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CSE-- Pg. 74 SATAN'S HAMMER, Ch.18, pg.160 "Goodnight Sweetheart" epilogue

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by nebo, May 21, 2012.

  1. nebo

    nebo <font color=red>sharkbait<br><font color=teal>Uh o

    HFor those of you who may be new to my threads, the current report begins on page 74. Something kinda bad happened on this trip that pushed the other report to the back burner as they say, so please, join us in progress

    Yes, Coronado Springs Eternal;
    with apologies to Alexander Pope.

    And,, these words you are now reading are an edit, partly to explain the title.
    It started out Coronado Springs Eternal, but I just was not fast enough on the draw, and ran out of time before we were heading on back again,,, for the trip Smidgy and I have been waiting FOREVER for:
    Actual Fambly members joining us!

    Out of a total of 20 trips to Disney that we have taken, the last 18 has been just she and I.
    Yeah,,, I like her ok, but C'MON!

    So, I'm turning this into a double barrel trip report, the crux of the first trip is Coronado,, (I always wanted to use that word in a sentance) and the main body of the second trip will be Pop Century, staying with one of our kids, his wife and our grandson.

    We leave in two days,, but I'm nowhere near done on the first part, so I guess this is going to drag out until the cows come home,, I mean we come home from this August trip.

    ( Ok, stop right there.
    I want to know right now, before we go any further will you love me, will you love me forever)


    But you see, this was edditted originally to include the second report in a light, frothy manner.
    Unfortunately, the trip itself had other ideas, so I just changed the back part of the title to more correctly reflect what happened on this trip.

    Stop reading right now the report that starts on page 74 if you prefer to keep Disney in a mind set of "nothing will go wrong" there, I understand, and I like that mind set itself.

    But, however, some bad things have happenedo to you at Disney, and you wish to read about someone else's misfortune,, BELIEVE ME, THIS SECOND REPORT IS FOR YOU! )

    And no, not gonna post the cow picture again.

    So there you have it, going to return your computer back to you now,,, and,,,,

    Most of you know Smidgy and myself by now, so I'm going to limit the intro part to just what you may or may not,
    need to know.
    It boils down to this:
    This time,

    I'm the good guy, she's the bad guy.
    Now, if you keep that in mind throughout this report, it will be that much easier to understand.
    At least from MY point of view, anyway. Well, ok, maybe she's not the bad guy, but this trip, neither am I.

    For a change.

    No more Smidgy and the Grump, Nebonator or Nebo from the Black lagoon.

    No matter what, I am going to go with the flow, roll with the punches or turn the other cheek. No matter what ails me, I will grin and bare it.

    so to speak

    "Ok, time out, can we change that to "Bear it"? "Be a lot more comfortable for everyone if we could. Yes? Great!"

    So. Just call me Mr. Happy, Mr. Happy, that's me.

    And I was!

    Right up until the day before we left. .....

    Left our home to go on the trip!

    We are solo again this trip, this is a kind of "fill-in" untill we go in Auggie with son, his wife and our grandson, what's his name.

    Oh yeah, Jackson.
    Let's see, what else should you know?
    Oh, not sure if this comes up or not, but we are both on our second marriages,,,,,,,to each other!
    No, can't really answer that one, or any other questions you'll throw at us concerning that,,,,it happened, we moved on,,,, then we moved back in!
    In 2002 we got back to together, ,,,, to plan a trip to Disney!

    That's right, I needed a Disney Fix,,, neither of us were really dating anybody important at the time,,so I asked her if she wanted to go to Disney,,,,,,

    Dutch Treat!

    We did, and one year later we re-married.

    No, I have no idea how many years we've been married cumulative now, it's between a whole bunch and a lot.
    But I love her, and I think she kinda likes me.

    A bit.

    And,,,, by doing the math, this was a kind of anniversary, "get back together" trip.
    It was 10 years ago, May 10, we drove down in my little Tiburon for a 3 night AKL stay and a 4 night Movies stay.

    WHat else?

    Oh, I usually end up getting hurt on these trips, but I figured out a way
    to avoid and conquer that this time.

    I got hurt right before the trip.
    I like to beat the Christmas rush.

    In April.

    This is why Mr. Happy didn't quite make it to disembarkational,,, or,,, embacardio,,,, barking,,,
    Yeah, sticking with barking, you know, when the plane takes off!

    Our schedule is this:
    We are flying, I hate flying, but there's something to be said to leaving the house and being in DisneyWorld before noon.

    There's also something to be said about being in volved in a terrorist plot and turning into random molecules in a fiery explosion in the aluminum tube of death!

    We have a 10 night stay at Coronado, standard room, and this is the part I'm embarrassed to admit,,,,
    we bought the quick service plan with it.
    We have had free Dining many times,,, and after a while, I get tired of having to be at a certain place all the time just to go and EAT!, so I thought the QS was a better choice.

    Nebo was wrong,,,, Disney kicked our asps on the dining plan, wow, just when I think I've really got it and know all Disney,,,,,they beat me back down to size.

    We also have a six in the morning flight from O-hare to Orlando,,,,yes, that is not a typo, that was the best rate I could find,,, this means that the taxi has to be at our door by 3: 30 in the morning, becauset this is the time Smidgy says he should be there.

    She is not only, "She Who must not be Disturbed", but, "She, Who Must Not Be Argued With!"

    I thought 4 would work just as well, but if there should be a meteor strike on the highway on the way to the airport and caused us to miss our flight,,,,you know where the fingers would be pointing.

    Ok, now with that out of the way,,, I really mean this will be just a highlight trip report, mostly about her and I, park, pool, ride observations when needed but I'm not going into detail on Winnie the pooh's ride, and If I say, "Come bounce with me" then just beat me.
    Ah, you know all about the rides, anyway, but where else can you read about and extremely loving, dysfunctional couple from Chicago?

    One more part of my character needs fllushing out, though.

    I have had a pretty much consistant on-going prescription for Vicodin for the last 15 years or so, ever since a nasty work accident that crushed my foot resulting in 5 ops and a bone graft into my foot from my hip. This wasn't easy because my hip wasn't a willing donor, it had to be paralyzed with an epidural (spinal tap) in order to get it to give up some bone.

    Bottom line though is, I wouldn' t think of trying to walk the walk or even talk the walk at Disney without plenty of pills, even with them i end up going through a bottle of aspirin and ibuprofen as well. One difference though in recent years,,,, I'm using them more now for back pain than I am for foot pain.

    And one other thing,,, as I'm getting older,,,, no, the pills don't work as well, I have to take more at a time, and I don't feel as well the next day when I take them, so I kinda want to back off of them when I'm at Disney.
    One other thing was, we are not driving this time, that not only shortens the trip, but lessens the back and tailbone pain.
    Hey, I just recently quit a 40 year, 2 and a half pack a day smoking habit, I can cut down on these too.

    What I'm saying is,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I did,,,,, not,,,,, save ,,,, them ,,,,, for the trip!
    I'm going down for a ten night stay with a total of 4 doses of Vicodin!

    Ok, that's ok, really, it'll be great, for once I won't be controlled by them, or have to worry about when I eat cuz eating defeats their purpose. It will be a new leaf, a new me, a Stepford Nebo, "I do," "I will" "So help me God" I will be new AND improved, with 20% more and no trans fat!

    Then I threw my back out packing.

    It was late Friday night, I had been slowly, kinda packing all day and when I went to bed, I forgot the suitcase was still sitting on the bed, and without thinking I just kind of grabbed it and flung it to the floor.

    Suitcase had a bottle of whiskey, bottle of vodka, Sunny D's,, it was much heavier on the inside than it looked on the outside.
    Got that little "twinge" way down by the belt, didn't think too much about it,,,,

    until I got up to go take a leak 3 hours later!

    I can't believe it! So many times when I try to do the right thing, it blows up in my face.

    I spent all next day trying to "procure" or find, any additional painkillers to bring with, and I was able to come up with 15.

    Only, not vicodin, which now becomes a problem:
    these type of narcotics have to be transported in their original prescription bottles, and that name on the bottle had just better also be YOUR name.
    I dumped them into my prescription bottle with my vikes, they look very similar, just have a different number stamped on them.
    Even these aren't going to help much for an 11 day trip, but it's better than nothing, and lately Ibuprofen is just ripping my stomach apart.

    But now I'm scared to death to go through security.

    So, Saturday night I'm lying there with an Ice pack, picturing prison life and wondering if they'll find me attractive and just a couple of months ago I just had my prostate checked for the first time in my life and I didn't care for that in the slightest and,,,,you know,
    the usual kind of things you think about the night before you leave for Disney!

    I'm also trying to figure out how to take off my socks without screaming, I don't want Smidgy to see how bad it really is.
    Funny thing,, my back has/had, been pretty good,,, ever since,,,,
    our December trip at Pop in '10.

    So, if you can set your alarms early enough, you are all welcome to join us, ours are set for 2:40, Sunday, April 29, the cabbie comes in less than an hour.
    coming up,,

    my own personal TERROR with the TSA.
    Did you ever see "Midnight Express?"
    Remember a guy named, Billy Hayes?
    Unfortunately, I not only read the book, I saw the movie as well.
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  3. laura74

    laura74 New Member

    Am I first? Yay Nebo! Will write back in the morning with my not as clever as Ponzi breakdown.
  4. Beka

    Beka Goes to 11

    WoOt! I'm #2! I'm #2! Wait.... ew.

    Joining in!
  5. jakeybake

    jakeybake New Member

    3rd place! Story of my life!!!!

    Thrilled that you're doing a TR, albeit brief!!

  6. bayleebugs_mom

    bayleebugs_mom New Member

    I actually am on the first page!!! I actually made a comment before the end of the report! Can't wait to read more.......
  7. orangecats2

    orangecats2 All I want is Disney, Crocs and Vera Bradley

    YOU STARTED!!! :cool1:
    But you didn't send me a PM. :sad:
    Can't believe you caved so easily...
    OK, off to read it now.
    Hopefully I'm on the first page.
  8. Backstage_Gal

    Backstage_Gal <font color=darkorchid>Let me rephrase the dog ste

    YAY, you started! No vikes????????? ?:crazy2::faint:
  9. Underdog369

    Underdog369 The Enabler and Instigator


    I really know the feeling! :furious:

    Why does it have to wait until you have that ultimate sense of urgency? :scared:

    This is a first. I get on the first page of ANY trip report.

    Hey NEEBS! Looking forward to a great "trip" report. Fly safe, fly strong, and don't get too exhausted from flappin' ... your arms. :goodvibes
  10. buzz1121

    buzz1121 New Member

    NEBO!!!! :wave2:

    I can't tell how exciting it was to see this TR on the list. Hot diggity dog!!

    Cripes, I really was rooting for you to be injury free. The suitcase manuever is so similar to the glass experience in AKV! Makes me think about the saying about the road to ---- being paved with good intentions.

    I have nightmares about a bad TSA experience.

    I'm awaiting the next chapter with some trepidation.

    By the way, and you probably remember this, one off DD's favorite rides is "Winnie the Pooh". We bounce with Tigger ad nauseum, though she did discover during the December trip the cool things you can see with the black lights on the ride. Glowing teeth!!! ;)
  11. dwheatl

    dwheatl DIS Veteran<br><font color=limegreen>Can you tell

    I'm in. I hope you're not posting from prison. At least we know your plane didn't blow up.
  12. nilla

    nilla The sky is falling!

    Alright, play through the pain!
  13. Sam33

    Sam33 New Member

    I love your TRs! I've never made it to a current one, though. But I've certainly read the old ones! Excited!

    Also, my MIL and FIL got divorced and back together after being apart for 10 years. And our first family trip after they got back together (in the open at least we caught them makin out in Seattle!!!) was WDW. Bahaha.

    Can't freaking wait
  14. Worfiedoodles

    Worfiedoodles New Member

    Are you ready for some Nebo?! A Monday night, PARTY! All your rowdy friends are here for Nebo's flight!

    Maria :upsidedow
  15. Sandy Mouse

    Sandy Mouse distant cousin of Mickey

    Awww, and you haven't even left yet!
    Great first chapter. I guess you're not in jail awaiting sentencing, since you've started a TR.
  16. laura74

    laura74 New Member

    Nebo, where is everybody? I thought for sure Ponzi and Thumper_man would have ripped into you by now.


    This I have to see.

    Uh oh,

    Something happened in our trip that made me think of this.

    Also, I would LOVE the long story on this.

    Didn't you get hurt before the last trip too?

    Seems to me it's safer than that Hyundai Santa Fe of yours.

    Thought so.

    I wish I could get everyone to take a 6am flight! Then you have the whole day to walk around Disney like a zombie.

    I'm with Smidgy on this one.

    That's what we're here for!



    What were you packing?

    The essentials

    My husband threw his back out before one of our trips. I hope you took advantage of the hot tub. He also uses one of these...


    That would certainly make for a good trip report.

    Can't wait for more Nebo! Thanks for doing a report for all of your fans!
  17. njtinkmom

    njtinkmom New Member

    Hey remember me - yeah it's me Jersey (aka Gina)- you dubbed me that once many trip reports ago... So here I am on page 2 I feel honored... I do not deserve this though, because I am just celebrating New Years with you on your last trip report. I fell behind for a few days and that equates to hundreds of pages on one of your reports... Then Ponzi starts a report so I must read his - only 5 more pages to go with that, and now Laura has one too - I actually got to post in hers and follow along real time. So if you are keeping up - and really who cares about my trip report reading status - I am now adding this one too and I swear I will follow along and NOT FALL BEHIND!!!

    Great opening - except for your back issues and lack of help from your little friends, but let the games begin! :cool1:
  18. Motomom06

    Motomom06 New Member

    Hi Nebo and Smidgy :flower3:

    Loooooong time lurker, first time poster! (mostly because I find your TR's after they are closed) Just wanted to say that yours are the only TR's I read. Love the wit, character and the alcohol! :love:
    I so needed a Nebo TR right now as I have Disney withdrawl. The husband shot down Disney this year:mad: however, we do leave for Cancun on Sunday in an aluminum tube of death.
    Keep up the good work. So happy to be here in Chapter 1!!!

  19. jcc0621

    jcc0621 New Member

    Presnt and accounted for Sir!:cool1:


  20. nebo

    nebo <font color=red>sharkbait<br><font color=teal>Uh o

    Hey Djay, great to see you again.

    Never thought about the glowing teeth effect, have to try it out on my grandson.

    Hi nilla, you look new, welcome!

    Greetings Sam,,,,if our kids would catch us doing that they'd not only be in therapy, they'd bill us for it!

    Welcome back, I remember you snuck in last report right before it closed.

    Hey Jay, good lluck with your Celtics.

    We have a code brown alert!

    Not nearly enough, Marita.

    I have special treatment in here, by the way, O.J. says hi.

    Maria, you can be my official announcer.

    Hi Sandy, got enough now to read on the trip reports boards?
  21. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man <font color=red>DDC 684<br><font color=purple>Do w

    WOW. Already on page 2. This is going to be fun. Keeping up with more than one TR. I have a problem keeping up with one. :lmao:

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