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    I have a CRT breakfast reservation for July. We are on the DDP and I want to make sure our DDP credits are used for this meal. When I gave the CC# over the phone during booking, was it charged? Can I show up to the meal with the DDP on the room key and have them apply that and refund my money on the card? :confused3
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    The credit card should not be pre-charged. When you arrive let them know you are on the dining plan and there should be no charge to your credit card.
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    Did you tell the CM on the phone that you want to use DDP credits for CRT? Also, you do have to give cc info for CRT for the no show guarantee even if you're using jDDP credits.

    You can check your cc account to see if you've been charged. If you were charged you can let your server know when you arrive at CRT that you are using dining credits and they will credit your card.

    You could also call the dining line and have the account credited now, but make certain that the CM understands you only want to modify the payment method and not cancel the res. The easiest way for a CM to credit your account is to cancel the res, refund your money and make a new res...but during that brief time between cancelling and re-booking, someone else could come in and take the res so then you won't have a res anymore. If the CM wants to cancel the res, ask for a supervisor or hang up and call again.

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