pre Trip Report, you're either a member of the DIS Dads Club or you want to be. :rotfl2: The basic qualifications are
    1) You love Disney
    2) You have some sort of offspring (biological, adopted, step, grandkids, etc)

    To read the full list of qualifications or to join, check out the thread here:http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2439511

    We're just a bunch of guys that happen to enjoy getting together to talk about Disney and other manly things (mostly fart jokes and beer). During our discussions, we have come to discover that several of us are planning trips to Walt Disney World in early December 2010. This Pre Trip Report will be a place for us to post updates and coordinate some type of gathering.

    If you want, check out our little club. If you're interested, joining is easy - just post to that forum and join in on the conversation. And if you're going anytime between Dec 3 and Dec 11, 2010 post your details here.

    I'll keep an updated list of potential or confirmed attendees here. I'll see you in December!


    Username: FreezinRafiki
    Real Name: Barry
    Famiy: DW, DD6, DS4 (ages as of time of trip)
    Dates: Dec 5 - 10, 2010
    Resort: Tree House Villas

    Username: Disney Commando
    Real Name: Ron
    Family: DW, DS5
    Dates: Dec 5 - 11, 2010
    Resort: All Star Music

    Username: dvczerfs
    Real Name: Dave
    Dates: Nov 30 - Dec 11, 2010
    Resort: Old Key West

    Username: GorshGoofy
    Real Name: Ray
    Family: DD17, D'Niece16
    Dates: Dec 5 - 11, 2010
    Resort: Pop Century

    Username: Goofy + 3
    Real name: Chris
    Family: DW, DD5, DS3, DD.5 (will not be on the trip)
    Dates: Dec 3-10, 2010
    Location: Boardwalk Villas

    Username: DisneyDadC
    Real Name: Carl
    Family: DW, DS17, DD13, DD11, DS7, DS5 - plus a whole mess of extended family
    Dates: Dec 4 - 11, 2010
    Resort: Saratoga Springs (hoping to change to BWV or BCV)

    Username: DisneyFed
    Real Name: Mike

    Real Name: Christopher
    Family: traveling solo
    Dates: Dec 5 - 8
    Resort: AKV

    Username: KYCruiseCrazy
    Dates: Dec 10 - 18
    Resort: AKV & BLT

    Username: that's nice
    Real Name: Tim
    Family: DW, DD4
    Dates: Dec 1 - 7
    Resort: Give Kids the World Village

    Username: Sonnyeclipse
    Real Name: Colin
    Family: DD 12
    Dates: Dec 8 - 13
    Resort: split stay at AKV and BWV

    Real Name: Jim
    Dates: Dec 7 - 17

    Username: chillcoupons
    Real Name: Christian
    Dates: Dec 3 -7
    Resort: Trying to get on site...

    Username: jason4024
    Real Name: Jason
    Family: DW, DD7, DS4
    Dates: Dec 9-16, 2010
    Resort: Pop Century

    A Week Earlier
    Username: Cinderrella's Fella
    Dates: Nov 28 - Dec 4, 2010

    Username: GoHerd1028
    Dates Nov 26? - Dec 5, 2010

    Username: oregondaddyof2
    Real Name: Terry
    Family: DW
    Dates:Nov 28 - Dec 7
    Resort: Pop Century

    Event Suggestions
    This area will be used to keep a running list of ideas/suggestions for events to use as a get together during the trip. Feel free to post new ideas in the thread and I'll update this list.
    • Drinking around the world
    • Take over Barnstormer if still there(or just any ride)
    • All try to do MVMCP on same night
    • Golf outing
    • Meet and greet at ESPN Zone
    • Breakfast gathering
    • Dis Dad group photo with the Mayor of Disney (our future boss)
    • Dis Dad group photo with Santa Goofy
    • Dis Dad horse drawn trolly ride down Main Street with Dapper Dan's on the back
    • Try to get into a parade with The Dis Dads as the Grand Marrshell's
    • Dis Dads open a park
    • We could all ride a bus to make sure MAN LAW is being upheld
    • Passing of the torch. Incoming dads try to meet up with outgoing dads for a hello and a handshake.
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  3. FreezinRafiki

    FreezinRafiki <font color=red>DDC 322<br><font color=navy>Cold e

    And now for my details.
    My name is Barry, and I have been married for 9 wonderful years to Bambi. Two kids: DD5 (Madison) and DS3 (Evan). I guess you could call us Disney Veterans. We've been to Disney World just about every year for the 6 or so.

    Plans have changed. We've secured cheap airfare from Milwaukee to Orlando, we'll be flying down Dec 4, back on Dec 12. We have a Tree House Villa booked for us and a mother/son that we will be traveling with. .
  4. DisneyDaddy-O

    DisneyDaddy-O <font color=red>Dis Dads Club Member #286<br><font

    Im here, I don't know if I will make it, but I'm here. popcorn::
  5. that's nice

    that's nice <font color=red>DDC #330 <img src=http://photopost

    Hopping on board!!!!!

    Now i can really stalk you! :lmao:

    EDIT::: I just realized this is for the December Trip... what's up with the March trip?
  6. FreezinRafiki

    FreezinRafiki <font color=red>DDC 322<br><font color=navy>Cold e

    I put this up due to the number of guys that were thinking about going in December. It's not really my PTR. It's for everybody. I'm just the caretaker.

    I'm still on the fence about doing a March PTR. I mean, who's crazy enough to have 2 Trip Reports at once? :lmao::rotfl2:
  7. tutter99

    tutter99 New Member

    I'm in as well:woohoo:
    We'll be at AKV as well. At the very least I think we should have some type of group photo in the lobby one of the nights for the entire DisDad clan. We always prebuy the Photopass CD every time we go so it won't be hard to get copies to whoever wants them.

    I'm not sure of any of the logistics of the trip yet but will definitely be there.
  8. FreezinRafiki

    FreezinRafiki <font color=red>DDC 322<br><font color=navy>Cold e

    You've been added. The group shot is a great idea. :thumbsup2
  9. Emma's Dad

    Emma's Dad <marquee><font color=red>DIS Dad's Club Member</ma

    Sub'd. Not sure I'd be down to WDW then, but it'll be interesting to see what you guys come up with :thumbsup2
  10. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    User Name - Disney Commando
    Real Name - Ron
    Dis Trip - Dec 5 - 11
    Resort - ASM

    Kudos! To Barry for starting this page, and working on logo!!

    To make this work will be a TEAM effort, even is you can not make this date, all Dad's will have a important role.

    First thing we have to come up with is a offical shirt, color, logo etc. Got to get it out there that we are here! Maybe even a window decal for your car, ex. Member of the Dis Dads Club@ Dis Boards. com , This will most likely add members and ideas, and would be a positive thing (will get into that at later time)

    2nd - What are our objectives, do we want to do, open a park, be in a parade, do we want to fill a whole ride like Space Mountain, Rock & Roll Rollercoaster etc. A group photo as mentioned is a must. We have to figure out at least 5 things that are not out of reason.

    These are the things we should focus on now, and go from here.
  11. FreezinRafiki

    FreezinRafiki <font color=red>DDC 322<br><font color=navy>Cold e

    You're officially on the roster! I love the enthusiasm!
  12. GoHerd1028

    GoHerd1028 <font color=red>DDC 172<br><font color=green>"Inse

    Well, I am like Don. I wont be able to be there next December but I want to know what you guys come up with and accomplish!:thumbsup2
  13. stopher1

    stopher1 <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    Don't know yet if we'll be able to make it happen or not - but I definitely want to keep informed. And maybe it'll work out that I can be there just me...not sure yet - but I'm intrigued!
  14. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    Hope you can make it! With as many trips that you have made your insight of how they operate things at the parks will be most helpful:goodvibes
  15. FreezinRafiki

    FreezinRafiki <font color=red>DDC 322<br><font color=navy>Cold e

    I have saved a high resolution copy of the Dis Dads Club logo to:

    This file is the 300 dpi version that threadsmith.com requires to embroider onto shirts, hats, backpacks, etc. Simply download the file to your computer, create an account at threadsmith.com, upload this file and add it to whatever item you want. You can change the color of the logo when you add it to your garment.
  16. middlepat

    middlepat Dis Dad Member #325

    Gotta sub this thread. Not sure if we'll be in the mix for 2010, but maybe 2011 or beyond.
  17. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    I agree a group shot would be awesome, but I think we should kick it up a noche and do a group shot with the top dad Goofy or Santa Goofy!

    If we wait in line to get a picture they most likely will let us do it:banana:
  18. Captain_Oblivious

    Captain_Oblivious <font color=red>DIS Dad #257<br><font color=green>

    Well, I probably won't be there in December, but that doesn't mean I can't live vicariously through you guys.
  19. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    I just listed The Dis Dads on the Dis Countdown Clock. I put the arrival as 12/4/10 and depart 12/12/10.
  20. FreezinRafiki

    FreezinRafiki <font color=red>DDC 322<br><font color=navy>Cold e

    I didn't even know that existed. Thanks!
  21. DisneyDaddy-O

    DisneyDaddy-O <font color=red>Dis Dads Club Member #286<br><font

    Where do you see that, can you add a link to it?

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