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December 2012 CANCELLED ADR Thread - Read 1st Post

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by Pumbaa_, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Pumbaa_

    Pumbaa_ <font color=purple>Hakuna Matata!<br><font color=r Moderator

    New policy for threads - Trade/Transfer/Wanted posts are no longer allowed. Since Disney no longer allows transferring of reservations to new names, we will no longer support trading of ADRs.

    If you and another poster choose to call Disney at the same time to attempt to reclaim a cancellation that is fine and outside of the boards.

    Only Cancellation Notice Posts will be allowed going forward. Wanted posts will be deleted without comment.

    Thank you for understanding the reason for this change.
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  3. butterfly71076

    butterfly71076 Mouseketeer

    Just cancelled Chef Mickey on 12/5 at 9 am, party of 3.
  4. BDL

    BDL Mouseketeer

    Dropped Akershus for (4) 8:30am 12/11
  5. DsnyMama

    DsnyMama Mouseketeer

    Cancelled Chef Mickey's on December 2nd at 8:25am for 4 people!
  6. butterfly71076

    butterfly71076 Mouseketeer

    Cancelled T Rex, on 12/3 at 1pm, party of 4
  7. DsnyMama

    DsnyMama Mouseketeer

    Just cancelled:

    Boma&#8211;Flavors of Africa
    Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
    Date: Saturday, December 1, 2012
    Time: 9:30 a.m.
    Party Size: 4 Guests

    Biergarten Restaurant
    Date: Saturday, December 1, 2012
    Time: 2:50 p.m.
    Party Size: 4 Guests
  8. butterfly71076

    butterfly71076 Mouseketeer

    Just cancelled Ohana, 12/1, 7:55pm, party of 6
  9. sokerfrog

    sokerfrog Member

    Cancelling Le Cellier 1:15 Dec 3 for 2 people
  10. Momof2Disneyboys

    Momof2Disneyboys DIS Veteran


    Rainforest Cafe at AK for Monday Dec 10, 5pm, party of 4.

    LeCellier for Thursday Dec 13, 2pm, party of 4.

  11. rapunzel21

    rapunzel21 Nothing of interest

    I have a bunch that were cxld for December:

    12/14 Sci Fi for 630p
    12/15 1900 Park Fare 615p
    12/15 Le Cellier 1p
    12/16 Fulton's 450p
    12/18 Chef Mickey's 4p
    12/21 Cinderella RT 10am
    12/21 Crystal Palace 430p

    All for 4 people
  12. DsnyMama

    DsnyMama Mouseketeer

    Cancelled Le Cellier - 4people - Dec 1 - 2:05pm
  13. drsanvil

    drsanvil Earning My Ears

    Cancelled Fultons for 4 Dec 3 @ 5.
  14. butterfly71076

    butterfly71076 Mouseketeer


    Ohana on 12/1, party of 6 at 8:20 pm
    T Rex on 12/3, party of 4 at 12 pm
  15. BDL

    BDL Mouseketeer

    I was able to book a Fantasmic! dining pkg for 12/10. I will be canceling my 12/11 4:30 res for 4 for Brown Derby, by 4:30 today unless I am PM'd.
  16. darkwingeeyore

    darkwingeeyore Earning My Ears

    I cancelled an 8:30am for 3 people at Cape May Cafe on 12/13

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  17. Three cats

    Three cats Mouseketeer

    Cancelled 'Ohana for December 5th, 2 people, 6:50 pm.
  18. BDL

    BDL Mouseketeer

    Cancelled: Both for 4 ppl

    12/11 5:50pm Garden Grill

    12/11 4:30pm Brown Derby
  19. kappyfinn

    kappyfinn Member


    12/11 7:30 am Cape May 6 people

    12/11 1:00 pm Le Cellier 6 people
  20. ban26ana

    ban26ana Member

    I cancelled CRT on 12/25 at 1:00 for 4 people.
  21. levenhopper

    levenhopper Mouseketeer

    Just canceled Le Cellier, 12/16 at 1:20PM for 4 people.

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