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didn't know there is a forum for this!!!

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by simonsayz, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. simonsayz

    simonsayz Loving Dis!

    Hey all! I didn't realize there is a forum for this in DisBoards!!!

    I've been posting in a blog of my own to keep track of myself


    have 24 entries already. Pretty much a daily update. sometimes I miss a day or two, but I do make up for it by trying to remember the details :lmao:

    well here is a bit about myself

    I am 28, about 3 months ago I was and still am overweight. I was about 187lbs
    My goal is 151-155 before I hit Nov 25 (day of Disney) However, I am trying to do it in a more normal way instead of losing fast weight.
    This is my 2nd time losing the weight.

    My first time going on a diet + exercise was about 4 years ago. I was 190lb and lost 30 lbs within 3 months. After 2 years of being 160-165 I started dating again and gained weight and you know the present now lol

    So back to my weight. I am now in the range of 166-170. Usually I am in the 167-168. I think if I can hit 160 by Disney travel day I should be good.
    But I just know I will gain back 10lbs from all the food from the World. (I am on a dining plan) :rotfl2:
    Weight fluctuates because of the exercise I do with muscle gain and fat loss. Food I eat of course.

    I keep track of what I eat as much as I can

    My workout routine is TAPOUT XT (extreme training using MMA style) I lost about 15 pounds within the first month. I was then in a plateau being stuck at 175. I went on a juice fasting for 3 days, but couldn't do it because of the lack of energy I needed for the workout I do (very intense). However, within that 3 days I lose about 3-5lbs.
    So I started thinking how can I get over this Plateau?
    I calculated my calories intake and changed my way of eating.

    I believe my method can help you as well. You don't have to go crazy and yet still lose weight.

    Main idea of this food plan is

    Breakfast: lots of protein, with normal amount of carbs
    Lunch: some protein with low to normal amount of carbs
    Dinner: lots of proteins with very little carbs

    I workout in the morning before eating breakfast. So after an intense of workout, burning up to 1200 calories each workout. I would need proteins (if you don't have time for breakfast, buy a box of protein bars, I usually get anywhere from 21g to 25g of protein), egg whites are a good alternative. Carbs will include rice and anything starchy.

    You need the carbs for energy, the intense workout will carry out through the day burning fat without any more further activities.

    I am also taking fat burning supplements to help me pass the plateau, which I am now stuck around 166-170

    for dinner, intake anywhere from zero to low carbs. By the end of the day, the workout has already finished burning up and need to recover. When you eat normal to lots of carbs at dinner. During your sleep, those carbs are not being burned up and then converted to Fat storage.

    Also intake lower calories than your ideal calories to lose the weight. 3500 calories = 1 pound. Of course even without working out your body automatically burns # amount of calories.
    You would have to calculate that yourself. do a quick search on google.com or duckduckgo.com (my most preferred search engine)

    Actually here is a link (I did the work for you) http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm

    Here's a screenshot of my info

    This calculator is spot on, because I did a manual calculation with a formula founded from another health website. This helps you calculate the amount of calories to intake a day!

    If you anyone wants some advices or just to ask a quick question feel free to email me simonsayz at outlook.com (it's my personal email) don't want any bot spammers to find my email.

    feel free to give me some feedback & comment on my blog. Happy exercising! :yay::yay::yay::yay:
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  3. simonsayz

    simonsayz Loving Dis!

    I created an excel spreadsheet for calculation of body fat percentage, BMI, BMR, and RMR.

    I even included the amount of caloric intake to maintain your current weight and the caloric intake to lose weight.

    I am not sure if the women's calculation is off, but it should be close. I could update that when I get the chance. Lots of formulas to input.

    The men's formula definitely works!


    Download Spreadsheet
  4. simonsayz

    simonsayz Loving Dis!

    just signed up for Myfitnesspal, username is simonsayzeat http://www.myfitnesspal.com/simonsayzeat

    Ok I found out how to use this properly.

    you can use my spreadsheet above to get a more accurate calorie intake instead of using the Guide

    MY BMR is 2128 calories if i don't workout and just sit on my desk all day (which I do as an accountant)

    I want to lose 2 pounds a week so that will be 1000 calories deficit

    My NET Calorie Intake should be 1128

    Since my workout is burns from 1000-1200 cal. I can just add that to my net calorie intake and it will be exactly what my BMR would be 2128 for the day ONLY IF I WORKOUT

    On weekends I do not workout so I can only consume 1128cal each day.

    Hope this helps
  5. afnaechiquita

    afnaechiquita Mouseketeer

    I have heard that when calculating your caloric intake, you should do it for the weight you want to be at, not the weight you're currently at (because when providing your current weight, it will tell you how many calories to maintain). I have no PhD, just lots of googling, so I have no idea if that's healthy or right! But, look into it. That may help you to get over your plateau?
  6. simonsayz

    simonsayz Loving Dis!

    thanks and I knew that lol

    BMR at current weight is to maintain, subtract 500 calories to lose 1 pound per week. in my case 1000cal to lose 2 pounds.
  7. lyssabrittany

    lyssabrittany Earning My Ears

    You shouldn't really be taking calories away from your BMR, you should take them away from your AMR. You really should never eat below your BMR because that's the amount of calories you burn just being alive.
  8. simonsayz

    simonsayz Loving Dis!

    In my spreadsheet I didn't state AMR but AMR is there when you do the multiplying of the percentage of activity such as Sedentary

    AMR = (BMR x %-of-activity) + BMR

    I am not taking away calories from my BMR i am taking it away from AMR. But thanks for clarifying this up. :thumbsup2
  9. lyssabrittany

    lyssabrittany Earning My Ears

    Glad you knew that :) I see so many people starving themselves because they don't understand the formula. Good luck :)

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