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CSR Visit 10/5 -10/9

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by sndtrklvr, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. sndtrklvr

    sndtrklvr New Member

    Arrived mid-day at CSR. Check-in took a total of 2 minutes. They originally had us very far away in Casitas and I requested and got Cabanas 9A. There was a faint whiff of smoke near our floor but it wasn't bad. Second floor no view. But very close to the elevator which was great for the stroller.

    The last time we went we stayed at the Beach Club. I knew this was a step down but I have to say even with that in mind I disappointed with the room. I guess it is the sticker shock of what $100+ gets you in Disney vs. the rest of the world. I think if they had Queen vs. Doubles it would be better. Also the bathroom is teeeny. While the privacy curtain is a nice idea, I got whacked by the plastic pull about a dozen times while I was there.

    Mousekeeping was okay. The refrigerator still had some stuff from the previous folks. There was no regular coffee just decafe (I was not happy about that the first morning). Given our location to the Quiet pool I would have expected a few extra Bath towels but we only had one each.

    The resort is beautiful. Parking was very convenient. We never ate at the PM just did some mug refills and take out. The gift shop was huge and the CM's were very nice.

    The busses were fine. I wish they would announce the buildings for each stop. The first night we got off at bus stop 2 by mistake and had to walk about a half mile to our room.

    The Big Dig was great, my kids loved it and it was so big even with lots of people it wasn't that noisy.

    Over all I liked it but will try another resort the next time probably Port Orleans.
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  3. mom22boys

    mom22boys New Member

    Why do you think there was a faint whiff of smoke? Did these rooms used to be smoking rooms or were you near an outdoor smoking section? Did it smell like smoke once you were in your room or just on your way to it?

    Glad to hear these positive things!

    Thanks for your review.:daisy:

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