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diabetes and using scooter

Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by mockmom3, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. mockmom3

    mockmom3 Member

    My husband has diabetes and nerve pain in his legs that makes it difficult to walk or stand for long periods. We are going to rent a scooter to use. Can we use it while in the waiting lines and would we need a DAS card to do so? We don't mind waiting as long as he can sit while doing so.
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  3. SueM in MN

    SueM in MN <font color=red>It's like combining the teacups wi Moderator

    No. You don't need a DAS card to use an ECV or wheelchair in one.

    The CM at the entrance to the attraction can see the ECV and route you where you need to go.

    If he has other additional disability related needs that involve waiting in a line that are not met by having the ECV, then he would also need a DAS.
    Some attractions have lines that are wheelchair accessible, but not ECV accessible. For those, he should talk to the CM greeting at the entrance to the line before parking his ECV
  4. mockmom3

    mockmom3 Member

    ok thank you :)
  5. The Hunchback

    The Hunchback Earning My Ears

    As was pointed out, some attractions have you transfer to a regular wheelchair for the wait in line. Those are okay. One that does not have you transfer, and should, is the Haunted Mansion. They have you bring your EVC into the stretch rooms and then hustle it out the attraction exit to park. You have to walk back in. The going from light to dark to light to dark, really gives my eyes trouble. I am half way through the attraction before I can see right and am unstressed over driving in the dark.
    My suggestion for this one is to have the ECV rider sit near the entrance to the attraction and the other person go park the ECV by the attraction exit. Then get in line together, hope it is not too long, and enter standing. Pick up the ECV on the way out.
    You will enjoy it more.

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