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DINING CENTRAL-Join other DISers over a meal

Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by KarenNY, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. SuperDave

    SuperDave New Member

    Anyone still using this thread? Hasn't been used since last August, but is a good way for solos to meet up for a meal. May need to update the Dining Central monthly links. I would consider using this method to meet for a meal if it was updated. If not is there another thread in the Adults/Solo travelers to do this? Am a single male and will be in Disney from end of Feb to early March for a week. Have a few ADRs in good restaurants at Disney as a solo and would like company for one or more of them. May be male or female.
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  3. PennConn

    PennConn New Member

    Hi Dave

    You're best bet is probably to start a NEW Thread in Adults/Solo with your dates in the Title.
  4. bpmorley

    bpmorley Can wear the Mickey Ears with the best of them

    We're not going back til the end of May. I planned on using this site soon to look for people to hang out with
  5. ANTSS2001

    ANTSS2001 <font color=deeppink>Talented Poet<br><font color=

    Daisy... when are your dates.. I missed it.. I was MIA for awhile on that thread... we have a good size December list but so far the major planning is for the upcmong Sept. hope to see you at the flipsdie!!!:hug:
  6. J&J

    J&J New Member

    would like to meet someone to sgare a meal.
  7. Disneydonnam

    Disneydonnam DIS VETERAN

    We will be at BWV 9/10-9/14 and then again 12/6-12/13
  8. NOrleansTink

    NOrleansTink New Member

    We would love to meet to share lunch or breakfast with any other enthusiastic Disney couples. Not spending a lot of time in the parks, more just seeing all the other Christmas sights (especially the Gingerbread Houses)! :wizard:
  9. Hi all

    I'll be leaving soon (6 1/2 days) for WDW and would like to find someone to share one very special meal with me at the California Grill (? - the nice restaurant on the top of the Contemporary resort). This dinner is for Saturday, Oct 18 at 8 p.m. Please let me know ASAP if your interested.

  10. Bill Brown

    Bill Brown December Guest

    Contact ANTSS2001 to join DISers for lunch at the Yak & Yeti, 1:30 p.m., 9 December 2008. ANTSS2001 made ressies for 8 and last I read, 4 were still available.:goodvibes
  11. Disneydonnam

    Disneydonnam DIS VETERAN

    I will send Timmy an email. I think I signed up for this lunch for 2. If seats are still available would love to have lunch with you.
  12. Bill Brown

    Bill Brown December Guest

    DISers staying at the POP are invited to join up for breakfast, 7:30 a.m., 11 December 2008. No ressies required. Just look for a group of DISers at a table. I'll be wearing my Brasil green and yellow t-shirt in the photo.

    FYI - That afternoon, several Mousefest folks are meeting up for MVMCP at Columbia Harbour House (upstairs), 4:30 p.m. Just show up.
  13. Anna77

    Anna77 New Member

    I'm going May 11-20 2009 staying at All Star Movies. I'm on the Disney Dining plan and have so far only been able to book Chef Mickey's for Dinner. I will get to make the rest of my ADR's next month.

  14. kesharn81

    kesharn81 New Member

    good meal with wonderful tea coffee

  15. Bill Brown

    Bill Brown December Guest

    Hope too many chairs won't get tossed in the scuffle to secure a table.pirate: It's been pretty busy each morning for the past couple days.
  16. Bill Brown

    Bill Brown December Guest

    Well, no other DISers showed.:sad2: I don't want to sound too petty or vindictive, but today expect periodic torrential downpours and thunderstorms. So there!:maleficen Actually, I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Disney day, just carry your rain gear. I'm still going to attend MVMCP, tonight.:mickeyjum
  17. 1ST time at DW

    1ST time at DW New Member

    Hubby and I No Grandkids,No bosses(cept me)from PA :woohoo:Seeya there
  18. Lorenski

    Lorenski New Member

    I will be at the world MAy 15th. thru May 22nd. Love to meet up if anyone would like. :)
  19. bpmorley

    bpmorley Can wear the Mickey Ears with the best of them

    We will be @ SSR May 29 to June 1. No parks this weekend, we'll be relaxing after a Bahama cruise. If anyone is @ SSR or wants to come over, I'm usually @ one of the BBQ pits in the afternoon. Come on over have a beer, have a burger.
  20. ANTSS2001

    ANTSS2001 <font color=deeppink>Talented Poet<br><font color=

    now why cant you do that on June 6th when I am there :(
  21. bpmorley

    bpmorley Can wear the Mickey Ears with the best of them

    Sorry If I didn't have to go back to work I would hook you up.

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