Dessert party question?

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by rnin02, Nov 18, 2012.

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    May 23, 2007
    This might be covered in the other threads, but I couldn't find it when I skimmed quickly. Those are big threads, lol!

    I did read you can arrive prior to the reservation time, anyone can arrive as soon as the party opens. My questions are: how do you know in advance what time it will open? is it always an hour before wishes? And how far in advance of opening should we get there if we want good dessert selection? I am not sure that we will be in MK that day as our "park of the day", we may just be arriving for the party and fireworks, so I want to make sure we give ourselves plenty of lead time. Thanks so much!
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    I had 7:10pm ressies for the party a few weeks ago, we were walking by the area at about 6:45pm heading to the restroom and there were people already in line so we joined the line, they did not start checking in guests until 7pm and the food was ready to be enjoyed at that point. The tables are assigned to you already so that was nice, once we put down our belongings, stopped for a photopass picture we headed to the buffet. The only thing that I didn't see a lot of or being replenished were the chocolate covered strawberries, otherwise there were plenty of items available throughout the evening, Wishes was at 8pm that night and there were still people getting more desserts just a few minutes before the fireworks. Enjoy the party, it was alot of fun.

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