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Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by girls, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. girls

    girls Mouseketeer

    Feb 28, 2010
    Just looking for some words of wisdom / experience. We'll be at Disney in Jan with our 6, 4 and 1 y.o. For the big kids this will be their 3rd trip to Disney.

    We've been contemplating a day at Legoland. Here are my thoughts:
    -my kids love legos
    -I've read it's geared toward younger kids. My oldest loves rides and is already getting a little impatient w/ the kiddie rides at places like Hershey & Dutch Wonderland.
    -It's new to us.

    -it's expensive and driving there & back will take sometime
    -we are Disney lovers. While I can appreciate amusement parks for what they are, I'm also very aware of how un-Disney they are
    -we have more to pack in our 5 park days than normal: new Fantasyland, 1 kid who just passed 44" and another who is now over 40" opening up new rides to both of them, 4 parks (we skipped HS in the past. There's enough there for them now for us to go there,) and a toddler's schedule

    A day at Legoland would only give us 4 days in Disney Parks.

    Anyone who has ben to Legoland care to give input? Thanks!
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  3. wgeo

    wgeo That's the kind of day where you can't open your m

    May 2, 2011

    We did Legoland this year, my kids are 7 and 9, both love legos - the 9 yr old is practically obsessed with them.

    The good: kids had a great time, clearly the park was aimed at their age group and my daughter rode a lot of their "coasters" and decided that she was in fact brave enough to go on more rides when we got back to disney.

    The bad: that same dd who was new to riding coasters, said at the end of almost every ride "that's it?" the rides really were that short, and honestly not particularly exciting (at least for me). The kids enjoyed going on them, but only asked to redo 1 ride out of all the rides in the park (and we did them ALL!)

    The good: my DS loved the miniland and spent over an hour taking pictures of every little detail there for some book he wants to create at home.

    The bad: DD thought miniland was cool, but did NOT want to spend an hour there!

    The good: park was very empty and there was hardly anyone ahead of us in any lines

    The bad: the employees are not Disney CM and they are not good at efficiently loading people onto rides, it was comical how many times I had to watch one of their coasters leave only half full because they couldn't manage to get it loaded properly or quickly with only 2 workers staffing it.

    The good: A lego friends character was meeting (one that shares the same name as my DD) and she ended up talking to my DD for a very long time because no one else was around.

    The bad: we were one of 2 families in one of their restaurants and DD dropped her chicken nuggets immediately after getting them and all of the workers milling around pretended not to notice - this place was cafeteria style and she was trying to put them on her tray when she dropped them. I picked them up and finally got a worker to acknowledge me and asked what I should do with them and also for another order. He acted very put upon and took the dropped ones back and set them on the counter and then told us we would have to wait while another batch finished cooking. My DD went on a little crying jag and all the workers made a huge point of staying far away from us, and when the chicken finished cooking the worker put more on a plate, set them on top of the glass partition thing and walked away without saying anything to us. I can only imagine it would have been handled very differently at Disney.

    The good: we used the buy 1 get 1 free coupon, which helped with the cost. At that price it was ok, but I would have felt very overcharged if we paid full price.

    The good: We did everything the kids wanted. We were there for rope drop and were completely finished doing everything by around 3:30. We asked the kids if they wanted to reride things or go back and swim and they chose the pool.

    The drive - good or bad depends on you. It was very easy and about 45 minutes and we liked seeing a little bit of the country so we liked it.

    We had 6 full park days, so spending 1 of them on legoland was fun for us, but I can't imagine doing it again, unless there was a very very good sale on tickets.
  4. nonzerosum

    nonzerosum DIS Veteran

    Jan 13, 2008
    We visited Legoland California during a Disneyland trip and were a bit underwhelmed. My son is Lego obsessed, but that didn't seem to matter. It is geared toward younger kids, but that also didn't really seem to make a difference to my young kids. Having said all of this, we are visiting Legoland Florida this time coming trip. We used a BOGO coupon which saved us $135. In the end, nothing compares to Disney, so if you go in with that in mind, you won't be too disappointed. Be prepared for lots of waiting in lines and major inefficiency in moving people and crowds.
  5. Cheshire Figment

    Cheshire Figment <font color=red><marquee behavior=alternate>Friend

    Jan 12, 2001
    Here is a link to a thread about Legoland Florida in the disABILITIES Forum. Note that this thread was looking from the standpoint of disabilities, but it may give you some helpful ideas.
  6. k5jmh

    k5jmh When Yuba plays the Rumba on his Tuba...

    Dec 3, 2007
    My DS (8) loved Legoland. We spent a day there out of our vacation last Christmas. He L O V E D everything there. It was very expensive, but well worth it. The new Star Wars displays make us want to head back.
  7. parkhopping

    parkhopping DIS Veteran<br><a href="

    Oct 3, 2012
    There is a ton of great info about Legoland over on the Orlando Hotels and Attractions board - just use the search function and type in Legoland.

    I just visited this past Saturday. I think your 6 & 4 year olds are the perfect age for LL, but keep in mind that nearly every ride has a height restriction. That means you would be pretty limited as to what you could do as an entire family - someone would have to sit out with your 1 year old for most rides. (Just one of the things that sets Disney apart - soooo many rides where you can carry little ones on!) There are also several rides that have a minimum height to ride alone. So if one parent is holding the baby and neither of your other two kids meets the minimum ride alone requirement, they will have to take turns riding with the other parent. That alone would make me reconsider going if I was in your situation. That's not to say there aren't attractions you can all do together - there's the waterski show, for example, and the historic Cypress Gardens. But I could really see that being a big hassle when it comes to the rides.

    It sounds to me like you'd be better off doing your 5th day at Disney and saving LL for when your toddler is a little older. Since you've mentioned that there will be lots of new things for your kids to experience this time around, I would just focus on that. Just my $0.02 :goodvibes
  8. girls

    girls Mouseketeer

    Feb 28, 2010
    Thanks for the advice and links. This board is so helpful!
  9. NJShoreDad

    NJShoreDad Mouseketeer

    Oct 12, 2007
    Just got home last night from a week at Disney. Last Saturday I took my som for a day at Legoland while his sisters and cousin were doing CRT and Bibbity Bobbity...

    It was a great day. We arrived just as the park was opening and stayed till park closing. The coasters were thrilling enough for him as he is just getting interested in these. Besides the coasters he liked the driving school, the shows, 4D movie, and Build and Test. The wave racers were a favorite as well.

    We spent the better part of an hour going through Miniland and all of the detail included there. They just added a Star Wars section of Miniland and he loved it. It seems he knew all about it because the Lego Magazine always seems to have something on Legoland.

    Transportation was easy. I rented a car from National/Alamo and did pick up/drop off at the Disney Car Care Center. Cab fare from and to the Contemporary ran about 10 bucks each way. Food was so-so, but not terrible. If anything, the service was a bit slow.

    Overall the park was clean, the staff was also extremely friendly. We had a great day. Also, since Legoland closes at 5 pm this time of year we actually had some time left to hit rides in MK!
  10. Love Tink

    Love Tink DIS Veteran

    Jan 14, 2011
    Hi - I spent a day at Legoland last spring with my boys, who were then 11, 8 and 6.

    I think your self-generated pros and cons are right on. Legoland is fun and a nice change-of-pace from Disney. But it does take you away for a full day, with the drive, and with all that is going on at WDW right now, that's tough.

    I also agree with the PP who made the point about height restrictions. Mine were all tall enough for most everything this time, but we went to the Legoland in California back when my youngest was one...and I remember being surprised how much he and I had to sit out.

    My honest suggestion is that - since you seem to be a family who makes the Orlando trip every year or two (not a "once in a lifetime" group) - you put Legoland off for now. I think you will all have more fun if you wait until your kids are just a bit older. In two or three years it will fit all of them. And then maybe you can schedule your trip to be a day longer, since you know you'll be leaving WDW for a day.

    Oh - if you do decide to go, definitely look for coupons (online, in Lego magazine or in stores in Florida). The buy one, get one free deal is pretty easy to get.
  11. SA mom

    SA mom DIS Veteran

    Apr 15, 2012
    We visited Legoland California this summer. Our 11 year old twin girls had a great time, but were almost too old for it. They enjoyed their day, but weren't interested in riding many rides because it was just like Fiesta Texas kiddie rides.

    We all loved looking at the Lego creations.
  12. Cyrano

    Cyrano Moderator Moderator

    Oct 23, 2004
    Just moving this from TPAS which concentrates on Walt Disney World to Orlando Hotels and Attractions :thumbsup2
  13. dsneprincess

    dsneprincess DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2009
    We took our boys,12 & 2, to Legoland in August. We loved it! 2 year old in our case was just tall enough to do most things, so we were fine with the height restrictions. We enjoyed Cypress Gardens part & the slower change of pace from WDW. We did our first full day, but I think in the future, I would do more mid-trip. I would be very mindful of crowd levels, January you should be fine, because as a pp said, inefficient loading, ESP. Compared to WDW. We were lucky enough to hit 1st day of school, very few people! Mini land was amazing, CMs were friendly, food was ok. We ate at a deli like place & had a snack at a cs type place. Snack at cs was better value & taste (&we got to see a live baby alligator swam up to the dock, pretty cool for us!), but deli won for a/c as day was about the surface of the sun hot! We also used b1g1 free for tickets. We will visit Legoland again!!
  14. momto2js

    momto2js DIS Veteran

    Oct 9, 2009
    We have been twice, My kids loved it but there are several logistical challenges. If I were you, I'd send the big kids with one adult and I would have the other parent stay with the one year old at the hotel for some pool and down time. There is NOTHING for them to do. So you will be paying for an adult to sit on a bench with your youngest all day long. I took my two and they were 40 and 42 inches at the time. Most of the rides required both of my kids have an adult to ride with them and the cars are not big enough for the three of us. It was a HUGE problem. I spent most of the day asking strangers if they would ride with one of my kids. Make sure you look a the height requirements before making your decision.

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