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Dining Dress Code for kids?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Musicalmommy, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Musicalmommy

    Musicalmommy Earning My Ears

    How strict are they with little boys and pants at dinner.

    My boys are 3 and 5, and they have cute navy blue and white striped polo shirts and tan cargo shorts I hoped to pack for the trip. Is this dressy enough for dinner?

    I see Jeans are ok, but the tan shorts on little boys actually come across as more dressy in my opinion. They are also better than swooshy pants which I think would be ok, according to the dress code. But would not look nearly as nice.

    Honestly other than one pair of ill fitting black formal pants each, that I am trying to avoid packing, they don't have dress pants. We are on 4 night and there is only one dress up optional night.

    Will they be turned away in their cute little matchy outfits because of the shorts?
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  3. jdb in AZ

    jdb in AZ <font color=green>It could end up curdled<br><font

    They will not be turned away. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. ALSBC91

    ALSBC91 Member

    I've never seen anyone turned away at the main dining rooms for what they are wearing.

    That being said, in my family, we follow the DCL dress code. DH and I have decided it's a good lesson on dressing for the appropriate occasion. My kids are all teens now. The boys wear a pair of khaki pants for dinner on regular nights, semi formal is suit pants, shirt & tie, formal night is full suit. I found cheap pants at WalMart as well as a few second hand/ consignment shops. It also helps that their school uniform requires either khaki or navy pants! LOL!
  5. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS Veteran

    Here is the dress code from the DCL site:

    Question What should I wear to dinner?
    Answer Dining Dress requirements vary by venue or theme night on your cruise. In general, most meals are "Cruise Casual"—no shorts, swimwear or tank tops. Most cruises also have special theme nights with additional attire requirements.

    It doesn't make any distinction based on ages.

    Yes, they will not turn anyone away from the MDRs who doesn't follow the suggested dress policy, but it's your call as to whether you go with your hosts request.
  6. stsomewhere

    stsomewhere Mouseketeer

    I received this from Disney this morning.

    Thank you for your interest in a Disney Cruise Line vacation!

    I would be happy to assist you.

    Dining attire varies by venue or theme night on your cruise. In general,
    most meals are "Cruise Casual"-- jeans, khakis and capris are permitted;
    however, we ask that Guests refrain from wearing shorts, swimwear or
    tank tops in the dining rooms.

    Below is the recommended attire for your cruise itinerary and is subject
    to change:

    On 8-night Bahamian cruises out of Galveston:
    *Nights 1, 3, 4, 5, & 8: cruise casual
    *Night 2: "formal night": formal wear for men: tuxedo or suit; for
    women: gown or dress
    *Night 6: pirate night with deck party: cruise casual or bring your
    best pirate outfit!
    *Night 7: "semi-formal night": semi-formal wear for men: suit/jacket;
    for women: dress or pantsuit

    These requirements are not mandatory for the rotational dining
    restaurants on the ship; however, in order to re-create a classic and
    memorable dining experience for you and all our Guests, we recommend the
    attire schedule that is planned for your upcoming cruise.
  7. BrennaM

    BrennaM Member

    I saw a man in a tanktop and shorts on formal night once. They will not turn you away from the dining room.

    I like that they are flexible with this, but I do think the man took advantage in that circumstance. My hubby will wear a golf shirt and shorts on most nights except for semi formal and formal night. On those nights he has to wear pants. heh
  8. Tabologist

    Tabologist Member

    I agree :) How you present yourself shows respect
  9. kcashner

    kcashner DIS Veteran

    There is no "dress code" in the main dining rooms. There is "suggested attire" and "requests." No difference is made for kids vs. adults. The only thing that will get you turned away is no shoes or overt, obvious swimwear.

    Adult dining venues do have an enforced dress code.

    DCL requests no tank tops or shorts at dinner. Have I seen lots of people in both--yup. We try to abide by the suggestions, but honestly, someone else who wears shorts in the dining room isn't going to ruin my evening. Now, if he is wearing shorts as a way to thumb his nose at DCL and prove that he can do whatever he wants, that may infer a certain sort of attitude and behavior.

    If your kids are reasonably behaved at dinner, no one, including me, cares what they are wearing.
  10. manateesmom

    manateesmom Member

    IMO, "dress codes" are the most anxiety-provoking aspect of cruising for first-time cruisers. On any forum, there will always be people happy to tell you that you're a crass hooligan for not buying yourself and your infant dress clothes to go to dinner. Plenty of people skip "formal" or "semi-formal" nights in the dining room to avoid the hassle or anxiety.

    Whenever we cruise, our servers always tell us to please feel free to be comfortable and not worry about "dress codes," that we are always welcome and they'd miss us if we skipped a night. I've never seen anyone banned from a cruise ship MDR. There is a vast array of socioeconomic strata, ages, geographic origins, and body type and weight represented in any dining venue, and a dizzingly array of wardrobe choices. Despite the howling of the "dress code police," the suggested attire is just that, suggested, and your servers want you to enjoy your cruise and not stress out about what you're wearing.

    The outfits you describe sound cute. I would not worry in the least. Nor would I go to the trouble of buying special occasion clothes for a single wearing when kids outgrow sizes so quickly at that age. Don't worry about it.
  11. saraheubanks1

    saraheubanks1 Earning My Ears

    My boys were your boys ages on our first cruise and they wore "dressy" shorts every night. They wore polo shirts or tropical button up shirts, not just t shirts. I thought they were dressed very appropriately esp after seeing other little boys. It's what they wear to church in the warmer months. Don't see the difference in that and girls wearing little sundresses. Have fun!
  12. over50visits

    over50visits Mouseketeer

    What a wonderful way for them to describe their policy!
  13. ilovetexas

    ilovetexas Mouseketeer

    Even those of us in the "dress code police" don't have a problem with 3 and 5 year old boys wearing nice shorts and shirts. I'm sure they will be cute; take lots of pics, they grow up too fast!

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  14. I❤MICKEY

    I❤MICKEY Mouseketeer

    We are going on our first cruise in a few weeks and I completely agree with this statement. I'm most concerned about the semi and formal nights.

    Thank you for posting. We are going on a 8-night Bahamian cruise 2/15. Your post has made me adjust my nursery hours/nights.

    Does anyone know if the menu change on semi-formal and formal nights?
  15. owensamo

    owensamo Mouseketeer

    The menus change every night. The three rotational restaurants have their own menu, and the other nights will be themed, each with its own special menu (in all 3 dining rooms).
  16. oatway

    oatway Earning My Ears

    I agree as well. Not so much for me (I'd go white tie every night if I could), but for my parents. They almost declined to join us on our upcoming cruise because my dad is not comfortable dressing up. I only remember ever seeing him in a suit at my wedding, and my brother's. He will be fine for the cruise casual nights, but on formal night and semi-formal night they will likely dine in my suite. This is the only way they would agree to come.

    Would someone please clarify for me if formal and semi-formal attire is required/recommended on those nights after dinner when out at the shows or lounges, walking about the ship, etc.? I presume the dress code applies to the entire evening.
  17. owensamo

    owensamo Mouseketeer

    As far as I know, the dress code only applies to dinner. However, you will see people who wear their formal/semiformal wear all evening.

    Our family usually does - this is so we can get tons of photos taken by the photographers (with every imaginable backdrop and character), but also so we can enjoy all of the activities without worrying about having to run back to the other end of the ship, change, and hurry back for a show! :rotfl2:
  18. jdb in AZ

    jdb in AZ <font color=green>It could end up curdled<br><font

    I've been on cruise lines where they "request" that everyone stay dressed up for the entire evening. DCL does not do that. I like to slip into something more comfortable to enjoy the show after dinner.
  19. moore523

    moore523 Member

    So glad you asked this! I was just talking to my sister about this very topic tonight! My little guy, age 2, has so many cute "dressier" shorts and I feel as though it is completely appropriate for the cruise. As you stated, he'll be wearing cute little button down shirts, etc.

    Thanks again!
  20. sdflipside

    sdflipside Earning My Ears

    Thanks for asking this! I was also wondering the same and also what is the temp on board. Should I be packing a light sweater for the kids? I am doing first cruise next month on the Dream.
  21. kcashner

    kcashner DIS Veteran

    Sometimes we go to the show totally casual and then dress for dinner in the break after the show. No, you are not expected to remain dressed up all night.

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