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CRT Question(s)

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by JustAKid, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. JustAKid

    JustAKid New Member

    I have just a couple of questions about the CRT breakfast. I looked at photos and it seems like the child portions for my kids will not be enough (no, seriously, they out eat myself and DH. Of course, they are beyond skinny, so much so that it looks like we starve them. Darn well working metabolisms! It's not fair. :lmao:) Are we able to ask for 2nds? 3rds? 12ths? :rolleyes1

    Also, are we able to make an ADR for BEFORE the park opens? How long does it usually take for the ladies to make their rounds? (i.e. when will we be done?)

    Lastly, are their any audience participation activities done besides meeting the princesses? Like, I have heard at Crystal Palace there is a parade, anything like that here?

    Thank you all for your infinate patience and wisdom. Doing this for the first time I feel like I'm traveling to China! :rotfl:
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  3. msminnieears

    msminnieears New Member

    Not sure about the 2nd or 3rds but you can make an ADR before the park opens. I would recommend trying to get the first at 8:05 (I think). It usually take about 45mins for all the characters to make their rounds. The last time we went to CRT (2010) there was no extra stuff for the kids. The girls get a wand and the boys a sword. Your family will get their picture made with Cinderella before being seated and all other characters will come to the table. It's one of the best meals IMO!!:thumbsup2
  4. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    I don't know about breakfast, but the pizza DS got at lunch was the size of a toddler meal. We had to feed him afterwards. Ridiculous.
  5. JustAKid

    JustAKid New Member

    My fear, exactly...and that pretty much settles it. I'm not going to shell out all that dough and, essentially, feed them twice. I know that they will devour that portion in 10 seconds and then want to rush out of there so we can get 2nd breakfast (ha, little LOTR reference there for all my fellow nerds.)

    Thanks for the input!
  6. ::danielle::

    ::danielle:: New Member

    I've heard that you can get as much as you want but that you have to ask for it. I do remember the waiters asking if they could get us anything else but I didn't know that you could ask for more food so we didn't.
  7. ::danielle::

    ::danielle:: New Member

    BTW, we went for breakfast.
  8. cararae9

    cararae9 mom to 2 * Stepmom to 5

    CRT is listed as an all you care to eat, so you should be able to ask for more! :)
  9. mslhb

    mslhb New Member

    We ate breakfast there in December and our server offered us seconds without us having to ask. The child's plate was pretty small... Our DD is only 4 so not an issue for us but I could see it being a problem for an older child. Asking for more though shouldn't be a problem. I thought the adult breakfast choices were awesome... LOVED my stuffed French toast! Overall it was probably my favorite meal of the trip,
  10. beth4

    beth4 New Member

    We ate breakfast there on our last trip and all of got a second plate! That French toast was to DIE for!!!
  11. LisaBi

    LisaBi New Member

    We ate there in January for breakfast. They didn't offer, but I did ask for more steak for DS and got it. He had the steak and eggs (Disney adult). He loved the steak but not the eggs.
  12. owl0306

    owl0306 New Member

    Breakfast is an all-you-care-to-eat, fixed-price, set meal Character Dining experience featuring Cinderella.

    so you have no issues with them being hungry. feed them until they are satisfied.
  13. TiggerTrigger

    TiggerTrigger The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers Is Tiggers Are W

    We did CRT breakfast back in Nov and while it was plenty of food for our girls, they also bring out a rather generous plate of fruit/pastries and biscuits for the table that should help if the portion of the meal is not enough to fill them up.

    Our pastry plate is missing all of the nut based pastries, but even without them- it's still a lot.


    EDIT- we also had the 8:05a pre-park opening slot and were done right as the park was opening.
  14. bumbershoot

    bumbershoot New Member

    Remember, we were there for lunch. Which is not a buffet or family style. Actually I'm not sure why I shared initially. Didn't help much. Sorry.:headache::sad2::scared::flower3:
  15. stitchlovestink

    stitchlovestink New Member

    We have eaten breakfast at CRT three or four times and they have always been Wonderful about offering and bringing 2nds of whatever you want!! The best part about the 2nds is they only bring what you request so it tends to be larger portions since they are bringing all those different things on your plate! ;)
    We have always had Great service there!!! We eat there at DH's request!!! LOL! Not the kid's! If you leave hungry, it's your fault!! I say Go and Enjoy! It is a neat experience everyone should try at least once! :)
  16. Disney_Princess83

    Disney_Princess83 New Member

    1. Yes you are able to ask for more. Generally the wait staff will come around and ask if you'd like a 2nd or 5th helping. If they don't, you can still ask. They also bring a large serving of various bread and pastry for your table.

    2. The earliest reservation you can get is 8:05am. This is regardless of what time the park opens. If MK opens at 8am, CRT's first reservation is still 8:05am. If MK opens at 9am, CRT's first open reservation is 8:05am.

    3. It usually takes approximately 45 minutes for the Princesses to make their rounds. You meet Cinderella downstairs before you enter the the dining room upstairs. Once you're at your table, the Princesses are announced to the entire dining room. There is a little intro about each princes and then they enter the room. They'll wave to everyone, everyone cheers, claps and waves and then start their way visiting each table. A few minutes later, the next princess comes into the dining room ect. You meet Snow White, Aurora/Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and Jasmine. Belle no longer meets at CRT. Previously if Jasmine was unwell, Rapunzel was appearing at CRT but this has not happened for a long time. I've also heard of the Fairy Godmother making an appearance here if some of the Princesses are unwell. The princesses will go for short breaks to get a drink but they're back within 5 minutes usually.

    4. There is no parade, like at Crystal Palace. There is a wishing ceremony where everyone in invited to make a wish at their table. Each child (and adult if they want) are given a wand or sword. Generally girls are given the wands, boys are given the swords but you can ask to swap. We had a table near us where the two little girls wanted swords. We've also seen a few boys with wands.

    A few words of advice. Once you're settled, ask your server for your bill. It's a set price so it won't change no matter how much you order and this will save time afterwards. We have wasted up to 20 minutes after we were done eating, waiting for the bill.

    Have your autograph book, pens and camera out on the table and ready for when the Princesses come to your table. You want to maximize your time with the Princesses and not be trying to find books and cameras.

    The best way to have a good character interaction is have a question ready for them. Ask Ariel if it was her idea that they don't serve fish for breakfast at CRT, ask Aurora if she has trouble waking up so early to greet the guests, mention to Snow White that you were disappointed there were no apples offered for breakfast. You get some fun conversations going that way.

    Keep your eye on where the Princesses are so you'll roughly know when they'll be coming to your table. You don't want to be in the bathroom when Snow White stops by. They can't always make it back to your table and if they do, you'll often have to wait.

    Your server isn't always around to take photos and usually there is no character attendant with the Princesses at CRT. If you want to take group photos and have everyone in the photo, team up with a table nearby. They can take your group photos and you'll take theirs. :)

    If you finish before the park officially opens, you will be "held" at a rope just behind the castle. They'll usually let you go a little earlier so you have a slight head start to the crowd. We always allow an hour and a half for CRT, however we make later reservations. You won't be held up by waiting for your table as (assuming you make a reservation within 45 minutes of CRT opening) you won't be waiting for a table to become free.

    Take the opportunity to take photos with you kids on an empty Main St and the castle! The photos are always amazing since there is almost no one in the background. It's a rare opportunity!

  17. scrappinannie

    scrappinannie New Member

    Thank you, Dinsey_Princess83, for all the info.:) I desperately want to swap out Chef Mickey's with CRT, but my husband is a huge buffet fan and I'm afraid that he won't want to switch to CRT. We did Askerhaus Princess Breakfast in 2010 and that was pre-plated, all you care to eat and our portions were quite small, even in my opinion. We asked and received 2nds on the eggs and meat, but he still felt he didn't get his money's worth! Crazy man!:p So this could be an uphill battle but your info. has been very helpful and does confirm that CRT is, in fact, all you care to eat. Thanks again!
  18. Disney_Princess83

    Disney_Princess83 New Member

    You're welcome :) Between the two, I would choose CRT every time. CRT has good sized portions for breakfast (lunch and dinner have smaller portions) and all you care to eat means you can keep ordering as much as you'd like. We also prefer out food really hot, which buffet food generally isn't. Good Luck!
  19. sabcook

    sabcook New Member

    I would also pick CRT over CM any day of the week - no comparison whatsoever on food quality or ambiance.

    If it helps, we ate there in December and my DH couldn't decide if he wanted the crepes or the french toast so he ordered both. No problem - no hesitation from the server at all. My DS also liked the cinamon rolls and asked for more and they brought out a plate with about a dozen piled high on it. I really don't think that anyone should leave there hungry - you just need to ask.
  20. Masonmj84

    Masonmj84 New Member

    I've done two pre-park opening ADRs at CRT within the last 18 months (both ADRs were at 8:15 am).

    My observations:

    When you show up at the podium is more important than your ADR time. So if you have an 8:15 ADR but are one of the first at the podium, you will likely be let in right after 8:05.

    It takes about 30-40 minutes from the time the first princess visits your table until the last one leaves. For the first breakfast service, the first princess usually comes out around 8:15ish. At that service, all of the princesses have usually made all of the rounds by 9 or shortly thereafter (the earlier you are seated, the earlier they will come to your table).

    The kids meals are a bit of a joke but, as previously noted, kids tend to fill up somewhat on the pastries that are brought out before the entrees.

    While the restaurant is technically "all you care to eat" we've had somewhat surly, disinterested middle-aged male servers on both occasions. If you have a child that's a big eater, my advice would be to let the server know this ASAP and request that a larger than normal portion be brought out initially (if you wait until later, you may have a hard time getting the server's attention, and even if you do, the request may be met with an annoyed sigh and a long disappearing act before any additional food is delivered - the server issue is, however, the luck of the draw - you may have a great server where this won't be an issue).
  21. topmonkeygirl

    topmonkeygirl New Member

    It is a must do for me (at least once in a while, because it is rather expensive). Everything is wonderful, give it a try once, I don't think you'll be disappointed. I've done Chef Mickeys once and I'll never do it again. There was just nothing that really tripped my trigger there. Food wasn't very good, not very hot either. Characters were great once they got to your table. The place is pretty big and confusing. I totally missed a station (forgot what was on it, I just know it was something sweet, my favorite kind of food) I missed it because it was kind of all by it's self away from the main stations. Service was slow to clean up plates, bring drinks, and cash out the bill. I just didn't like it at all, neither did DH. I've read all of the reviews and decided to try it anyway just because I had never been. I think you'll be alot happier with CRT.

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