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Dinglehoppers and Snarfblats! Sept/Oct TR at AoA ~ NEW Nov13 ~

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Mickey_Mom, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Mickey_Mom

    Mickey_Mom New Member









    Each day Demetri would try and remember the names of the dinglehopper and snarfblat on his own... early on some of the names he came out with were hysterical... but he did eventually get the names down pat.

    Our first day had come to an end and though we didn't get to swim as much as we wanted to, everything else came together! :thumbsup2

    Next up... Hurray for Hollywood!

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  3. Mickey_Mom

    Mickey_Mom New Member

    :welcome: Welcome aboard!!
  4. Tinkermom76

    Tinkermom76 Gawrsh

    wasn't it annoying how much the pools got closed :mad:

    I love your pics of the resort, I am so glad you liked it!!!
  5. PracPerfPatricia

    PracPerfPatricia New Member

    Hey Tracy,

    New Trippie... yeah... :banana::banana::banana:

    Saw some great pictures...subbing on and going back to read...:goodvibes

  6. ellajeansmom

    ellajeansmom New Member

    Hi Tracy...I was excited to see a new TR from you! Love all the pics from AoA, especially the LM room, it all looks amazing :thumbsup2

    Wow that rain really came down hard, too bad your pool time was cut short.

    Fun evening at DTD, the Phineas and Ferb activity looks cool :)
  7. msengle4

    msengle4 New Member

    Your pictures are lovely! The resort looks like so much fun. :goodvibes
  8. PracPerfPatricia

    PracPerfPatricia New Member

    Awesome photos of AoA... It's like being immersed in a cartoon... really vivid evocative imagery...:thumbsup2

    Yeah on Ariana's Sweet 16th and yeah on spending it at Disney... :flower3:

    (btw-I'm glad the house was still standing when you got home...that's always a plus...:lmao: I'm going to be facing that same situation in December )

    I think David may need a plush Perry...or I may need one...;)

    We love WPE and those Steaks look pretty darn good:thumbsup2

    Looking forward to reading more...popcorn::
  9. Mickey_Mom

    Mickey_Mom New Member

    Yup, this was the rainiest trip I've had so far. I was chatting with a lifeguard on one such aborted swimming excursion and he said they wait 30 minutes past the last lightning strike before reopening. Demetri and I were sitting outside the main hall one early evening waiting for a storm to pass - just when you think it's clearing up - ZAP! - restart your 30 minute count. :headache:

    Hey Triple-P! :welcome:

    Hello!! :welcome: Glad you're here! There were definately some pretty intense storms this trip and they seemed to hit around the same time. I remember one person on a bus ride remarking you could practically set your watch to it!

    It was a nice relaxed night at DTD. George thought he was being funny at one point going up to a DVC kiosk and asking them to send us info. Told me with a smile he had to keep my hopes up. :rotfl:

    Hello and :welcome: Thanks for joining in! I really loved the resort, switching really worked out well. :thumbsup2

    The theming was incredible.... Demetri was chomping at the bit to go check out the Cars section but he had to hold off until our first resort day. Arrival day went so fast!

    I was in contact with Alex via texting most days while we gone. One time I'd fired off about four questions at once asking him if he had any funny money left, was he eating well, was his uncle checking in on him and if the house was still standing. He replied "Yes, yes, yes, and you'll have to find out when you get here." :lmao:

    Yes you do need a Perry! We have both Perry as the cross eyed pet platypus and as Agent P with his fedora. Demetri left his beloved Bunny at home to bring Perry!

    The steaks were absolutely divine and tied with my favorite meal of the trip. The meal later in the week that it tied with surprised me. ;)
  10. Angies1274

    Angies1274 New Member

    Great update!!:thumbsup2

    Sorry about the rain and not being able to get any pool time.:( Glad that it let up for your trip to DTD though....::yes::

    The Phineas and Ferb reality setup looked really cute!! Noah would love that! It's only for a limited time though...right?

    Glad you enjoyed Wolfgang Puck again! Your dinner looks very yummy!!

    The picture of Demetri and Mr. Potato head is too cute!!:goodvibes
  11. Mickey_Mom

    Mickey_Mom New Member

    Last I'd read the P&F reality thing was only until December 1st. Not sure why they wouldn't keep it there longer if it's popular. Our wait in line was 15 minutes, moving pretty steady. I hope it stays!

    George isn't crazy about the onion crisps at WPC so he dumped all of his on mine.... yummmmmmmm!

    Demetri was funny... I'd told him before we left for the trip that some of my favorite photos were the silly ones so whenever he remembered he tried to be goofy. :goodvibes
  12. ddstratton

    ddstratton New Member

    Nice pictures! Looking forward to reading about your trip.
  13. Mickey_Mom

    Mickey_Mom New Member

    Hi! :welcome: aboard! I'll get an update done later today :thumbsup2
  14. Mickey_Mom

    Mickey_Mom New Member

    Occasionally during last year's trip, Demetri would ask if he could use my camera. Some of his pictures were hilarious and I loved seeing what he wanted to take pictures of. So this year, I'd planned on taking my old camera for him to use more often. (Little did I know the monster I'd created... :rolleyes1)

    At the last minute, we couldn't find the memory cards that go with my old camera - it's a Fuji and uses XD cards - and new ones were a ridiculous $40 each for 1GB, so I considered getting him a point and shoot that would become the family backup after the trip.

    Enter fuzzy Disney math! :teacher: ;)

    My main camera though was a bit older (it too needed the over priced XD cards) and I'd already been considering getting a new one myself, so then we looked into spending a bit more for a new main camera and letting my old main one become the family backup. :cool1:

    Made sense to me so staying within the Fuji family but ditching those XD cards, I had a new main camera - a Finepix HS25 16MP - :dance3: - and Demetri used my previously main camera - the Finepix S1000fd 10MP. He'd made a deal with his brother to take at least 300 pictures and he was very serious about keeping that deal. :laughing: Here are some of his from our first day.....








    Tally count as of day 1: 45 pictures :thumbsup2

    Now for a bit of trivia fun. :goodvibes On one of our resort days, we had fun poolside with a trivia contest. We had some stiff competition (including a guy who was Googling the questions each time from his table :mad: not fair!) but we beat him and everyone else to be the champs for the day! :yay:

    Wanna see how well you would have done? I'll ask two questions each time I recap a day with Demetri's pictures. Here are the first two:

    1. In Disney's Robin Hood, what is the name of the town?

    2. In 101 Dalmations, what are the names of Cruella De Vil's two evil helpers?

  15. PracPerfPatricia

    PracPerfPatricia New Member

    Love the photos... especially the one of Perry and Sebastian... I love both of them and have never seen them together before...:thumbsup2

    hmmm.... according to David-and he's usually right about these things...

    1. Nottingham (I though maybe Disney changed the name... but David is pretty sure it's just Nottingham...

    2. Jasper and Horace are Cruella's evil henchmen....

    Hurray for Disney Math...:cool1:
  16. Daddy_of_Princesses

    Daddy_of_Princesses The downside of being better than everyone else is

    Good read so far. Now if someone else would get around to updating her thread, I would have a couple things to read. I won't mention any names, but it rhymes with minkertomeleventysticks.:rotfl2:
  17. scottny

    scottny <font color=blue>You better have crackers<br><font

    Great report and pics so far.

    AofA is gorgeous. I walked over twice and looked at it and took pics. One daytime and the other night time.

    Looks like fun times were being had.

    He took some great pics.
  18. Tinkermom76

    Tinkermom76 Gawrsh

    Great update Tracy, Demetri is becoming quite the little photographer!!!!

    Really Mike???
  19. Kathy Jetson

    Kathy Jetson New Member

    Hi Tracey! I just found your tr:hyper:

    I love your and Ariana's nails! I've always wanted to get them done for a trip but I never get around to it. I do always get my hair done before a trip though so at least I'm doing something:laughing:

    A 3:00am flight:scared1: well I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to get to Disney!

    Sorry to hear it rained and they shut the pool before you made it in, but at least you got some good pictures of the kids swimming in the rain at Disney.

    It looks like you had a great dinner at DTD!

    We stayed at Pop in June and walked over to AoA. Nemo was the only open section but we got to look at the Cars section and take pictures it was almost ready to open.

    I can't wait to hear about your family's fun adventures!
  20. Daddy_of_Princesses

    Daddy_of_Princesses The downside of being better than everyone else is

    Sorry, sometimes I just can't control the urge to be a smart @$$
  21. Angies1274

    Angies1274 New Member

    Demetri did a great job taking pictures!!:thumbsup2 I'll have to remember to start posting the ones Noah took...I keep forgetting because they are in a separate folder.:rolleyes1 Hmm...not sure about the trivia questions.:confused3 If the boys were home they would probably know! Apparently, I need to brush up on my Disney trivia!

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